Hip Hop Hero for Yogis: MC Yogi on Hanuman & Ganesh
Living Green
Meredith Medland Sasseen

Episode 52 - Hip Hop Hero for Yogis: MC Yogi on Hanuman & Ganesh

MC Yogi, aka Nicholas Giacomini and Yoga Business Coach, Meredith Medland Sasseen, meet up at the 6th Annual Yoga Conference at Esalen in Big Sur, CA to be inspired by teachers like Janet Stone & Sianna Sherman. 

MC Yogi shares the stories of Ganesh & Hanuman with love, inspiration and humor - the show includes two full songs which accent a deep & fascinating conversation about MC Yogi's upbringing in a Catholic family and he offers a lens for Christians to view his work through that makes this content inspiring & accessible for everyone. 



MC Yogi grew up painting graffiti & listening to hip hop. Inspired by artists like The Beastie Boys & Run DMC, he began writing raps & freestyling for friends at house parties. Spending most of high school in a group home for at-risk youth, hip hop culture provided both a soundtrack & a creative outlet. Then at age eighteen, he discovered yoga.

A full time yoga teacher & performing artist MC Yogi combines his knowledge of yoga
with his love for hip hop music creating an exciting new sound that brings the wisdom
of yoga to a whole new generation of modern mystics, truth seekers, and urban yogis.

Amanda Giacomini, is the wife, creative partner, VJ, and organizing Shakti of MC Yogi.
A talented artist and yogini, she travels and performs with MC Yogi internationaly
leading workshops that combine yoga with myths, mantras, music and art. Amanda is
also the co-founder of Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes, CA, and has illustrated
an award winning series of children’s books about their dog Mo, called Mo’s Nose.

Robin Livingston is the musical mastermind that helped to co-create the sounds of Elephant Power. A full time producer and multi-instrumentalist Livingston tours internationally with MC Yogi together (Bhakti Brothers) sharing their unique brand of conscious world music. After traveling to India, and touring throughout the U.S. with the John Lennon bus(teaching youth the art of creating and producing their own tracks, to help foster peace and build community) Livingston is dedicated to creating music that will help to uplift and transform humanity. For more information and to check out upcoming projects & releases please visitRobinLivingston.com

“The world needs more artists like MC Yogi.”
Russell Simmons

“MC Yogi channels the ancient devotional spirit of India
in a completely original way with love, respect, humor and joy.”
Krishna Das

“MC Yogi brings the yoga tradition into the modern world
with wisdom, devotion, joy and humor. Dance, pray and enjoy!”
Jai Uttal

“MC Yogi’s words instill in me a renewed optimism for the future…
the future of music, poetry, spoken word, and yoga.”
Sharon Gannon

“MC Yogi is igniting the yoga world and beyond with the fire of his
consciousness-raising rap music.”
Shiva Rea

“MC Yogi is changing the face of devotional music in America.”
N.P.R. (National Public Radio)

“MC Yogi, you rock my Heart.”
John Friend