Jennifer Faust @ The Ace
The North Bay
Dr. Andy Cohen

Episode 12 - Jennifer Faust @ The Ace

Sultry, deep ballads with real feeling and a voice to match.  



This week we’re going back to the Ace in the Hole Pub to hear Jennifer Faust and her backup band. Jennifer has a unique sound and her songs seem to all have stories behind them. Like a number of previous shows, Jennifer was new to the scene and she played on a week night… so the audience was small.  Note how the background noises start kinda high but diminish as the show goes on.  That’s a good indicator of how she captured our attention.  This was a really good show and I think you’ll like it too.
As I’m sure you heard, one of her songs featured a scissors.  While the song was sung a lot of us guys in the audience were well… kinda squirming…  Jennifer told me later that the song was really about a housefly that was irritating her and not at all about a relationship gone bad… whew!

The Jennifers backup band was:
Michael Linder; Bass … Mike is an Ace in the hole regular and oversees open mike nights there.  Thanks Mike!
Allen Stassforth, slide
Paul Best, drums