Gain Money, Lose Weight Part IV
Inside Out Weight Loss
Renee Stephens

Episode 71 - Gain Money, Lose Weight Part IV

Today we go deeper and richer with your anchor, our latest simple, easy and powerful tool to bring both more money and more slimness into your life. More money, less weight, with a tool to boost your mood anywhere, anytime. What's not to like?



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Welcome to “Inside Out Weight Loss.” I’m your host Renee Stevens and together we’re accessing and adjusting the control panel of your mind, body, spirit system. Bringing ease and joy to your weight loss journey and fullness to the rest of your life.

On today’s show we go deeper, richer, and bigger into our daily feel great law of attraction practice to uplift our moods, fatten our bank accounts and slim our bodies.

A special welcome to new listeners to this show. I’d like to give you a glimpse into what “Inside Out Weight Loss” and the Renee method is all about. By sharing this email to the Yahoo group posted by a listener.

She writes. Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you my excitement of hitting the 50 pound mile-stone today. I’m thrilled and I celebrate by walking 13,000 steps today. And by the way, that’s my kind of celebration. She continues. I’m so grateful for Renee and her podcasts. I’ve never been able to stick with a healthy diet and exercise plan for more than six months.

I give a lot of credit to Renee teaching me how to dream and believe in myself. It’s been a little over 11 months since I decided to loose weight and I’ve even more motivation now than when I started. I now know the motivation comes from me. I have to create the motivation for myself. It’s not something that just happens by accident. This experience has taught me that my mind is very powerful. And I can achieve things that I’m not even aware of now.

I’ve gained so much in this process. I sleep soundly. I no longer need anti-depressants and I love to exercise. I can’t believe that I love walking outdoors in nature. I’ve even learned that I enjoy racket ball. I would never have tried that before. I’m going to buy a bike soon. I use to love riding.

Ok, enough about me, I’ll let you guys know whenever I hit my goal this summer. I hear that’s when the journey begins at maintenance.

I was so excited to read that post because what this listener, what this fellow journeyer is talking about are several things that are really integral to “Inside Out Weight Loss.” And one of them receiving the gifts along the way. It seems that so often our mindset is that, well I’ll loose the weight and when I loose the weight, then everything will be great. Not so here. Here we make it great now. We live it great so we enjoy the journey as much as or more than the destination.

Why? Because we want it to last a lifetime. We want to be naturally slender for the rest of our lives. Because let’s face it we’ve all done the will-power based, the work really hard, the be dedicated, the deprive yourself method of weight loss. Just about everyone who is listening to this program has probably tried at least once a program like that.

Heck I tried a whole bunch of them only to end up worse than where I started. So, how’s something like that going to last for a lifetime? Do we want to sign up for a lifetime of misery? No. Or we rationalize it by saying something like, Ok, if I can just get through this then maybe I’ll change my habits and it will be easy to maintain. Again and again we buy into that one. Why? Because we are so committed to getting what we want. We just want the right tools that make it easy and enjoyable along the way.

Which is exactly what it sounds like for the listener who just wrote about her 50 pound weight loss. She’s more motivated now than ever. Isn’t that awesome! And then finally I’d like to comment about her last statement which is that I hear that that’s where the journey begins at maintenance.

What do you think about that? Given what I’ve just said, I have to confess that maintenance in the Renee method. Maintenance in “Inside Out Weight Loss” is really dull. It’s true. Boring. Dull. A big old yawn. Why? Because by the time you get there you’ve been doing what you’ll be doing for a long time.

In other words, it’s more of the same. It’s more of tuning into your body. It’s more of loving and accepting yourself as you are. It’s more of wanting to take great care of yourself because you’re worth it. You deserve it. It’s more of when the going gets tough, thank god I can fall back on the support of my healthy practices.

For example, I’ve been through a stressful couple of months and what has been one of my coping methods? Exercise. I’ve been exercising more than normal rather than less. Why? Because it’s a support for me. It’s a release for me. It makes me feel really good. It’s a way that I self-correct. So, new listeners know this as well. You’ll get many more times out of this program than you put in. But you must put in to get out.

Listen, do the homework. Keep an “Inside Out” journal. You can actually buy one at with the “Inside Out Weight Loss” butterfly logo right on the front to remind you of your journey. And there’s a link from that available at my blog

There’s a thriving listener community waiting for you to join to support and be supported. It’s a Yahoo group run by listeners to this show. And by the way, I want to give an on-air thanks to Yahoo group moderators Randi and Kim who generously volunteer their time in service to the community. Also there’s a Facebook and thanks, much thanks to Jess who runs that group as well.

