The Gift of The Masculine: Part 2
Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad

Episode 4 - The Gift of The Masculine: Part 2

This week, we continue delving into the work of David Deida, exploring how the masculine expresses love. Deida provides a lucid corrective to both the bullying female-diminishing "First Stage" of Masculine hubris and the "Second Stage" of the needy-weenie-wussy-pleasy mendicant love of guys who are afraid to express strong individuation and directionality. Deida's famous "Third Stage" Man openly and fearlessly expresses purpose, presence and freedom, and lives in service both to this own high sense of mission in this world and to the heart-opening of those he loves. A tall order. And, ultimately, in most cases, the only real satisfying one for a man. Write me and tell me if this week resounds with you...