Prologue: Laying the Groundwork for Your Sales Success
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 0 - Prologue: Laying the Groundwork for Your Sales Success

Jason lays out the overview of the Evolutionary Sales pod-cast series, from personal emotional mastery to reframing objections and all of the modules in between including Connecting [rapport], Engaging and Enquiring [selling to values and developing a Gap Analysis], Inspiring [using visionary language to intoxicate your clients with the value you will provide for them], and opening and continuing relationships [from overcoming concerns to formalized referral systems]. Learn the difference that will make the difference in the 21st Century Marketplace including how informed and choosy your prospects are becoming and what is required to stay ahead in that environment. You will be exposed to the major headings for the continuing series of episodes, and learn critical information that will allow you to make the most effective use of this material for your financial success and emotional fulfillment. Find out why you should be listening to Jason McClain and why he will be your trusted adviser and critical Guide in the 21st Century Marketplace. Be sure to listen to all of the Evolutionary Sales pod-casts and stay ahead of the competition and become indispensable to your clients. Bought to you by Personal Life Media



Evolutionary Sales: Prologue

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Jason McClain: Welcome to Evolutionary Sales. My name is Jason McClain and I'm your host on Evolutionary Sales--where 21st century psychology meets ethical sales techniques. I will also be your guide in the 21st century marketplace. I'll explain what all that means in a minute. But first of all, you need to realize what you're signing on for here. You're signing on for a complete sales system, a complete sales system that will allow you to excel in the 21st century marketplace far beyond your competition. Not just will you be able to excel financially, but you'll also be able to be fulfilled. Fulfilled in that you are satisfied and happy with the work that you are doing, not just because you are making money, but because you are coming from the psychological foundations that is required in the 21st century marketplace.  Will we get into powerful techniques?--you bet. But first, I just want you to think about this whole process as a process.

We are going to be together for several months and you're going to be listening to these podcasts for several months. We're going to lay out an entire system, not just techniques to handle your prospects or to move your prospects towards a vision--a vision where they really feel inspired to move towards--but also, you're going to be doing some work on yourself.

So, first of all, this is the prologue to the series of Evolutionary Sales. In this prologue I'm going to lay out the entire process for you--what you can expect, how you can make the most out this podcast and series of podcasts. I'll explain to you why it's important to you, and frankly, why you should even care to listen to me.

First of all, let's talk about the format. At first--and these are going to be once a week--so these podcasts: You can download them; you can subscribe. You can subscribe to them through There are two 'L's in Just click on Evolutionary Sales, and then click on 'Subscribe'.

You can subscribe through iTunes or you can subscribe through an RSS feed-reader. You can think about an RSS reader as the internet coming to you. Rather than you having to open up a browser, you will be notified when there are updates. I encourage you to go--now--and subscribe to that.

If it's more convenient for you--because of your logistical situation or what have you--then you can, obviously, just return to the webpage for Evolutionary Sales at, and that's just fine.

But if you really want to be effective and efficient with this information, I encourage you to go to iTunes and search for Evolutionary Sales, or Personal Life Media, and you can just subscribe to the whole series of podcasts and you'll be updated and notified when they come out.

So at first it will be once a week, but then we'll shift into more of a [xx] daily sales tip, or distinction, that will make a difference in your life or your business--that day--so that you can become a more effective sales professional.

Before we get into any of that though, I really want to shift your thinking around a few things. First of all, I'm going to give as much as you can handle and inculcate or integrate, within the shortest period of time possible. At the same time, there is that integration period necessary. You are going to need to practice. For some exercises that we are going to give you, you are going to need to find a partner.

There is a difference between insight and integration. Now you know this intuitively; you may just have not had the language around it. But how many of you have ever been to a workshop and then a couple weeks later you forgot half of what they taught you? Or, how many of you have ever read a book and then you go back and you read it [again] and you realize just how amazing that book was, but you've only integrated 10% of it into your daily life? In other words, some of the distinctions have been lost on you. Although there's nothing wrong with that, the thing to notice is that there is a certain period of time where you need insight; you need to have the insight. That is, you need to see it, you need to understand it, but then you also need to integrate it into your body and into your neurology. You need to actually learn it at a deep level. So there will be a few things that I will assist you [with]; in integrating or learning at a deep level--which moves us right into how to get the most from these podcasts.

