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Aging Gratefully
Dr. Peter Brill

In your 50's? 60's? What are you going to do with the rest of your life to make it TWICE as fun? Are you looking for a dream? Have a dream but not the motivation to pursue it? Crave more meaning and fulfillment in your life? Or are you having a great time moving into the third age of your life and want to connect with others like yourself? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, you need to tune in to the experts on "Aging Gratefully," co-hosts Dr. Peter Brill and David Debin, the heartfelt duo that wants to be with you every step of the way in creating and informing the life you want today and going forward.

Hear famous and important people in all the fields related to human development and aging. Authors, educators, business leaders, visionaries, and spiritual leaders are among the guests who share their knowledge, wisdom and sense of humor with the Doctor and The Man From Hollywood.

From these different perspectives, our hosts take on the problems and advantages of the Third Age; your first age is childhood, your second age is building your career and raising your family, and your Third Age is the rest of your life - the time dedicated to finding deeper meaning and fulfillment, to renewed passion, purpose and joy.

Co-host Peter Brill is an MD, a psychiatrist and an entrepreneur who ran two companies and taught simultaneously at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and the Wharton School of Business. He retired at the age of 54 and is here to share his advice on continuing to make new trysts with life after retirement.

The doctor's partner is David Debin, a former Hollywood producer and writer as well as a multi-published novelist who achieved big-time success in Hollywood where he lived the glamorous life for three decades before retiring in favor of spiritual pursuits. David's soulful perspective and fabulous attitude will warm your heart on every show.

Tune in weekly to get a great dose of potential for your third age.


Loss and Grief: Dr. Pamela Blair

Loss and grief permeate the Third Age.  Normally, we lose our parents, we lose our friends and one of the couple will lose their spouse and partner.  How can we best cope with it?  How much should we lean on our friends, and what can we expect over the years? ... Read More


Retirement Living TV Channel: Charles Hirschhorn and Brad Knight

This generation of retirees will live longer, be healthier, have more choices and more knowledge, and potentially experience this stage of life in fantastic new ways.  Now there is a whole channel on TV devoted to information and entertainment directed specifically toward th... Read More


Religion and Health: Harold G. Koenig, M.D.

A lot of us wonder whether religion and spirituality lead to better health, happiness and longevity. Can prayer cure illness?  Can we pray for people and make them better? What are the benefits of meditation? Today we have someone uniquely qualified to answer these questions... Read More


Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD: Woman’s Sexuality

Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, MAPP, Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medicine-Geriatrics at the University of Chicago.  Dr. Lindau is one of the fastest rising young stars in the field of aging research. In this show we find out how Third Agers’ social network... Read More


US Senator Harris Wofford: Staying Engaged In Society After 50

91 million people are over the age of 50 in America. As this enormous number of people reach retirement age are we simply going to waste their talents and energy. In that age group, 94% of those who were surveyed think it is important or very important to find ways to keep older ... Read More


Losing Your Virginity After 40: Sunny Hersh

Should you lose your virginity after 40? How do you remain vital, sexy and alive? Our guest today, Sunny Hersh, author of Is it Hot in Here or am I just Hot? says midlife is “no time to play the blushing virgin.” She says “this is the time to live with the passion and pleas... Read More


Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy – Dr. Kenneth Pargament

The topic of religion has elicited powerful, passionate responses throughout history.  So it’s not surprising that Dr. Kenneth Pargament’s latest study, which suggests that religious anxiety could increase the risk of death in the elderly, has garnered international atte... Read More


Men’s Extra Marital Affairs: Marlene M. Browne,Esq. and Marie H. Browne, Ph.d

Extra-marital affairs are everywhere. We see them in the movies and we hear about friends whose relationships have ended because the husband became involved with someone else. How common are these affairs? What can a woman do to keep her husband from straying?  Marie H. Brow... Read More


Aging and the Kaballah: Rabbi Gershon Winkler

The Third Age is a spiritual age. The search for passion, purpose and joy ride along with the fear and fact of illness and death. Perhaps this calls for a hardy wisdom. To quote today’s guest,  Rabbi Gershon Winkler, ancient life was lived with “dark times and situations... Read More


Aging With Dignity: Paul Malley

Something is terribly wrong: The majority of Americans want to die at home surrounded by family and friends, but most end up dying in the hospital or nursing home, cared for by strangers.  Half of Americans die in pain that could have been treated.  Sick people have com... Read More