Critical Changes in Show Format to Support Your Success More Effectively
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 22 - Critical Changes in Show Format to Support Your Success More Effectively

In this episode of Evolutionary Sales, Jason D. McClain wraps up the previous format and given you critical insight into the future of the show, what value you can expect from it—and how important it is for you to share the previous episodes with your colleagues and to do it now.

The future format will be tighter and cleaner—give you a higher level of value in a shorter period of time—included more guided exercises from Jason personally.

This is also the end of an era—in a few weeks; a few episodes—and soon a new era will begin. The previous episodes will no linger be free in iTunes—they will be rotating off and the previous episodes [Episodes 1 through 20] will be for fee soon].

Take advantage of this free comprehensive sales system while it is available to you.

Listen, learn, and prosper.



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Jason McClain: Welcome to “Evolutionary Sales”. I’m your host, Jason McClain, and your guide in the 21st Century marketplace.

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Jason McClain: This is a very important episode for you because it’s an episode to let you know some upcoming and impending changes, both in the format of the show as well as the availability of previous shows. I can’t stress how important this information is for you as well as how important it is for those you may know.

So, first of all let me say: if you haven’t already done so, share “Evolutionary Sales” with your friends and your colleagues, and do it today. Now, while you have a few weeks before the format really changes and the availability shifts, you really want to make sure that you don’t forget or that that time passes. Because how many times have you said, “Wow, it’s amazing how time flies!” Of course we all have!

So, first of all the changes in the format of the episodes: they’re going to be much shorter and I’m going to deliver a tight distinction to you, one thought for the day or one tip for the day and that will be one show a week still. Then I’ll take you through a guided exercise where you actually start to build that into your internal self-concept, or your self-image, so that you begin to embody those qualities, those characteristics and those distinctions and you’re able to present and interact and engage more powerfully as a sales professional.

This is probably so you can actually integrate more of the information I’m delivering and partly so it’s in more bite-sized chunks for you. This is integrating and incorporating a listener feedback as well as general feedback from colleagues of mine saying, “You know, you’re just trying to give them too much value all at once.”

While I’ve encouraged you to listen to it over and over again and to get a partner, the truth is I’m sure very few of you are doing that. So in assisting you to get most out of this podcasts we’re going to tighten up the format and your conscious mind to deliver information but then use your unconscious mind to help you integrate it into your self-concept. This hopefully will have the data be more effective in terms of actually making a difference in your life as well as harnessing the power of both levels of your mind for the greatest outcome.

That’s the first thing. The second motivation behind is that, frankly, nobody has given away a complete sales system like this and while I want to make sure that I continue to deliver value to you – and it’s value that you will find priceless to you in supporting you as a sales professional – simultaneously I’m interested in integrating spirituality and capitalism. So, it’s spiritual capitalism or purpose in the free market or free enterprise.

Not spiritual purpose and charity or not money at the cost of servicing contribution. Or again it’s both with a grounding in servicing contribution but really the bottom line and what’s important to me is authenticity, directness and honesty in business and certainly in sales. It saves us all a lot of time so let me just be really direct with you and say that you’ve gotten this for free, it’s been an experiment for me and it has not paid off. I’ve learned a lot and these are going to be turning into paid… the original 21 episodes are going to be shifted into paid episodes.

Now, you’ve got about a month before that happens so download it now, back it up… I want you to have it, share it with as many people as possible and know that in a few weeks, in three or four weeks, that’s going to start to shift and they’re going to start to roll off. There will still be free episodes in the new format which I’m speaking about so you’re still going to get that daily value, it’s just that the complete sales system will no longer be available as a free product after about a month from now.

And when I say a month from now it means around the end of February. It’s been my pleasure to contribute to you and I wanted to let you know about these changes so that, first of all, you weren’t surprised, you knew what was coming. I wanted you to be aware that there is a window for you to download, back up and share. If you’re going to share them please send them to iTunes.

If you just right click, if you’re on a PC, or control-click, which will bring up a contextual menu on the McIntosh, in iTunes you can just copy the URL there and you can just email that URL to people. That allows us to track our traffic more effectively and it allows us to see how many people are actually downloading and interested in these podcasts. So, I prefer you share it that way over the next month.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or you want to yell at me or choke me or you want to congratulate me please give me an email at [email protected]. Again, that’s [email protected], there’s two L’s in PersonalLifeMedia. I look forward to contributing to you in this tighter format as well as integrating my purpose with financial prosperity, in this context as well.

You know, the truth is I feel blessed, I feel really blessed that I have lead such a prosperous life, I had such a successful business that I could give this away. I feel lucky to have been able to do that and I know that 12,000 of you downloaded the show in December so I know lots of you are being contributed to are being more successful and the listener questions are pouring in, and I really appreciate that.

Keep those questions coming. Those are critical, they’re absolutely critical not only for your learning but for the learning of others. And again, you can email those questions to me whether it’s about an application or about context or whatever it may be, at [email protected], and again there’s two L’s in

For transcripts of this show or any other shows in the PersonalLifeMedia Network, please visit I’m your host, Jason McClain and continuing to be your guide in the 21st Century marketplace.

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