Mastering your Mind
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 2 - Mastering your Mind

In Episode 2 of Evolutionary Sales, Jason teaches you how the structure of your thoughts creates your emotional experience. Jason then leads you through two very impact full examples of this to demonstrate it to you. Additionally he will take you through two very powerful exercises so that you can learn and practice having emotional choice in any given situation, on any given day. One of those exercises will assist you in gaining mastery over your internal critic that negative self talk or internal dialogue that limits you and suppresses your inspiration and decreases your efficacy. These are critical applications for you to take on as a sales professional. Learn the foundational principles of emotional choice the kind of choice that is necessary for the 21st Century Marketplace. Learn the most important skill of all: your facility and mastery over your self--the ability to navigate your own interiors.



Episode 2: Mastering your Mind

Jason McClain:  Welcome back to evolutionary sales, my name is Jason McClain, your host of evolutionary sales and your guide in the 21st Century market place.  This is episode two of this podcast series.  Now it is also the third podcast.  I just want to [xx] on what we talked about last week in episode one, and ask you to go and listen to the prologue, and to make sure that you listen to these podcasts in order.  Again as I said in the prologue these episodes were build on each other.  And I am in service of your success, and if you listen to them in order, you will get the most value for your buck.  You will increase your effectiveness and your ability to produce the results and even greater pace in consistency, than if you skip ahead.  You can subscribe through personal life media on the evolutionary sales show page or through itunes or by simply searching for evolutionary sales, or through your RSS feed.  I suggest you do one or all of those things, so again you can get the most out of this, and again I am in service of your success. 

Last week you made some decisions about who you are as a professional and what your general mindsets would be as you move through the world, and through this program.  And the mindset I want to remind you of for this episode, of the fact that you agree to it as you are responsible for your own emotions.  No one can make you feel anything or as the Buddha said, there is no misery from the outside, you create it with your mind, but your mind can also liberate you if you make it your servant, rather than your master, and that’s what we are going to start to teach you in this episode.  Last week we talked about how your mind creates emotional reality, and I promised you some exercises.  These exercises are designed to give you powerful access to changing your emotional state, so you can be of greater service to your clients and prospects.  Not only that, but you will be able to serve your life better.  Because even if you feel tremendous pain or loss, or fear, first of all, a lot of that is going to go away, but you will still experience some of that, life is still going to happen, life is still going to throw you some curveballs, and you will be able to move through it more rapidly than you ever thought possible before.  So let’s talk about mastering your mind.

Now for this next segment you are going to need to find a comfortable place and do not, I repeat do not drive during these exercises.  I am going to repeat that again, do not drive during these exercises, if you are driving, pause this now, and find a place where you can be alone, find a comfortable place, a place where you can stand, go through some exercises that will use the power of your own imagination so that you can get a real sense of what this means to master your mind, and how your thoughts, and how they are structured.  Are they literally structured in internal presentations, creative reality.  So if you are not there, find that place now and we will be back in just a few seconds. 

Great.  Okay, so wherever you are, go ahead and stand and make sure no one can see you because some of this might be a little interesting and we don’t want you to be embarrassed at first.  Later on in this series you won’t care what people think, you will just look for your results, but for now make sure you are in a comfortable place so that your embarrassment doesn’t get in the way of what you are doing, and just go and stand there, stand and just imagine, I would like you to imagine the face of somebody who you care for deeply.  And first of all, just think of their name, and who are they, maybe it’s a spouse, or best friend, or a buddy, or girlfriend, or whatever it is, or a colleague.  Whatever it is for you, whoever it is to you, imagine their face around you, in your personal space around you, and you will notice their face is a certain distance, you will notice their face is in a certain location, and just go ahead and point to that location now.  Perfect.  Now go and let that fade away [sound effect].  By the way, I will do all sound effects, you don’t have to worry about sound effects but [sound effect] [laughter].. 

And now I would like you to think of somebody who you are not fond of at all, in fact you probably prefer you never see them again, and just imagine what that person’s name is and then imagine their face around you, go on and point to it.  Notice the distance, notice the location. Perfect.  And notice how different they are.  And now what I would like you to do is, whoever that person’s name is, that you imagined who you are fond of, the person you are fond of.  Go ahead and take their face and move it further and further and further away, wherever it was, move it about 50 further feet away from you.  If you are in a room, imagine them in the other room, their face in the other room, and notice how that feels, in your body. Great, then go ahead and [sound effect] bring them back where they are supposed to be.  And then imagine that person who you are not fond of at all and bring them closer, closer, closer, until they are just a foot in front of your face, and notice how that feels, inside your body.  Okay, now go ahead and put them back where they belong [sound effect], and just notice that, notice that, where are they really, where are they?  Whatever their names were, where are they?  Some of you may be thinking of Geography and some of you may be thinking that well, they are not in the room to be sure, and where they are, is in your mind.  Where they are is in your mind representing pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes and language.  Or in terms of NRP [sp] we talk about VAK OGL, Visual auditory kinaesthetic, olfactory gustatory [sp] in language. 