So let’s go ahead and drop inside as I share a moment of bliss. Courtesy of which will deliver a daily dose of bliss in the form of a free email to your inbox when you sign-up at their site.

Write yourself a letter in your mind. Dear me: you are awesome! Feel how it is to say those words. Say it again with even more feeling. Dear me: You are truly awesome! And then other words and phrases to tell yourself you love you. You have great eyes. You have a whacky sense of humor. You’re a good parent. No matter what, you always do your best. Tell yourself all those things the self needs to hear. Be generous, be honest, be loving, be kind to yourself and enjoy.

As you sink further into this episode, open your awareness and your heart to the presence of fellow journeyers listening to this show. Send them your support and feel it come back to you magnified many, many thousands, of hundreds of thousands of times over.

Last episode we built our anchor of trust, abundance and feeling naturally slender in our bodies. Remember that an anchor is a short cut reminder of a particular feeling state. Like a song that takes you right back to the past or a fragrance or a smell that reminds you of a certain person.

We’ve been creating a touch anchor. In other words, when you touch your earlobe, it’s now become a reminder or a transporter immediately to a super-duper state that we have created together. In other words when you touch your anchor, in this case your earlobe. When you touch your earlobe which is your anchor, it can immediately put you in that positive feeling state that we have designed.

Doesn’t that sound cool? Isn’t it cool? I’m wondering if you had a chance to do your homework. A firing off that anchor once an hour every day. And if you have, write about it on the blog. This is a very simple yet powerful technique and you know that I love simple, easy and powerful.

Today I’d like to build that anchor up even further. Past the point of the context. Does that make any sense to you what-so-ever? I bet it doesn’t. We’re going to build that up. That feeling state so that it’s so good that it almost flies away or departs from the context of the feeling itself. In other words you end up with the feeling and forget about where the heck it came from. Because it doesn’t actually matter that much. It’s very cool.

And before we do that, let’s take a break now to support our sponsors. This is Renee Stevens and you are listening to "Inside Out Weight Loss" on PersonalLifeMedia.

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Renee: We’re back now. Before the break we were talking about building up our anchor even more. And we’ll start very briefly for those of you who are jumping in right now to thinking about a situation where you felt great trust.

A situation where you felt truly taken care of, truly trusting. Where you didn’t even consider it because it was so known and obvious to you that there was plenty. More than enough. You were satisfied. All your needs were meet.

We can imagine ourselves as an infant in the arms of someone who loves us. We can imagine what it would be like to be a cat purring in the sunny window seal. Feeling the warm sun warm our skin.
And if you’ve been listening to the other episodes, when you press your earlobe now in the way that you did before it will bring back this feeling. It will take you to that place to that feeling and it will amplify it. So go ahead and be there feeling those wonderful feelings.

And you may recall that last episode we also had that feeling. We went to that place of being delightfully fit, slim and healthy. What it feels like in our body to be fit, slim, and healthy. The lightness, the way that we move. We can feel that way now. We can enjoy that feeling in this moment simply by remembering having had it in the past or even imagining it.

So if you’ve been that way in the past, remember that feeling. Go there and feel that wonderful feeling. Perhaps there’s an agility to it. There’s a movement to it a slimness. There’s a space where your belly use to be.

You slip on your skinny jeans and they button so easily. Perhaps they’re even a little bit loose. You feel the muscles in your legs and arms. You’re relaxed in your body. You could even breath into it feeling that wonderful feeling.

And now as you’re feeling that way. I’d like you to give your earlobe just a little squeeze to amp up that feeling. Imagine that by squeezing your earlobe you could amp it up. In fact, you could notice now the very best parts of this feeling. You could notice and enjoy the parts that you like the best, and the most.

It’s as if simply by noticing those parts they expand. Simply by pumping your earlobe, the feelings get even better. They expand. As you notice the panorama of this delightful feeling mixed with trust, slim, and trusting. Slim, knowing that all is well and all will be well.

Then I’d like you to release your earlobe and come back and be fully present with me here now. Because I want to talk to you for a minute about why the heck does all this matter? We’ve touched on this but I feel like I’ve rushed through it. I really want to explain because it’s so important to understand why the heck we’re doing this. Because it’s all about feeling good.

You know, we have so many stories in our mind about when we don’t feel good or stories of why we don’t feel good. Why we can’t feel good. How big a reason it is that we can’t feel good right now.

