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A new venue; Hopmonk Tavern where we feature the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.

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This episode is full of upgrades. Starting with an additional regular new venue; The Abbey at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol ca.  More on Hopmonk later in the episode…
This time around we’re featuring a jam band out of Tulsa Oklahoma (!) with a jazz, rock sound these guys are called called the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Ok… they're  are not exactly local…  I never said all the music here would be local bands… did I?  
This group is lead by a Jazz keyboard virtuoso who really gets the crowd whipped up.  Each number builds into crescendos and you hear the crowd react.  There’s also a slide guitar and the bass is an amplified stand up. This is a live binaural recording with as candid and raw a performance as you would get if you were there.  So you’re gonna hear talking and sounds from the audience. To get the best binaural effect use earbuds or headphones.
This episode of the NB was a bit of a challenge.  Each venue setup requires a completely different configuration with the recorder and the mics.  Since this was a new location and I had minimal prep time I had to do a lot of filtering and remix in post-production.  Which in turn added yet another complication since this is the first show where I was forced to do the mix and post production editing in Logic… a slight upgrade from Garageband.  So I will really need some feedback on how the sound worked out.  Email me at [email protected]
Since the venue is larger and the volume louder much more of the music emits from a perceptual flat wall … actually the band is pumped through PA speakers…  but every now and then you hear an instrument like a horn pop through in a specific location. Remember, when you are there you also get the majority of the sound from these same PA speakers! The crowd is all around me and you do still get the feeling of being there.