Maybe you said something to yourself about them.  You certainly saw them, maybe you even heard them.  And you saw them and you had some feeling about them, so that should, for some of you that may be a little spooky, for some of you that makes perfect sense, wherever you are on that spectrum of it being kind of spooky and weird to it making perfect sense, or maybe you have even had some sort of exercise like this before, its perfect, wherever you are is perfect.  So now you have a real world experience of how your internal representations, that is, you are not experiencing reality directly, you are experiencing your internal representations of reality directly.  Maybe you have been talking to somebody and they look like they are not really looking at you, even though they are looking directly at you, maybe they are looking, it seems like the distance they are looking isn’t quite to your face, or maybe you had the experience yourself, where somebody is talking but you are not really hearing them.  And that’s because you have a deeper relationship with your internal representations of reality than you do with the reality in front of you.  Again there is something wrong with this, this is the good news that means that we have access to leveraging your mind for the purpose of creating the emotional foundation, and the emotional choice which you will have at the end of this episode, to some degree, and certainly by the end of the next episode, episode three.  Because we are going to spend two episodes on this emotional stuff.

So, okay, so now that you have experienced those phases, now what I would like to do is, I would like you to imagine a situation, and this is a different exercise, it is called the Circle of Excellence.  I would like you to imagine a situation where you would like to perform with greater resource.  And when I say resource, I mean maybe you need more confidence, or maybe more humour, or maybe you wanted to have more hope, or more compassion, or more empathy, or more connection, or maybe you want to have more perseverance.  So when I say resource, I mean, some emotional state, that if you added it, like if you dropped it into a situation, it would ripple out and improve the results you were having with the person in front of you or the situation.  So that is what I mean by resource.  So first I would like you to imagine a situation where you would like more resource.  Maybe its for the prospects, maybe its making cold calls which we are certainly going to get into, and I have fun with cold calls.  But whatever that context is for you, I would like you to imagine that context now, and then I would like you to think of what resource, if you entered that resource into that situation, would improve your results and your behaviour in that situation.  You would act with greater excellence, you would act with greater resource.  So think of that now, again maybe its humour, maybe its confidence, maybe its perseverance, maybe its empathy or connection, maybe its greater skill.  Whatever it is for you imagine that now.  And then I would like you to imagine there is a circle in front of you, and wherever that circle is, just imagine its about six feet across, and what I would like you to do, is I would like you to look in that circle, and see that circle, and whatever resource you chose, what color would that resource be?  For some people, clarity is a resource.  Maybe its red, or maybe its yellow, or maybe its blue, or maybe its green, whatever color it is for you is perfect. 

And so what I would like you to do is I would like you to imagine that you are throwing that resource into that circle and notice it ripple out and change the color of the circle on the floor in front of you.  As you do that some of you may be going wow this is amazing, or oh yeah, I know how to do this, or some of you may think I am completely whacky, and you know what, whatever you are thinking is fine.  But I will tell you what, anybody knows that a professional athlete needs to visualize themselves succeeding.  They use their own imagination.  They essentially engage in self hypnosis but really, its really not about hypnotizing people or yourself, its really just about using your imagination, using the power of your mind.  Having your mind be your servant rather than you be your mind’s slave.  So toss that resource into that circle and just imagine what colour it is, and hey, maybe that resource has a sound, does it?  Maybe it does for you.  If it does, perfect, what is that sound.  If it doesn’t, that’s perfect too.  And then what I would like you to do, is I would like you to step into the circle when I say go.  Don’t do it yet.  Pause right there and just see the circle, see the colors, hear the sound and just know that when you step in you are going to feel that resource rush up [whoosh sound] through your body and you are going to feel that fully.  Go.  Go and step into the circle, feel that rush up inside of you, feel it filling your body, filling your body abundantly, and then step out, shake it off [sound effect].

