Coming Attractions!
Digital Photography Life
Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 1 - Coming Attractions!

Welcome to Episode Zero of  Digital Photography Life!

We're calling this the Official Trailer for Digital Photography Life. Why not just begin with Episode One? Well, the truth is, we couldn't wait to start spreading the word about our new show!  But we couldn't give you an option to subscribe until we obtained a feed in iTunes and other podcast aggregators. That required us to prime the pump with an audio file. Hence, Episode Zero.

But we're really happy things worked out like this. Michael and I couldn't wait to get back on air.

For those of you who don't know us, for two and half years, Michael and I hosted The Digital Photography Show, one of the world's most popular podcasts on digital photography. We had a great time doing that show and we were lucky enough to build a terrific audience of digital photo enthusiasts.

But now we're moving on. Our new show, Digital Photography Life, is all about celebrating and enhancing your life as a digital photographer. In the coming weeks, we'll have great interviews with industry pros,  reviews of digital photography products, helpful tips and tricks and lots of fun giveaways. 

We're very excited about this fresh start and about our partnership with the Personal Life Media network. PLM has a great team, and we're confident that they'll help make Digital Photography Life bigger and better than ever.

Thank you for joining us here. WIll you help us spread the word? For more digital photography news, and for the backstage stories behind Digital Photography Life, please be sure to visit

And while you're here, make sure you hit the subscribe button! Our (real) first show is coming any day now, and its going to be sweeeeeet!