The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss Part 3
Inside Out Weight Loss
Renee Stephens

Episode 49 - The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss Part 3

On today's episode, learn how one listener and a client lost weight while taking anti-depressants, as well as the hallmark of depressive thinking and how to counter it. Next, Renee shares a Law of Attraction magical question that can not only turn around your immediate experience, but als make your dreams come true.



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Renee Stephens:  Welcome to Inside Out Weight Loss.  I am your host Renee Stephens and together we are accessing and adjusting the control panel of your mind-body system bringing ease and joy to your weight loss journey and fullness to the rest of your life.

On today’s show our one listener did lose weight while taking antidepressants plus the magic question that can turn your experience and your life around as you use the law of attraction to live your dreams.


As you know from our last episode and you may know from any study that you’ve done of the law of attraction, gratitude.  Gratitude and appreciation are perhaps the most powerful attractors that we have and the good news is they feel pretty darn good, well we’re doing them too.

It is possible to lose weight even if you experience depression, whether or not that’s with meds it’s absolutely possible and that’s the message that I want you to know.

What do I want?  What do I want instead, the way I feel right now is definitely no good, that’s what we call a contrast experience, an experience that highlights to us what we don’t want.  So it was a great contrast experience, it was quite clear to me that I did not want that and it was completely unpleasant.  So I asked myself, “What do I want?”

Lets go ahead and drop inside and become present, become present to ourselves, become present to this time and this show.  You’ve come here for a reason, set your intent now to get whatever it is that will serve the highest and the best for you.  Whatever it is that is the next step in your journey to living the life of your dreams in the body of your dreams.

What’s the flavor of your day so far?  Reflecting on your day, simply notice the flavor, perhaps there are many flavors to your day already so far, perhaps it’s been up and down and up again, who knows?  Simply notice that.  Take that all in noticing how the individual experiences that you’ve had already in this day, combined in a timeline, to create a journey, a journey through the hours, a journey through experience.

What’s the flavor of your current experience in this moment?  How does your body feel?  Is it tired or energized?  Is it calm and relaxed?  Is it tensed?  If you notice any tension or tightness in your body, you can simply allow the very act of noticing to release that tension or tightness.  You could almost it draining away as if you unplugged it, the drain in your bathtub and out it goes and you listen and tune in to experience and to this episode of Inside Out Weight Loss.

And it this place you could take a breath, perhaps even a deep breath, a breath of renewal and a breath of release.  As you let go of anything that’s been holding you back, any tension or tightness that may have existed in your body, melts and drains away like the water from a bathtub draining away.

Now turn your attention and notice the flavor of your weight loss journey.  Notice the flavor of your experience with your body so far.  Where is it in this moment?  Are you feeling inspired?  Are you feeling empowered?  Are you feeling frustrated?

Whatever it is, welcome that experience, even if you’re feeling upset with yourself because of something that you’ve done that isn’t in line with what you wanted to do or perhaps you’re upset because things haven’t happened exactly the way you want.  In this moment, simply let all that go, whatever it is, positive or negative.

In this moment, simply accept it.  You are where you are, that’s all there is to it.  You are where you are on this journey, on this day and somehow you’ve come here to this episode, to this show, to this journey and so perhaps you can take a moment to be grateful for being here, to be grateful to find this resource, whether or not it’s the perfect or the right resource for you.

Take a moment to be grateful that you have a way to listen to this show that you got it for free, that you had ears that work, that you had so many resources available to you, that as much as you have sought, you have also found.  As you know from our last episode and you may know from any study that you’ve done of the law of attraction, gratitude.

Gratitude and appreciation are perhaps the most powerful attractors that we have, and the good news is they feel pretty down good.  Well, we’re doing them too.  I mean honestly, what feels better than to really wallow in a deep soak in gratitude and appreciation for your life, for those people in your life that you love, for those experiences, those things, those material objects, those trees, that fresh air, that sun?

Take a moment to simply take a deep soak in all of the blessings of your life and the blessings of this moment and as you do that, as it sinks in and you feel that going and warming your very core.  It’s time to go ahead and set your intent for this episode.

My intention, as always, is to enable you to achieve yours and my further intent is to end the weight struggle enabling others, enabling you to share your soul’s gifts.  So set your intent and also take a moment to notice how all the listeners of this show across space and time that they’re setting their intent too, and all of those intents could come together like a beautiful flock of birds flying together, supporting one another, protecting, soaring each other that your combined effort, your combined intent, your combined support soars together.

What reminds me to remind you that you haven’t already created a support group around your inside out weight loss journey, now is a great time to do that, either by connecting with people that you already know who might be interested, or by joining the yahoo group and connecting with others on the group.

Research clearly shows that those with support groups, with effective support groups, achieve their goals and objectives much faster than those who don’t.  So take that opportunity to reach out and connect.