Now you are ready to step back in, and go, step back in, feel that resource rush up in your body [whoosh sound], filling your body abundantly, feel how powerful that feels.  And again step out, shake it off [sound effect].  Interesting, isn’t it?  And if you look at that circle, I mean where is that circle?  Its in your mind [laughs].  The circle is in your mind, and most people need some ritual, some set of permissions, or something to allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel at any given moment. Now I encourage you to generalize this appropriately.  You can have emotional choice at any given time, you can access states of consciousness and emotional states at any given time, and the question is, what would best serve you in this situation.  Sometimes you may be in an intimate relationship or maybe with somebody that you have a really authentic relationship with, you really want to feel what you are feeling and you really want to go, you don’t want to shift it, you really want to go into this sadness or into that, but in the sales context, it is not exactly empowering for your prospects, exciting for your prospects, inspiring for your prospects for you to go and you know, well you know, gosh I [sigh] don’t really want to be here but [laughs] it is pretty clear that that is not going to produce the kind of results you want to produce.

What is going to assist you in producing the kind of results that you want to produce and being of service to your clients because remember, the 21st century market place is about coming from service, coming from contribution and integrating purpose as well as free market capitalism.  Sometimes you need to quick fix and we just gave you one.  So take that circle, go and actually and do this.  I know it seems kind of silly but actually bend down and take that circle, rub the edges and fold it up and put that baby in your pocket.  Because that circle, right there, that is your circle, that is your circle of excellence, and you know what, you don’t have to limit it to just one resource.  You can stack resources.  You can have as many resources as you want to and pretty soon, you won’t need to just give yourself permission maybe or just snap your fingers.  You will have what we call an incur or an association to that particular state.  Or maybe you will just clap your hands once or twice before you go into that meeting to get yourself there.  Or maybe you will listen to a song.  There is plenty of ways that you can assist yourself in getting to the right place.  Personally I kind of like music, at the same time I like clapping my hands. 

One of the things I used to do before I went to a sales presentation, I would do that whole Olympian slew where you kind of throw your hands up in the air like you just won that Gold medal.  Or maybe you can imagine a boxer when he knocks someone out, not that I want you to knock out your prospects, but that is 20th century thinking, the whole shoot them dead, close that deal thing.  You want to really relate with them and connect with them, be of service to them.  But you want to be only in such a state at any given point, at any given day, at any given time, in any given situation and you can do that through these simple practices. And to really, on the idea of doing some sort of Olympian I just won, or some sort of physiological move to set your state, [xx] do something else, and again you are still in a comfortable place where no one is looking at you and you are not operating any heavy machinery including a vehicle.  So be sure that those conditions are in place before you do what we are about to do.  And this is the first of two more exercises we’ll do on this episode.

So what I would like you to do, is I would like you to go ahead and put your feet about shoulder width apart, and really kind of settle into that, and then I would like you to put your hands up like you just won something, so put your hands up, stretch them up all the way to the ceiling or the sky wherever you are.  And then I would like you to look up, look up at the ceiling, and then I would like you to smile and I would like you to maintain all of that without changing anything.  Your hands are stretched to the sky or the ceiling, you are smiling and you are looking up and your feet are shoulder width apart, and you are smiling and you are holding all that, holding that position and now while you hold all that, try in vain to get depressed.  Go ahead and try.  If you get depressed you probably changed something.  Keep smiling, keep your hands up, keep your hands up, keep smiling, keep looking up.  Pretty weird.  Isn’t it, going to let yourself down.  And now go ahead and put your shoulders down, drop your shoulders.  Look at the floor, clap your hands, exhale [sound effect] notice how that feels.  And I notice that while I was directing you there, what stopped you from directing yourself.  Now we are getting to developing the kind of awareness, the kind of evolutionary awareness.  The kind of facility with representation systems as well as perceptual positions that will allow you to have this kind of facility with yourselves, you don’t have to have somebody leading you through it. 

Because one of the thing that I like to do, is I like to free people from meeting somebody like myself.  One of the main objectives of my coaching program is to actually have you have all the tools so you don’t need to call me after our month together.  Okay, one more exercise, and this one is for those of you who have some internal self talk, or the internal credit, or negative internal dialogue.  Those are all names for the same basic thing which is that when they would like to make their phone calls like wow they wont want to talk to me or oh I am not good enough or gee you know we are all so busy, or oh you know I am sure they don’t have any money and you hear yourself or someone else’s voice, maybe its your mother, maybe its your father, maybe its your old boss, maybe its yourself, maybe its your wife, maybe its your husband, who knows who it is.  It doesn’t really matter who it is, it doesn’t really matter who the voice sounds like.  It creates, again you hear that and then you have some kinaesthetic or physical physiological response that depletes or depresses your emotional state, suppresses your emotional state.  So let’s deal with our internal voice right now. 

