How to Take Great Party Photos and Our First Photography Contest
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Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 6 - How to Take Great Party Photos and Our First Photography Contest

How do you get the best shots at your Christmas and Chanukah celebrations (not to mention those gatherings for Kwanza and the Winter Solstice)? How do you capture the action without ruining the
moment? What equipment should you have at your side, and what should
you have it in? Just in time for the holidays, we go over our best suggestions for improving your party pictures.

We also go over the process for submitting photos for our first photo contest. The theme is The Joy of Photography. Here are the rules:

Title:  The Joy of Photography

Theme:  A subject demonstrating the theme of the joy of photography.

Technique:  It's up to you.

1.  Make a photo.  The photo must be one that you created. Please include the original exif info within the image.

2.  You may enter up to three photographs. If more than three photographs are entered, only the first three received shall be entered.

3.  Images must be JPG, PNG, or GIF images, less than 24MB.

4.  Email a jpg image to [email protected]

5.  Attach only one photo per email.  Please send one email per entry.

6.  In the Subject, enter:  dplife (Must be all lower case)

7.  In the Body, enter: Your name AND email address AND your caption.

8.  Make SURE you send the email in PLAIN TEXT (not HTML or Rich Text or it won't be accepted)

9.  We need to approve each photo that you upload, so please have patience for your photo to show up in this gallery.

10.  Only one image per entrant can be eligible as a finalist.

11.  Photos shal be accepted through Friday, 23 January, 2009.

12. Enjoy Being Creative!

You can see your photos - as well as our - on our SmugMug site for the show:

That's all for this week - make sure you check Scott's Photo Blog ( for additional notes, as well as for the SmugMug 1/2 off coupon code and your link to a free camera bag!

Thanks for listening.