TDC071218- UnderAgeDrinking 74
Amy Rissier, Julie Karneboge, Sharon Martin, Carrie Runnals, Suzanne Maiden

Episode 74 - TDC071218- UnderAgeDrinking 74

Can you prepare your child for college? We do for many areas but what about how to drink responsible? Will they really wait until they are 21? Our guest author, Roman Solohub brings up some interesting facts and opinions regarding this unavoidable subject. Join us as we discover the undisputable answer…not really but join us anyway!Pease Help us outTake our 5-minute Survey to help us get better.Leave a Review Leave a comment Call us at678-884-0524Share us with your friendsPodSafe Music by:Our Regular Natalie Brown - Queen of Me Karmyn Tyler - I'll be there for Christmas