Gain Money and Lose Weight – Abundance and Weight Loss
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Episode 69 - Gain Money and Lose Weight – Abundance and Weight Loss

In this second episode in our series on gaining money and losing weight, we begin creating the abundance mindset that will both make us feel good now, and give us the trusting foundation that brings abundance to our bank accounts and slimness to our waistlines. Plus, the Law of Attraction says we get back what we put out. But what about when life throws you a scary curve ball that seems out of proportion with what you have been putting out?



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Renee Stephens:    Welcome to Inside Out Weight Loss.  I’m your host Renee Stephens.  And together we’re accessing and adjusting the control panel of your mind-body-spirit system.  Bringing ease and joy to your weight loss journey and fullness to the rest of your life.  On today’s show, we create a powerful abundance experience that will help both your pocketbook and your waistline.

A special welcome to new listeners to this show.  We’re delighted you found us.  First, know that Inside Out Weight Loss and the Renee method are about much more than losing a few pounds for swimsuit season.  Or even your high school reunion.  It’s about waking up to the rest of your life.  It’s about redirecting that energy that’s been spent in self-criticism, in feeling less than you could be.  It’s about letting go, not just of the weight, but also the obsession.  And letting go of whatever has been holding you back from life.  From the things you love to do, whether you know what they are or not.  And ultimately, it’s about discovering, developing and sharing your soul’s gift.  How?  Through the careful steps outlined in each episode of this program starting at the beginning with the prologue where you can hear my personal story.  And why the heck I care so much about all of this.  And just a hint it you don’t already know: it’s because I’ve been there.  I’m here on the other side with a mission to bring you with me.  To free you from the weight struggle and discover the rest of your life.

And one other note for new and veteran listeners alike.  Many listeners have commented that there’s something about the show that just makes them feel good.  What is that?  Why is that?  What the heck is going on here?  And I’ve never commented on this, on the show or anywhere else for that matter, but there are actually multiple layers to each episode of Inside Out Weight Loss.  Of course, there’s the layer of content; what I’m saying, what I’m explaining, what you’re understanding, at a conscious level.  But there are also layers of experience of the show.  If you’re open, there are multiple layers of transformative techniques embedded within the experience of listening to each episode.  And these transformative techniques are designed to create the change you seek.  They’re designed to create a journey, an experience and ultimately transformation within the episode itself.  So that by the time I close the show, 25, 30 minutes later, you’re already changed.  Something has already been launched within you.  And all you need to do is sit back, relax, listen to the sound of my voice and open yourself up to your dreams.

And, by the way, there’s a thriving community built around Inside Out Weight Loss.  There’s a Yahoo group with over 1400 members as I record this show today.  They’re all there supporting and being supporting.  And I’d actually like to take a moment to send some good vibes to Jennifer K. from the Yahoo group who wrote a post that she’s scared because she’s found a lump in her breast that may be benign and it may not be.  She’s only 37 years old and certainly, a diagnosis of cancer is a scary prospect.  I remember when my father received that diagnosis; it seemed like a death warrant.  It seemed like the universe was saying “Okay.  That’s it.  He’s on his way out.”  

But in some ways, that was also a gift.  A huge gift.  Because it was a wake-up call to him and to the rest of us who care about him to say, “Gosh.  I really appreciate you.  I appreciate your life and I want to take this opportunity to tell you that.”  And from his perspective, he took the opportunity to tie up loose ends, to say the things he had been meaning to say or wanted us to know before something happened.  He apologised for mistakes he had made as a father, as a husband.  He shared his deep feelings of love for his family and his friends.  And what a gift that is.  What a wake-up call that is.

I’m not saying it’s fun or desirable to get that kind of diagnosis because it’s not.  But I am saying that perhaps even in the worst seeming situations there can be a silver lining.  There can be a gift.  And perhaps these types of situations are the only way that we can really open up and receive.  Certainly, I’ve been through some pretty big bumps in the road recently myself.  While I would wish to have an ability to learn my lessons with smaller bumps, I know that these big bumps opened me up, opened my family up in ways that that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  And for this, I’m grateful.  So let’s send our collective positive energy to Jennifer K. of the Yahoo group.  Hoping that she soon finds a silver lining to this scare and to her best and the best of all of those around her.

Now let’s take a few moments to drop inside and become present with us.  I’ve been inspired by an Eckhart Tolley book that I’m reading right now where he invites us to own aliveness.  Our own inner being.  So imagine right now that you could feel the aliveness in your hand.  Yes, you can feel that there are fingers, there’s a palm, there’s a thumb.  There’s skin and lots of bones and muscles.  And yet, there’s something else there too.  It’s not just an inanimate object.  It’s a living hand.  There’s an aliveness to your hand.  To both of your hands.  So take a moment to feel that aliveness.  That sense, perhaps it’s moving, tingling even.  your hand feels like the aliveness expands beyond the borders of your skin even.  Whatever your experience is, notice it.  Be aware of it.  Experience it.

