Childhood Obesity / Overweight 30 Interview
Amy Rissier, Julie Karneboge, Sharon Martin, Carrie Runnals, Suzanne Maiden

Episode 30 - Childhood Obesity / Overweight 30 Interview

A facinating conversation with Andi Forsman, Ed.P - An expert on Childhood Overweight ObesityContact Dr. Forsman for more information or speaking arrangements [email protected] recommends these websites Please Help us out Sign up for a Podshow Account - It/'s Free!Leave a Review Leave a comment Call us at678-884-0524Share us with your friendsPodSafe Music by:Our Regular Natalie Brown - Queen of Me Our Closing music Laura Clapp - The other Half of Me Check out Splenda/'s new coffee flavors at Call206-600-4539with your Spenda Comments, Suggestions, or Recipes.Learn the behind the scenes scoop at Marie Claire magazine by checking out ----------------------------------------------------------Andi Forsman,Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NYDoctor of Education in Health EducationDepartment of Health and Behavior Studies• Dissertation: assessed parent perceptions and needs for obesity prevention in their preschool-aged children• NYJL guest panelist, Children’s Health; The Need for Increased Nutritional& Physical Health in New York Schools• Nutrition& physical educator for preschools, childcare centers, and elementary schools• Instructed graduate level health education courses• Designed and developed Women’s Health Issues course and coursewareThe American University, Washington D.C.Master of Science, Health Fitness ManagementMontclair State University, Upper Montclair, New JerseyBachelor of Science, Health EducationThesis ABSTRACT - PARENT PERCEPTIONS ABOUT CHILDHOOD OVERWEIGHT: THE NEEDS OF PARENTS WHOSE PRESCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN ATTEND CENTENARY EARLY LEARNING CENTERAndrea Hope ForsmanChildhood obesity is a chronic childhood condition increasing in prevalence and affecting children of both genders, all ages, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic groups. The purpose of this study was to evaluate parent perceptions about childhood overweight in order to determine the need for intervention in a population of parents with preschool-aged children. A cross sectional survey questionnaire with quantitative and qualitative components was administered to 85 parents enrolled in Centenary Early Learning Center. Content validity of seven domains, inter-item reliability, and test and test-retest reliability of the survey questionnaire were established prior to survey administration. Descriptive statistics, frequencies, means, standard deviations, maximum and minimum scores, percentages, and total scores were generated. Differences in domain item mean scores among selected demographic items were examined. Open-ended questions were stratified, transcribed verbatim, analyzed line-by-line, concepts were grouped, and themes were generated. Themes were categorizedby frequencies and corroborated by an external reviewer. Eighty-four percent of the target population (n = 71) completed the survey questionnaire. Fifty-two percent of parents indicated they were aware about recommendations for childhood obesity prevention and 56% reported needing support to prevent childhood overweight. There were significant differences (p