First of all, listen to them as often as possible, because repetition is the mother of integration. Again, you can go to a workshop once and it's great and you get excited-- Arrrgghh! You're going to go out and conquer the world--then suddenly; suddenly you're not conquering the world. Then you read a book and you go, "Oh, this is great idea, and this is a great idea, and this is a great idea," or maybe even some of you go, "Oh, you know I already know that, I already got it." But are you doing it? Part of doing it is about hearing--over and over and over again. So I'm going to encourage you to not only subscribe and just listen to it once, but listen to it over and over and over again. That's the first way you can get the most out of this.

The second thing is to get a partner. Get a partner that you can practice these exercises with; because there are going to be a lot of exercises. There are three things that will help you integrate these distinctions into you life and into your business. The three things are: the first one is to practice; the second one is to practice; [laughs] and the third one, is to practice. Practice, practice, practice; just like the three things that make a restaurant popular are location, location, location. It's the same kind of thinking; you need to practice, practice, practice. Don't be so arrogant as to think you can do this once or listen to it once, and then you've actually got it--you don't. You need to practice and you need to also have the mindset that you are always learning, you are always a student, you are always evolving or always developing, and you are always gathering feedback.

Finally, before we get in to the 21st century marketplace and why you should care, I want you to consider forgetting about closing any deals--ever. Never close a deal again. What I want you to consider is from now on--the thing that you used to call "closing a deal" is now opening a relationship. You may think, "What is this--airy, fairy, California stuff?" No. What it is; is your access to having a predictable stream of income through referrals; through [bonds] about who you are as a sales professional; and your access to being more fulfilled. Because people in the 21st century marketplace--they require connection. They require knowing that you care about them; that you are coming from contribution and service, not that you're just trying to close a deal. Because, you know what? As we begin to talk about the new marketplace--you've got some of the most informed prospects and clients out there now than ever. I mean, the internet has certainly exploded the kind of knowledge that people have, first of all, about their choices. But I'll tell you what, there's a lot of money out there, and there's a lot of business, and there's a lot of salespeople, and a lot of sales professionals. People are looking for someone they feel good about, that they feel comfortable with, someone that can see the vision of what they have to offer.

The new marketplace is about choice, about informed clients and prospects, and about people who intuitively feel good about you, feel you are coming from a place of really wanting to build a relationship with them, not just closing a deal. You may ask, "Why should I care about this?" You will not only make more money, because this is the new marketplace. Whether you like it or not and the new marketplace requires new skills, and it requires new thinking--skills and thinking that you are going to acquire by listening to this podcast and this series of podcasts. But you will make more money, and you'll feel better about it while developing deep relationships with your clients, and gaining more repeat business, and more fulfilling business for you. You'll be more successful, and frankly, you'll be happier.

We're in the 21st century marketplace and that requires 21st century psychology, it requires 21st century skills. Now, in the 20th century, we had Zig Zeigler, we had Tony Robbins, we had all sorts of sales professionals who did incredibly great work. First of all, I want to thank them, because we of course, as sales professionals, we stand on the shoulders of those people who were on the bleeding-edge of personal development and [inaudible] sales. I'll tell you what, there's been a lot of new developments in not only what's working, but a shift in--I hate to say it, but--consciousness; a shift in the orientation that people have to the relationships that they have in business, especially in metropolitan areas. New thinking, new skills are required for the new marketplace; that's what you are going to get through Evolutionary Sales, that's what you are going to learn, receive and begin to learn how to do; so that you can achieve, and be more fulfilled.

Some of you may be asking: "Well, great; I get all that but why the heck should I be listening to this guy Jason McClain?" That's a great question. There are a few reasons you should be listening to me. First of all, I've been involved in personal development for over 17 years now; I have listened to the best of the best and I have consolidated that. Consider me an aggregate for distinctions. I've been consolidating that for over 17 years now. Again, some of these names may mean something to you: Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrams, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Landmark Education, Neuro Linguistic Programming as a field; these are all things that I have studied with great fervor so that I can bring the most efficient system to you.

