TDC060923 Parenting Issues #17 vmail 678-884-0524
Amy Rissier, Julie Karneboge, Sharon Martin, Carrie Runnals, Suzanne Maiden

Episode 0 - TDC060923 Parenting Issues #17 vmail 678-884-0524

Hint-Don’t be there friend, be their parentHint-Punishment shouldn’t fit the crime; it should end the crimeHint-Trust your parenting“gut”Hint-Consider a“dialog journal” with your creative childHint-Talk when NOT face to face, ie in the carPlease Help us out Sign up for a Podshow Account - It/'sFree!Leave a Review Leave a comment on this episode/'s pageCall us at678-884-0524Share us with your friendsVote for us in iTunes and at Podcast AlleyPodSafe Music by:Our Regular Natalie Brown - Queen of Me Finishing Song Freedom People - Peace Around the World