Ad in a like manner you could be aware of the aliveness in other parts of your body.  You could be aware of the , for example, in your heart.  You have a heart.  You have a physical organ that pumps blood throughout your body.  And you have a heart space in your body.  And if you were to drop inside of that area of your chest, where your heart resides and feel for a moment, the sense of aliveness there, that inexplicable, unquantifiable quality of living.  Science doesn’t fully understand it.  Doesn’t even barely understand what that is.  There’s an energy to it.  Simply notice it.  And as you notice that aliveness in your hand and hands and in your heart, this is the you that is everything that you’ve ever thought you are or could be.  It’s the you that simply is.  The you that sees and thinks and listens.  The you that’s moves and loves.  The you that’s unchanged, whether you’re fat or thin, fit or not.  Be aware and notice.

As you sink further into this episode and open your alive heart to the presence and alive hearts of all the other fellow journeyers and listeners of this show across space and time.  Send them your positive energy and feel it come back to you magnified many, many times over.  It’s the law of exponential returns.

The past episode we talked about the current economic situation and the fear of scarcity that’s like a thought virus in our society right now.  It’s linked both to our economic situation and to our waistlines.  And as you reflect, perhaps, on the homework that you did from last episode of listing those things that you have too much of.  And those things, as well, that have come to you easy, effortlessly, they just appeared at the right time for you.  And as you reflect on those things, let’s now take a break to support our sponsors.

This is Renee Stephens.  And you’re listening to Inside Out Weight Loss on Personal Life Media.

Renee Stephens:    We’re back now.  Before the break, we were talking about listing those things in your life that have come easily, in a timely manner to you, and have just appeared for you.  Just yesterday, my hairdresser told that he how he found an apartment that he was looking for, even better than he was looking for, at an incredible below-market rent.  He was just ecstatic and I could just feel his energy and enjoy the energy of that blessing just appearing on him, just being delivered on him, bestowed on him without him going out of his way.  And I’m wondering if you can think of episodes in your own life like that.  Where things have just come to you.

 Heck, this show came to me in that way.  I wasn’t actively looking.  I hadn’t set in my mind that I want a podcast show.  And yet, it just sort of happened, very easily.  What an amazing blessing it was.  So what are those examples for you?  They could be small or big.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters is the feeling that you get when you think of them.  Things coming to you easily.  Because the foundation, what’s underneath these good feelings, is a feeling of trust.  Of trust in the abundant nature of the universe.  We know that the universe, the physical universe, is actually expanding.  There’s more and more of it every moment.  What if there were expanding abundance in your life?  What if you knew, beyond a doubt, that you could get more than enough at any time?  That you could get more than enough to eat whenever you needed?  What would happen to the fear of hunger?  What would there be to fear?

A listener recently told me that she felt that one of her weight loss programs really embedded the fear of hunger into her because it always said,  “Be sure and eat  before you get hungry or before you get too hungry otherwise you’ll just fly off the handle.”  That’s not very helpful is it?  What f you knew that even if you got super duper mega hungry that you’d be able to have enough?  That you would be able to feed yourself at the right time, at the right amount and maybe even enjoy it more than you would if you ate when you were not hungry?  So trusting in abundance, trusting that there always will be enough or more than enough; in that Just in Time way that Martha Beck speaks of in her article that I mentioned last episode, is a beautiful, easy antidote to that fear of not having enough.

Now, from a law of attraction perspective, if we spend our time feeling abundant, trusting that there always will be plenty.  More than enough.  That we’ll get what we need just when we need it.  If we spend our time feeling that way, what law of attraction says is that we will attract more of that into our lives.  So you get to feel good now and feel good later.  And the only caveat is that you get to keep this up as long as you continue feeling good.  Which means as long as you appreciate the good stuff that you’re already getting now. 

Now I know what you might be thinking because it’s what’s going on in the back of my mind right now.  Which is that, “Well, gosh, that’s all well and fine and I kind of get that law of attraction stuff.  But doesn’t stuff sometimes just happen?  Random stuff that isn’t so good?  Say, we’ve been vibrating, we’ve been thinking on the positive plane for a long time now and then, kerplunk!  Something that seems to be horrendous, out of the blue happens.”  For example, what happened to Jennifer K.  Of course, we don’t know even know yet if that’s going to turn out to be a really positive thing in her life.  We have no idea how that might happen.  Or how seemingly negative things in your life might turn out positively. 

 I can simply tell you this much:  that our job is to make the very best out of whatever life gives us.  And when we do that, even if we’re busy thinking positive thoughts and something not so great seems to happen to us, we can make the most of whatever the cards are that we’ve been dealt.  And those who do that, and we’ve all met them, we’ve read stories about them,  those who do that attract more great things into their lives.