I've also created an entire system for you, called "Evolutionary Sales". A system that you can apply to any business--any business--whether you are in the IT profession, or whether you are selling real estate, or whether you're a coach or a consultant. It doesn't matter what business you are in, you can gain from this podcast and series of podcasts-- tremendously. Again, this isn't going to happen instantly, it's going to come from you subscribing through the website or through iTunes to Evolutionary Sales.

In addition, I want you to think about this in a few different ways, I want you to think about it like it's a book-on-tape. I want you to think about as an entire selling process, an entire system. A system that once you perfect you can use in any business or any field as a sales professional. It won't matter what business you are in, trust me. And again, "Why should I trust this guy?" So let me tell you a little bit more about why you should be listening to me. First of all, I've been a sales trainer for Anthony Robbins and Associates; second of all, I've been in sales in multiple different projects, multiple different domains, and multiple different industries. Whether it's been in the IT business, or whether it's been in my coaching practice, or whether it's been as a sales professional for the Anthony Robbins organization, or whether it's been selling medical opportunities; those are all things I've done--I've realized that the system is the same. The system is the same; what's required at a level that is high enough is the following: You need to be able to do your own personal work, at least the modules; and you'll want to write these down if you have an opportunity; if not, just listen to them again later.

This whole system is broken into modules. First there is the personal work, your emotional work. You need to get your beliefs that are in your way, and your emotional limitations, out of the way. So you are going to do the personal work first. Then you are going to learn how to connect, which is about rapport-building skills. Everyone knows you need to have rapport, but we are going to talk about how to do that, and we are going to teach you how to do that very approachably, so that you can do it at any minute of any day with anyone, regardless of where they came from, what their accent is, or what color they are, or what business they are in, or where they were educated, or how many children they have, etc.

The next module is in engaging and inquiring. You are going to be able to develop a gap-analysis that will teach people and show people just how much value you can bring to their business. That will make the money that you are charging almost insignificant. Again, I've used this system throughout the entire last six months. This system, which is on the bleeding-edge right now, I've used that and I've got a 100%--let me repeat that, a 100%-- close ratio; or an opening ratio in terms of opening relationships for the last six months with people who are financially qualified. You are going to get that through this system. After you engage and inquire, and you develop a gap-analysis, you'll be inspiring people towards a vision, and creating possibility for them to step into. Because--the truth is--people need a larger vision to step into.

Finally, we are going to talk about opening the relationship. Now, within opening the relationship, if you've done the personal work and you've connected with people appropriately, and you've engaged and inquired thoroughly, and you've inspired effectively; then all that's really left is for them to sign something and to work out a payment plan. Whether it's a PO (a purchase order, that is) or whether that's someone handing you a credit card, or whether that's someone signing a contract, or whether that's someone filling out financial papers where they're getting financing. Whatever business you are in, it really doesn't matter. If you've done your personal work and you've connected effectively, and engaged and inquired, and you've inspired; then all you have got to do is really open the relationship. But let’s say you haven't done all of that; or let's say they weren't honest with you, which sometimes happens; then you may need to reframe their concerns.

We're going to teach you incredibly effective ways to reframe concerns. That is, if someone says that they don't have enough money; you can ask them really hard questions. We call it "sleight-of-mouth."  Think of it as sleight-of-hand only with your mouth, with language, language that will leverage them beyond their limitations. Once that's complete, then you are going to future-pace their success. Those are the primary modules.

The final module is client aftercare; which is about follow-up, which is about referrals, which is about really building that ongoing relationship with them; so that you can not only feel happier and more fulfilled by what you are doing, but they can know that you care. Which again, this is what's required in the 21st century marketplace; it's simply what is required.

Each of these modules will be presented to you in an effective standard presentation format, which actually elicits every aspect of you learning desires. I'll explain what it is, why you should care; how it's done, which will often involve a practice or something of that nature, an exercise. Then, "what if," which is about the vision that you can create through implementing this and through integrating it into your business and into your life.