For this exercise you can stand or sit.  If you are going to sit, I encourage you to sit on a chair that you can, where the is space around you.  So maybe a folding chair or something like that.  Or you can just stand.  And what I would like you to do is, I would like you to notice that whatever that voice is, whatever it says, you go ahead and imagine what it says.  Imagine that right now.  Perfect.  And pick the sentence that it says, that would make the biggest difference if it were totally resolved.  If you could no longer take it seriously or if it were resolved entirely, then go ahead and write it down if you want to.  You don’t need to.  Maybe you can just remember it.  And then notice, the interesting thing is maybe it comes from a certain direction, maybe it comes from the right, maybe it comes from the left, maybe it comes from behind, maybe it comes from in front, maybe its in stereo, maybe it echoes.  And just notice the qualities, the qualities of the sound of that voice in terms of direction and location.  And by the way my voice and the pace of this is about to slow down, because I want to keep in pace or in rapport, which we have talked about in several in several episodes. 

I want to stay in pace with what I have noticed to be people’s general orientation to how long it takes them to shift some of this stuff.  So my voice is going to slow down a bit and that is intentional.  So wherever that voice is coming from, what I would like you to notice is that you can move it.  You can move it right now.  And so go ahead and take that voice, as if its, maybe it is someone’s face, or maybe you can imagine a loudspeaker or who knows, a bullhorn, an old record player.  Whatever it is for you is for you is fine.  However you want to represent it is fine.  And then take it, and just change the location, imagine it being behind you.  About ten feet behind you.  Is that better or worse or the same as it was before?  And then go ahead and shift it to in front of you but below you, as if it is on the floor about 20 feet away, and notice it coming from that direction, and is that better, worse or the same as before?  And then maybe move it over to the right and on the floor, is that better or worse or the same as it was before?  Or to the left for some people, that’s better.  All the way into the corner to the left, 20 feet away, 10 feet away, something like that, and just notice on the floor, coming from that direction, as if you have power over it, its beneath you.  Then again is it the same,  better or worse than before? 

And now what I would like you to do is I would like you to imagine its really scratchy [sound effect] whenever it is saying it is kind of scratchy like an old phonographic record.  Is that better or worse or the same as before?  And then I would like you to imagine its got a voice like Donald Duck, [sound effect] and just notice how difficult it is to take it seriously if you are listening to it in that fashion.  And again, the unconscious learning here and the conscious teaching is that you can change that at any given moment and at any given time.  It is your mind.  If you don’t have control over it, who does.  And you can shift that.  Again in different contexts there is certainly reasons for you to go and explore for the purpose of doing the deeper spiritual and emotional work that you need to resolve so you can fully free yourself, that deeper personal evolution.  This is not the program for me to talk about that.  But there is a time and purpose for you to go into that, and a sales call is not that time.  And so these are tools that you can assist yourself in resolving, or at least shelving, whatever it is that is stopping you from having the kind of success that you want.

What I will say at this point is maybe you have got some questions.  Maybe you have some experiences that you want to share, and there is a place for you to share and ask your questions or share your experiences in terms of how this actually transformed your relationship with your clients and with your business and with your emotional experience.  So just go to, that’s  There is two L’s in, and click on blogs in the navigation bar, and right away you should see me, Jason McClain your host, and your guide in the 21st century market place, and just click on blog.  You can leave your comments there if they are associated with something I have written in the blog, or with a specific episode I mentioned in the blog.  You may also have questions you simply want to email to me at [email protected].  Now we have also got prizes for the best questions.  And I will be handing out prizes from  That’s  Basically customized accessories for your ipod.  Amazing stuff, go check them out now.  But for best questions, we are actually going to have some free prizes from  Some people may be asking, when the heck is this guy going to get to the evolutionary sales process, which is a full comprehensive process with about nine steps in the flow chart.  Trust me, I am getting there and we are going to handle everything from cold call to formalized referral systems.  And we are going to have a lot of fun. 

But I also want you to consider the greatest skill you can have is the ability to navigate your own interiors.  The ability to manage your own mind whether that’s your beliefs, whether that’s your hopes and dreams, whether that’s the way you set goals, and the way you set your intentions.  Or whether that’s the way you use the law of attraction.  All things that we are going to get into in this series of podcasts, all things that we are going to teach you in terms of being the best of the best, things that I have gathered over the last 17 years of searching, and I am happy to be your guide in this process.  Again I am Jason McClain, your host on evolutionary sales, where we integrate 21st century psychology with ethical sales techniques.  And be sure to subscribe  or tune in next week, and we are going to talk about not only your unconscious organization of time, which will  help you with fuelling anxiety, but as well as setting goals.  And well formatted conditions for setting goals.  So we are going to teach you how to not only use your mind to create your future and resolve your past, but also how to make your goals a reality.  Join us next week, episode 3.  Thank you for listening, Jason McClain, your guide in 21st century market place.

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