Understanding the difference between knowledge and skill
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 20 - Understanding the difference between knowledge and skill

In this episode of Evolutionary Sales, Jason gives you yet another mindset to assist you in achieving the success you deserve. This week’s mindset is about understanding the difference between knowledge and skill—that is insight, versus integration and the importance of practice.

Jason also further ties this into your emotional experience as it relates to the chain of meaning as laid out in the previous 2 episodes as well as possible pitfalls in your thinking that can inhibit your success—and how to avoid them.



Welcome to Evolutionary Sales.  I am your host, Jason McClain in Your Guide in the 21st-History Marketplace.

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And it is funny because seldom stop to really appreciate just how fortunate we are.  And really, historically speaking, we are in an amazing time in human history and I feel it is only getting better.

Regardless of what your business is, think about this communication skills as just that.  Skills, they are not knowledge.  Take three of them and take all of them, I hope, but take just two or three of them and master that.  Master report, master gap analysis, master building vision impossibility.

And so now let us backtrack a bit, so we have started this series on minding sets and the first one was really, what are mind sets and those organizing principles around which you organize your behavior, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.  And then we go to this thing called the chain of meaning. And then some of you may have gone, “Whoa! This guy had took a hard left turn or a hard right turn.”  Everyone think about it.  Then truth is there is really only two things that stop you from being successful in whatever endeavor you are engaged in. the first is emotion.  Particularly fear, but usually emotion in general.  And second is a luck of integration of skill or luck of skill. Now, neither one of those are easily resolved but they are both very simply resolved. In the emotional part, is I have given you access to really just a tremendous amount if you have been listening to Evolutionary Sales from the beginning or whether you are joining us from coaching the life coach, either place you can really easily gain access if you listened to the earlier episodes of Evolutionary Sales.  But the most recent episode about the chain of meaning, this will give you access to your emotions and will give you the ability and really the flowchart to tap out and train your mind in any aspect of your life. My challenge to you is if anytime you are feeling sanest or guilt or share or shame or heaviness or fear, or you feel just bad about yourself in general if that is the only access point you have, let us start there.  And you just feel icky, and start there, and what happened? How did you interpret it?  What was your emotional reaction?  The initial “guh”?  And then what did you make it mean?  And then what was the resulting atmosphere?  That is the chain of meaning as “this is where I am going.”  Use that in every area in your life or you are not just feeling open and opportunity and possibility and love and freedom, and flexibility, and just fabulously about yourself.

Okay, so what is the next mind set?  The next mind set is knowledge versus skill.  The biggest mistake you could make.  Whether you are a sales person or whether you are a coach or whatever business you are in really, from a real estate agent to a… and if you are not considering yourself as a sales person first I would ask you to consider that.  But this difference between knowledge or insight and skill or behavioral integration, you can read all the books in the world and have all the wonderful insight in the world and if you are still a jerk or if you read all the… if you go all the workout some sales and how to manage your time and how to open relationships or as they use to call it close deals, you are aware of all the ways in which to do that and you do none of it.  Well then, how much were those workshops worth?  If you read all the books in the world on productivity, or on report, or sales skills on the phone and you implement none of it that is if you do not practice any of it. What is it worth?  Well, practically nothing. In fact, it was a waste of money.  In fact, it was a waste of time in fact.  And if you do not take this mind set and apply it to all these podcasts, where then have you wasted your time?  In the beginning, I suggested that you get a partner to practice these skills with. I meant that. I meant that for lots of reasons.  One is, because if we are going to transfer this knowledge into skill it is just like a basketball player.  Nobody would argue that Kobe Bryant is more effective or Michael Jordan is more effective than some high school player out there.  Maybe the high school player got a few distinctions on how he was supposed to do it and he has seen the experts do it so many times but the ability to integrate it physiologically to build that confident, to build that shoot that jump shot from where Kobe Bryant shoot it.  Physically, mentally, spiritually it is a whole different level of being.  It is a whole different level of doing. It is a whole different level of knowing.  Because it is only at that level or becomes intuitive, there really drops into your body, and you do it *snaps his fingers* instantly without knowing why, without having to think about it.  That my friend is mastering.  That is the level at which you need to get to and you get there not by knowing, not by listening, not by remembering but by doing over, and over, and over, and over again.

Remember, Michael Jordan was actually a fairly mediocre basketball player.  But he was the always the guy who is on the court earliest and left the court last during practice sections.  That is what made him great and that is what will make you great in this endeavor as well.  Regardless of what your business is, think about this communication skills as just that. Skills, they are not knowledge.  Take three of them and take all of them, I hope. But take just two or three them and master that.  Master report, master gap analysis, master building vision impossibility.  If you just master those three, you will be heads and tails above the rest and how to do you master it?  Practice because it is a skill.  I used to be, regardless of the endeavor that there was a master and there was an apprentice, right?  Or a master, an apprentice and a journeyman in between but there was a level of skill that you achieved, that you are aware of and that you got paid for.  So it is with sales or coaching or whatever it is, you get paid.  Whether it is through simply opening more relationships or closing more deals and that is how you get paid, or whether it is you simply get paid more per hour because people are willing to trade their money for your insight because you are at that certain skill level.  And let me reinforce this only one way to turn insight into skill and that is to practice, practice, and practice.  To constantly have your mind to write integrating it behaviorally.

Let me warn you about a couple of pitfalls that will assist you in your ease of integration and then really making a game out of this because this cast should be fun.  Although, you may consider that you work hard and just consider that really if you are in the service, a service based industry or you are a sales professional, you are going to have tremendous amount of fun while developing yourself, revealing your depths and mean a ton of money in the west – that is in the globalized economy in the English sphere – and that is the good news.  It is funny because we seldom stop to really appreciate just how fortunate we are and really, historically speaking, we are an amazing time in human history and that I feel it is only getting better. It is just getting so much of fun to be human.  *giggles* But really if you think about it, you could have a lot of fun practicing these skills.  Have fun with them and remember that the better you get at it, the more you are going to get paid, the more fun you are going to have, the more you are going to experience interconnectedness and truly be acting in a marketplace in a way that serving others.

There are some pitfalls as you practice these skills.  The primary one is discouragement.  It usually comes from some misplaced idea that you should care right at the first or you should do it perfect or you got to have the right answer or… and really if you just relax, relax, have fun with it.  Know that you are learning a new skill. I mean, how many people got on a bicycle the first time and then rode it perfectly?  I do not know many,  I am not sure if I know any. How many people can juggle without ever having juggled before and you throw them three balls and see how well they do?  I doubt that they would juggle very well.  Use your complex skills. What that means is you will have to practice.  So, all you are looking for… the pitfall that is to look for perfection and to become discouraged is a result of the inevitable lack of perfection.  All you need to do is constantly have your mind on improving just a little bit. Just a little bit, just one percent, just slightly better when you were before in some domain and notice where it is different, notice where you are better rather than where you are still not getting it right.  That is simply a matter of focus.

The other major pitfall is to make it mean something about yourself if you do not have it perfect, if you do not do it perfectly the first time, if you do not do it perfectly the first time, if you do not know the answer. How do you avoid that?  Well you avoid that by using the chain of meaning, internal chain of meaning that I laid out for you in the previous episode.  What is the emotional honest for your experiencing?  And backtrack that and unearth your own process. So that not only are you gaining greater skill, having more fun, and then making more money but you are also freeing yourself emotionally.  You are unplugging yourself in the matrix of disempowering thoughts, feelings and ultimately, behavior.

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