There are a few other things you should know. The first is, again, this podcast will be in a series and you should listen to it in order. In addition to that, each of these formats; the standard presentation format; the aspects of your learning styles; the what, why, how, and what-if; sometimes during the what-if, my voice is going to drop, it'll drop into a certain tone. For some of you, that tone will be relaxing. For some of you, that tone will be annoying. For some of you, that tone will just make sense. For some of you, you'll get distracted. For all of you, I would recommend you not operate any heavy machinery, including driving a car, while I'm doing that. At the same time, however it is for you is fine. But I want you to know the purpose of my voice shifting in that particular way is to put you in the perfect state for learning, to actually drop you into a state of learning where you'll be able to integrate more in your body, deeply into your body, so that you can actually behaviorally come from that place rather than just afterwards, when you do your presentation, or you talk to that prospect and you go "Oh, gosh! I forgot that one thing."

It's my intention to give you all the skills necessary, as well as give you the learning opportunities necessary, through both my voice, and through recommended reading, and through my certain voice tones I'll use. Because I know how to put you in an optimal state of learning and that's what that voice-shift is about. So be aware of that.

In addition, I'm going to be using some of the most advanced technologies about human being--human mental technologies, human emotional technologies--that are available to-date. Again, I've spent my life--the last 17 years--studying the best of the best, and you're going to get that through this series of podcasts. In addition to that though, you're going to learn how to understand the 21st century marketplace--the difference that will make the difference--that elusive aspect of the marketplace, where you've done everything perfectly, but you don’t know why that prospect hasn't signed with you. There's a reason for that. Also I'm going to give you some mindsets. But over the entire selling process, as you consider this a book-on-tape for yourself, I'm going to have to give you the underlying concepts. Some of that, again, as I've said earlier, is going to be new psychologies and your own access to your psychological process.

For some of this I'm going to be using something called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. Some of you may be asking, "What is NLP?" Well, NLP in scientific terms, is the study of the structure of your subjective experience. In more human terms, it is knowing how your thoughts create your reality. But even beyond that; how you think, how you are creating your thoughts, in visual, and how your self-talk is, how you're feeling; how that creates your reality, and how that creates the opportunities that are available to you or how it limits the opportunities that are available to you. So not only are you going to get a powerful science of the mind, but that will allow you to drop into any industry and be successful. Obviously with some ramp-up time in terms of learning the language and learning the systems that are available there, but be able to drop into any, any industry and make money in a very short period of time, make very, very good money, and be in the top three in your company.

But in addition, it will give you access to mental technologies that will be useful in your relationships, in your friendships, in business itself, for your own freedom, for your own success, your own happiness, and even more. So, again first of all, I'd recommend that you go and that you subscribe through with two 'L's. Or, through iTunes to Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Technology Meets Ethical Sales Techniques. Or, maybe you found us on the website and you're going to just hit the RSS feed and you know what an RSS reader is already if you didn't before.

Mostly what I want you to know is you are in darn good hands. I'm doing this, I'm giving these free podcasts because I fell I have room to contribute. I have room to give you a gift, the gift of being successful. It's my contribution to you, and to the world. So there are a lot of opportunities for you through the Personal Life Media Network, but this one itself will allow you to not only be happier but also increase your productivity and increase your bottom-line. Help me help you make more money and be more fulfilled, by subscribing to this series of  podcasts, now.

Next week, we'll begin with episode one that will teach you how to understand the structure of your experience, how to understand your emotions, how to understand how they are stopping you, and how to understand how to evolve them and shift them and change them so that you can do anything that you want at any given time, regardless of  the circumstances.

So again, subscribe now--Evolutionary Sales through the Personal Life Media Network. You can reach me--Jason McClain, your host and your guide in the 21st century marketplace--through and my email is [email protected] and there's two 'L's in PersonalLifeMedia. Feel free to email me with any questions.

There will be a companion blog with these podcasts, so if you want to type comments in there, or questions. There will in fact be some podcasts that are just answering listener email and listener comments, so that you can gain the most from this. Because there's a sense in which your questions, if you're asking them probably a thousand other people, because there will be millions of people listening to this podcast probably a thousand other people will be asking that same question. So be bold enough, be bold enough to contribute to yourself and to others by typing in or emailing me the questions so that I can answer them. Your name, of course will be anonymous if you want it to be.

Again, thank you for allowing me to live my life's purpose by contributing to others, accelerating your sales evolution. I'll talk to you next week about how to begin to understand the structure of your subjective experience and your emotions--In Module one, Episode one.