Episode 7: So, you got a digital camera for the holidays? Now what?

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So, you got a digital camera for the holidays? Now what?

On today's show we tell you everything you need to know about your new digital camera. Is it the right camera for you? If not, what should you do? How do you to learn to use it? What accessories do you need right now, and what can you hold off on? What are the least expensive software options to get you started and where should you go from there?

We answer these questions - and more! - in this Very Special Episode of Digital Photography Life.

Please see scottsphotoblog.com for links to all the products and services we mention in this week's show.

At the end of the show, we spoke about Springs of Hope, the charity being championed by Scott Kelby's Blog. Please see scottsphotoblog.com for my personal comments about why this is such an important cause, and for links to where you can contribute.

We're still running our first photo contest, The Joy of Photography. Please see scottsphotoblog.com for full rules. You can check out the current entrants at dplife.smugmug.com.

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