 So in my mind, you can’t go wrong by cultivating feeling good because you’re going to bring more good things into your life and if something not so good happens from time to time, as it does in this crazy life that we all live, we will be so practiced at making the most out of it, at making lemonade out of lemons, that we’ll get through that more easily than we otherwise would as well.  Better than the alternative, if you ask me. 

So let’s go ahead and start.  We’ll do this probably in two parts.  We’ll start creating an anchor, otherwise known as a “reminder”, of a good feeling.  Something that you can do, that’s quick and easy that will make you feel good the moment that you do it.  It will make you feel better than you were feeling.  Something that just feels good.  So take a moment.  You could even go back to that place of feeling your aliveness in your heart.  Or you could also go back to that feeling of having something really easy and wonderful happening, without lots of planning.  It just kind of happened to you.  Or you could even add to that, or find another example, of a time when you felt very, very trusting.  You know the way that a baby feels when it’s cradled in the arms of someone who adores it.

Now I know that each of us was loved as an infant, as a baby.  At least enough to allow us to grow.  Because without love, we don’t grow.  So there was a time when we were an infant, and if you could go back to that time, if you had a memory of being cradled in someone’s arms, someone who just adored you.  I don’t remember that from my life because I was so young.  And you may not remember that now in your life because you were so young.  But if you imagine that experience, certainly that’s one that we all share.  Imagine what it could be like to be an infant.  Imagine what it was like to be cradled in the arms of someone who adores you and who will take care of all of your needs.  Will keep you warm enough.  Who will make sure that you are nourished.  Make sure that you are clean.  You can imagine that feeling.  You can imagine a feeling of really being taken care of, really being loved, really trusting.  That feeling, that trusting, that knowing so deep within you that you aren’t even aware of it.  That is in the background.  That knowing that all is well and all will be well.

The feeling that a cat must have when it’s purring away as it’s being petted.  Or sunning itself in a window.  You could even imagine being the cat.  Such bliss.  And as you imagine feeling this wonderful way, this feeling of trust from an experience all your own, perhaps similar to those that I’ve mentioned, I’d like you to take your non-dominant hand.  If you’re right handed that means your left hand; if you’re left handed that means your right hand.  And you’re going to gently touch your earlobe.  If you’re using your left hand, you touch your left earlobe.  If you’re using your right hand, you touch your right earlobe.  You gently give a little squeeze to your earlobe, just a gentle squeeze and keeping your hand there as you remember these wonderful feelings of trusting, of being cradled in someone’s arms.  Of being petted as a cat, or sunning yourself in a wonderful window.  That you feel alive.  And all of those feelings are there in that gentle squeeze, that gentle touch of your earlobe.  With your hand there on your earlobe, it just reminds you of this feeling.  And then you release your hand.  You let all of that float away and you think of something entirely different.

Oh my goodness.  What could you think of?  You could think of your favourite pair of shoes.  Do you remember when you bought those?  Do you remember where you bought those?  Those were certainly a good buy, weren’t they?  Because they’re your favourites.  And so you let all of that fade away.  And then, if you were to bring your hand up to your earlobe again...  In fact why not do that right now?  Bring your hand to your earlobe and give it that gentle squeeze.  And notice how quickly and easily you can bring yourself right back to that wonderful feeling of trust, that wonderful feeling of ease and abundance.  It all comes back so easily, doesn’t it?  Funny how that works.  Just by touching our earlobe in that way, it seems to remind us of those great feelings.  Or those great feelings remind of that touch now.  They seem to have begun to become linked.  And you see what you see in this experience.  And you hear what you hear.  And you feel what you feel.  This feeling of trust.  You may notice it in a particular part of your body.  And it may expand for you.

And you can release your fingers, knowing that we’ve only just begun this process.  In the next episode of Inside Out Weight Loss, we’ll take it further, deeper.  So your homework is to think of other wonderful, trusting experiences that you would like to add to this feeling.  We’re just going to add them all in.  We’re going to make you feel terrific every time you touch your earlobe.  Because we’re creating an anchor of abundance and trust that allows you to let go of what’s not needed.  Even let go of reserves that are only weighing you down.  Why?  Because you trust that all is well and all will be well.  All is well and all will be well.

That brings us to the end of our show today.  Thank you for being present.

If you’d like to take your progress to the next level, consider purchasing one of the guided audio journeys available for sale on my site.  You’ll find a link for the blog at  R-E-N-E-E.  And also on the blog, there are multiple articles up there, especially one that I just posted, asking you to share your experiences of abundance even in today’s economy.  Won’t you share them with us?  R-E-N-E-E.

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This is your host Renee Stephens and I am on a mission to eradicate the weight struggle from the planet, enabling you to share your soul’s gifts.  Join me as we evolve the world by evolving ourselves.  Take good care.

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