Speaking of connecting with others, I’d like to share with you messages from a couple of listeners who have reached out and connected with me.  One listener wrote me all the way back in January, asking me if it was possible, if I thought it was possible to lose weight while taking antidepressants.

Now what do you think I said to that?  I am the one who is always saying everything is possible, ain’t I?  So she wrote me and I’ll read you my response.  I wrote, “This is good question.  I had one client who was taking an antidepressant and was told by her doctor that she could lose weight”.

“Nevertheless, she lost 50 pounds during our work together.  Even with drugs, the equation is still the same.  Calories in must be less than calories out.  My guess is that the drug interferes with your ability to match your intake with your burn rate.  Since you say you’re eating the same and it seems your metabolism has gone down, but you’re still eating the same amount so your weight is going up.”

“The solutions are also always the same, drugs are not.  Increase your burn rate through exercise and decrease intake.  I realized that the drug can make this harder and I assume that you’ve talked to your doctor about changing medications.  I also encourage you to address your depression by keeping a success channel”, which I believe was in episode 17, “And carefully monitoring your internal dialogue and changing it.  Look for words like ‘never’, ‘always’, ‘forever’, in your thoughts.  These words are hallmarks of depressive thinking and serve to make us feel hopeless.”

“When they come up, question them.  Question them and say, “Never? Maybe always?  I know depression is more complex than these.  These are just some techniques that can help”,” and she wrote me recently, maybe at the beginning of this month to say that since March she has lost a total of 25 pounds and I just want to say ‘Congratulations!  Well done.  That is so exciting’.

And she is planning to wean herself off of her medications and I hope that she is doing that with her doctor’s approval and supervision, and also know that there are things, if you suffer from depression there are absolutely things that you can do that are within your control to alleviate your symptoms, like keeping the success channel, like monitoring and changing your internal dialogue, like having that little bit of awareness when you hear those words like ‘never’ and ‘always’, ‘hopeless’, to question those words.

Even if no matter how low you feel with, you can just have a little awareness to question them, that can absolutely be helpful.  I am not saying that drugs are or are not the solution.  In some cases they clearly are and in fact I just had another client, a private client who was on antidepressants and she had a depressive episode and changed her medication and Lo and behold, within a week she dropped four and a half pounds, which is crazy amount of weight to drop in a week because she changed her medication.

Her eating was already very good.  Her exercise was already very good and it was simply changing that medication that allowed her to drop that weight.  So we never know with psychoactive drugs what the effects will be but please investigate, do your own research and set your intent for what you want.  It absolutely is possible to lose weight even if you experience depression, whether or not that’s with meds, it’s absolutely possible and that’s the message that I want you to know.

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Renee Stephens:  We’re back now.  Before the break we were talking about a listener’s success at losing 25 pounds even while taking antidepressants.  Now I would like to talk to you more about the law of attraction and I’d like to share with you a little story from my recent experience of how the law of attraction allowed me to turn my physical state of health around.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in an all-day workshop.  I had been in one all-day Saturday and it was now Sunday and that morning my son had been ill, unfortunately.  He had thrown up and my husband had been suffering from some sort of stomach bug as well and I was very tired.  I had a full day of this workshop experience ahead of me and a very very full week in front of me and I started feeling badly and I thought about my son and how he had been ill and I thought about my husband and how he had been ill and my stomach started feeling really bad and I started thinking about ‘Oh my goodness, what if I can’t make it through the day’, and I had carpooled to the workshop.

I thought, “Well how will I get home?  What if I get sick?  We’ll have to go, lie down somewhere.  How well will I do?  Oh my gosh, how am I going to see my clients?  What if I have to cancel my client sessions?”  And I was thinking all of these terrible things and feeling worse and worse and worse.

I could just feel myself sinking, maybe you’ve had that feeling before and it’s not nice, that feeling like ‘Oh my god, I am going down and it’s not pretty’.  And then I caught myself.  I thought, “Wow, that’s some pretty negative thinking Renee.  If this law of attraction thing really works, I can tell what you’ve been attracting”.

So I asked myself this very simple and yet very powerful question, and I want you to remember this question because it can turn your experience and your life around.  If we simply make a practice of asking ourselves on a regular basis, this very simple question, it can turn your life and your experience around.

The question that I asked myself is this – I said to myself, “Well Renee, what do you want?  Do you want it to go like this or do you want something else?”  And I thought ‘well wait a minute.  I certainly don’t want this experience, what I want is to feel really good’ or ‘what I want is to feel energized, what I want to feel is inspired sitting in this workshop and really enjoy this experience, I want to go home and have a really nice evening with my family and I want to have a really great week’, that’s what I thought that I wanted.

I absolutely wanted that and already with that thought, I started feeling better, and then someone started speaking, this is the embarrassing part, I have to say, and she has this very calm voice and somehow I started drifting off into a hypnotic-like state, maybe it was simply a sleep state but I started drifting off as one does or at least as I do when I hear someone who speaks in a certain way.

