Life Purpose Statement
Purpose-Centered Life
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 3 - Life Purpose Statement

Today's show is the third in a series called "The Art of Meaning Making," a series that introduces the idea that meaning is not something to seek or something to find but rather something to make. Meaning is a series of decisions, one after another for as long as we live, about what we intend to value and how we intend to stand up in the world. Making meaning is the art and practice of mindfully and honorably taking into account your motives, your needs, and your values—everything from your need to look good to your need to do good—and, with your nerves quieted and your best self reporting for duty, making heartfelt decisions about how you intend to live your life. Today's show is called "Crafting Your Life Purpose Statement," a vital step in this process. Good listening!