The Temple Fire @ Hopmonk
The North Bay
Dr. Andy Cohen

Episode 14 - The Temple Fire @ Hopmonk

Hard rock with The Temple Fire at The Abbey at The Hopmonk Tavern



We return this week to the Abbey at the Hopmonk Tavern for some hard rock from The Temple Fire.  The Temple Fire is a band made up of local veteran rockers. Front man Noah tells me he’s done hundreds of shows… I thought the performance is sharp and polished.  
As usual this show is recorded in binaural stereo for a surround effect.  The sound hits the mics in the same way it hits your ears…  as long as you wear heaphones or earbuds.   However, if you listen over speakers it will still sound better then average stereo… I am told that some sound systems can get the 3D effect such as the Bose system, but I recommend listening with a good pair of headphones and it’s like being there!
And now look out for The Temple Fire…

There’s a number in there where Martin, on lead guitar plays a small device which vibrates the guitar string like a violin bow, it added quite a nice touch… did ya here it?
I record this podcast using some rather novel but in no way new methods… I use a better then average digital recorder at the highest resolution setting and I use some very good and tiny mics that sit inside my ears…  Now.. here’s why I mention it…  It’s REAL hard too do these recordings if you wanna headbang or dance!  This last show it really was a challenge!  
You can read more and hear more about The Temple Fire on their myspace page at You can get The Temple Fires’ latest CD on CD baby at:
Thanks again to Brianna, Bill, Patrick, and Dean at the Hopmonk Tavern.