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Episode 9 - Digital Photography Secrets with Rick Sammon

Digital Photography Secrets with Rick Sammon

Digital photography secrets are yours to learn with today's guest, Rick Sammon, who comes on to tell us all about his new book called, um, Digital Photography Secrets. For the full show notes, along with links to everything we talk about on the show, please check out

What lighting secret that artists have used since the Renaissance can you start using today, no matter what kind of equipment you have? What is the sharpest f-stop on the lens of your  DSLR (it's not what you'd think)? What can we learn from psychologists about how to take more appealing portraits? These secrets - and more - are revealed by the always-interesting and inspiring Rick Sammon.

The answer to this week's giveaway can be found on this page at Send your answers to us at [email protected], and we will pick THREE lucky listeners to receive a copy of Digital Photography Secrets. But wait - there's more! If you want to go ahead and buy Digital Photography Secrets today, you don't have to wait. If you're lucky enough to win our contest, Rick will give you another of his great books as a prize. That's just the way Rick rolls.

Before Rick joins us, We answer listener Mark's question about whether or not Nikon has a line of lenses comparable to Canon's L series, and we express our excitement about the latest version of iPhoto.

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