The Gift of the Masculine: Pt. 3
Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad

Episode 5 - The Gift of the Masculine: Pt. 3

In this show, we wrap up our three part series based on the work of David Deida -- really only a sliver of his work, which is expansive, to say the least. Here, we explore several specific practices to help men (and in some cases, women), hone the gift of masculine presence, freedom and directionality. Men - if you've been wanting to create more sexual polarity with women -- take notes -- and do the homework. Women, if you want your man to provide more structure and a trustable container inside which you can dance your beauty -- figure out a way to get him to listen (but without TELLING him to). Therein lies one of the gifts of the feminine, which we will explore soon in more depth. Enjoy!