Episode 5: PaulFilinson @ The Ace

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We return to the Ace In The Hole for a new, unknown singer; Paul Filinson.

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This show features a singer, songwriter named Paul Filinson. Paul is the opening act for Ali Weiss, the show we will feature in our next episode. Paul is actually Ali’s sound guy, but as a new West county resident he is unknown in the area and a new act.  His stuff is good and this show is about newacts, new music so it fits.
This is a live binaural recording with as candid and raw a performance as you would get if you were there.  So you’re gonna hear talking and sounds from the pub and the audience. This includes Paul’s little boy who was all over the place during his act! Again the pool table is off to the left and every now and then someone takes a couple of hard shots. To get the best binaural effect use earbuds or headphones.