And about ten minutes later I came back, my stomach let out a big growl and I felt great.  I knew that that bug had passed.  I knew that it was gone and I was feeling good and the rest of the day I went on to feel really good.  I was so excited, that really was a very dramatic, perhaps the most dramatic and vivid turnaround that I had been able to make of my own physical health, simply by using the law of attraction and simply by asking that magic question ‘What do I want?  What do I want instead?  The way I feel right now is definitely no good’.

It’s what we call a contrast experience, an experience that highlights to us what we don’t want.  So it was a great contrast experience.  It was quite clear to me that I did not want that and it was completely unpleasant.  So I asked myself, “What do I want?”

Now imagine what it would be like if you were to ask yourself that question.  If you were to ask yourself that question about say, an overeating episode.  You’re saying, “Oh my god, I am so miserable.  I am so bad.  I’ll never change to hear that word, that absolute word ‘never’ in there.”  How does it make you feel when you say that word to yourself, “Oh I’ll never change.  Oh I am so bad.  Oh I’ve been doing this for so long.  Oh…terrible, terrible, terrible…”, and we get in that spiral of self-criticism.

And so what if, what if you asked yourself almost automatically, as automatically as those old thoughts, you just simply replace those old thoughts with this simple question, “Well, what do I want instead?” I mean you might do this just for the entertainment value alone because gosh, I am betting that you have done that cycle of negative thinking over and over and over again.

I mean it’s a pretty boring, worn pathway, isn’t it?  When you think about it, it’s like ‘for goodness sake, how about our original thought in here’ because we get stuck.  So why not play around with it?  Just for the fun of it, even if you really don’t want to, gosh, something new sometimes is very exciting and you could say to yourself, “Hmm, well I just binge my brains out, what do I want”, instead of feeling like crap about it, “Hmm, gosh, what could that be?  What if I wanted to feel forgiving to myself?  What if I wanted to forgive myself in the way that I have forgiven others for other things?  What if I wanted to think of myself with compassion?  What if I just wanted to feel neutral?  Maybe compassion and forgiveness is too far to go but what if I just want to feel neutral?  What if I just want to move on?  What if I just want to look forward and play a game about?  I wonder how many hours it will be before I am actually hungry again?  Isn’t that interesting?”

Thinking about what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want, which is what I was doing.  I was thinking about how terrible it was going to be and the more terrible I thought about it, the worse I felt physically.  I turned it around and asked myself, “What do I want”, instead I started thinking about feeling good and feeling good energized me, just the thought of it energized me and I thought about how nice it would be to feel energized throughout the day and to go home and enjoy really nice evening meal with my family.

Oh my gosh, that would feel really good, I like that, and it would be wonderful to go into the week, to go into Monday and Tuesday feeling healthy and fair, able to get a good workout in, eat some good healthy food to make my body feel good, to give me energy, to do the work that I am supposed to be doing out in the world, to be with my family, wouldn’t that be great?

And Lo and Behold, my body turned around.  This of course is not meant to be an endorsement of dosing off when someone is speaking.  Fortunately that worked for me but don’t get me wrong.  I can’t say I recommend that.  It’s just the way that it happened to workout to tell anyone please.

So think about it where else could you use that question.  Perhaps in other areas of your life, perhaps in your career area.  You don’t like your job for some reason or you don’t like your lack of a job, think about what you want.  Perhaps it’s romantically, you don’t like your relationship or you don’t have a relationship, what do you want?

Have the courage to dream.  I invite you to dream.  I know for myself, when I was really struggling in my weight issue, I thought again and again about how terrible it was and I was scared to allow myself to dream of being naturally slender.  In fact, honestly it didn’t even occur to me.  It did not even occur to me that that would be possible for me.

When I got into overeaters anonymous way back when they said to me, “Raise your hand and say hi, I am Renee.  I am a compulsive overeater”, the idea being that I was and always would be one.  So I didn’t dare to dream.  I really didn’t, and that program helped me a lot but it helped me as a compulsive overeater.

And so I invite you to start dreaming, to start asking yourself that one, simple question.  Every time you find yourself complaining or upset about something, simply ask yourself the question ‘what do I want instead’ and allow your brain to follow that path and to start imagining.  Allow your brain to follow the path of what do I want instead.

Well, maybe I want this way, well maybe that’s not quite right, maybe I’d like to adapt it a little bit, maybe I’d like it this other way or a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and allow your imagination, allow all of that mental energy and momentum to start dreaming about the way you would like things to be and even if you hear your inner credit come up and say ‘yes but that will never happen, that’s not possible’, say ‘thank you’ for that and I’ll get back to you in a little bit, but for now I am just going to dream. 

For now I am just going to dream as if anything were possible, as if you were a child again living in your imaginary world and you really could dream of becoming anything you wanted in your life.  I want you to dream those dreams now.

That brings us to the end of our show today, and on the next show we’ll talk more about allowing yourself to fully dream your dreams as I tell you a story of a client who learned what the next level dream was for her.

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