Episode 12: The Cooperative Movement: It's not Me and Mine, It's We and Ours

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Did you know that there is a 40% chance you are a member of the cooperative movement? In this episode we speak with three brilliant voices behind the modern cooperative movement: Dick Williams, Alex Tsoucatos, and Karin Di Giacomo. At the center of the discussion is Dick's recent book, The Cooperative Movement: Globalization from Below. We explore what a cooperative actually is, looking at real life business examples including the agricultural cooperatives of the mid-west, credit unions, and other businesses you may not have even known were cooperatives.

We also discuss the history of the cooperative movement itself, seeing that in many ways the cooperative movement can be found throughout history in such basic institutions as religious monasteries and even families themselves. We finish off this intellectually engaging dialogue by debating whether or not the cooperative movement could be seen as a 3rd way to the usual dichotomy of capitalism and socialism. Listen in and find out what our guests think.

This is part 1 of a two-part series. Listen to part 2: Why Cooperatives Work: Love is More Effective Than Greed

Additional Resources:

The Cooperative Movement: Globalization from Below, by Dick Williams