Take Your Workout OUTSIDE: Tina Vindum
Living Green
Meredith Medland Sasseen

Episode 51 - Take Your Workout OUTSIDE: Tina Vindum

Do you want to workout outdoors more often and with more efficiency? Or maybe just a little inspiration to get outside?

Love indoor cycling, spinning or kickboxing? Learn how you can replace these high calorie burning workouts with outdoor exercise and receive even more health benefits than being in the gym.

Meredith Medland Sasseen received her certification to design and teach outdoor fitness classes while training side by side  in the only nationally accredidated Outdoor Fitness Professional Trainer Program. Today's guest, Tina Vindum, is soaring as one of the US Top Outdoor Fitness Gurus. Her book, "Outdoor Fitness" is an example of how she uses discipline, focus and creativity to bring wellness to everyday living.

Meredith is inspired by Tina's enthusiasm, passion and commitment to transforming the way people across the country keep in shape.

In our show, Tina will discuss how she founded the most noted outdoor fitness program in the country and continues to serve as its lead coach and program developer. 

She has been featured in SELF, Real Simple, Prevention, Fitness, Sports Illustrated Women as well as New York Times, Los Angeles Times & San Francisco Chronicle and brings joy and enthusiasm to the show.