For example, you may think. Well I can’t feel good because so-in-so was really mean to me. I can’t feel good right now because of my mother. Or we might say I can’t feel good right now because this is a big story because it’s been in my family for a long time and there are lots of other people involved. I can’t feel good now because it’s in my DNA. I can’t feel good now because it’s chemical.

And what’s really interesting about all of these reasons that we have is that so many of them boil down to the same thing. Which is, it’s hard to change. It’s too hard. It’s out of my control. I can’t do it. And yet the truth is even when we are down. Even when we are depressed, there are probably moments when you feel pretty okay. When you forget that you’re depressed. When you forget that you’re fat. When you forget that you’re miserable and in those moments we feel good. We feel okay.

So what if -- I know there’s deeper work that has to be done. A lot of times it’s true. Absolutely true. But what if we just let those stories go for a moment. For a few moments every hour of the day. We just let all those stories go about our mother and our boss and our children and our brothers and all the reasons and the people that say to us, Oh well we can’t feel good now or we don’t deserve to.

What if we just dropped it like a sack of potatoes? What if we let it dissolve like a puff of steam into the air. And now touch that earlobe again and bring back that wonderful feeling. Noticing again how quickly and easily you can go back into the very best part of the state of this feeling.

Perhaps there’s a physiological shift that you notice. A warmth or a relaxation spreading throughout your body coming from some sort of core of trust and well being. Maybe there’s a sprinkling of joy and enjoyment in it. Just let yourself sink right into that.

Perhaps it’s becoming very familiar to you now. And again when you find a part that feels particularly wonderful, particularly delightful. You simply squeeze that earlobe to expand it. In just the right way. And it gets so wonderful to notice that even of the best feelings they get even better. Even richer and fuller.

Hmm, what a great feeling this is that you can expand any time you like. By giving just a little squeeze to your earlobe. So that it gets better and better. Perhaps in a rush of flush of good feeling.

Now before it gets even better, come back and be fully present with me right now. Because as you know from a law of attraction perspective, like attracts like. So if you’re doing your homework and you are squeezing your earlobe once an hour or multiple times a day, you’re going to be feeling better more often than you were before. And if you’re feeling better more often than before you will be attracting more good things into your life.

Now imagine for a moment that you don’t believe in the law of attraction. What’s the down side to feeling better? To bringing a little bit of this great feeling throughout your day. You’ve got the rest of the hour to feel any other way you want to feel. But what’s the down side to feeling good more?

And heck, if you’re feeling good more, how are other people going to respond to you? If you’re feeling good, you’re radiating that good feeling and my guess is just a guess. That other people are more likely to respond to you positively. And therefore things might go a little more smoothly to you.

If you go to the clerk in a store and you offer a genuine smile, perhaps you’ll get a smile in exchange which will make you both feel better. If you pass someone in the street, what if you were to smile at them? A stranger. I love it when that happens. It makes me feel terrific.

And heck, if you’re feeling good and projecting positive energy, people are going to want you around more is my guess. Maybe you get invited to more parties. Have more fun. It’s kind of hard to not find upside.

So go ahead and fire off that anchor again one more time. Again experiencing and enjoying how quickly and easily you sink right back down into the very most delightful parts of this feeling.

Now you may notice that some of the feeling from before is expanding the feeling now. And what I’d like you to do is dedicate yourself to finding the parts that you like the very best and expanding them. And expanding, and expanding. Take all the time that you need to expand it beyond what you thought was possible.

Let it go. Release this feeling to become even better. Taking you higher and higher as it simultaneously becomes richer and better. Now in your own time I want you to continue with this practice. Continue expanding the good feeling until you forget what it was about in the first place.

Until the feeling separates from the memory and simply becomes a great feeling that you can enjoy any time, any where now. That’s there spreading into all different experiences of your life.

You’ll have to continue with this in your own time because we’re out of time for today for this show. I want to re-enforce your homework. I want you to do this anchor every hour of the day. Once an hour. No matter where you are it will make you feel better. If you’re low, you’ll feel medium. If you’re medium you’ll feel high. If you’re high, uhoo, now that’s going to be great. And share your stories on the blog at

That concludes our series on “More Money, Less Weight.” I can’t wait to hear your stories. And that brings us to the end of our show today. Thank you for being present. And I’d also like to invite you to take this positive energy that you’ve accumulated and been building throughout this episode and spread it out to the world. What is freely given expands.

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