Meredith’s Personal Story on Disaster : Santa Barbara Tea Fire
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Meredith Medland Sasseen

Episode 43 - Meredith’s Personal Story on Disaster : Santa Barbara Tea Fire

What happens when a wildfire is in the distance and it's coming toward your home? Talk Show Host, Meredith Medland shares her personal account waiting for notice to evacuate her home due to the Santa Barbara Tea Fire -- a fire that swept away over 220 homes within 6 hours in Montecito, CA on November 11, 2008. Meredith is raw with honesty about how and why she could have been better prepared, what stopped her from taking "disaster preparation" advice from her peer group and what she learned about the importance of self-responsiblity in dealing with black-outs, evacuations and smoke inhalation.

Andre Angelotoni, Post Peak Living and Natural Disaster Preparation expert, engages with Meredith' about her "in the moment" twitter feeds from the evening as reviewing a "stickies" MAC note of "things to remember" for the future that Meredith compiled while listening to her battery powered radio to she when it was time to evacuate her home. The play-by-play account of the experience combined with Andre's expert how to's and next steps, are so intimate and transformative, they will inspire and empower you to create the motivation you need to prepare yourself, immediately, for potential challengese your community and planet are facing as our nation becomes more familiar with devistation from fire, floods, earthquakes and natural disasters. Forget "conspiracy theory" and the world ending - this is about right NOW - an in-depth focus on real information and personal account of this 5 acre fire which raced to over 1900 acres, creating over $5.7 million dollars damage and needing attention from 750 firefighters and support personnel to bring it to containment.