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Episode 46 - Free Audio Books, Podiobooks, Evo Terra, Podcasting for Dummies

Free Books for Readers & Sage Advice for Authors

Join Evo and me as we talk about books, authors, and the benefits of podcasting and social media. This show is not only for published authors or aspiring authors, but for readers, too. Visit Podiobooks and get a taste for just how many books are available for you to download to your computer/ipod for FREE.

About Evo (Podiobooks Bio):
From independently funded start-ups to multi-million dollar ebusiness projects, Evo Terra has been leading internet and ecommerce strategic development since 1999. His specialty is in discovering emergent technologies and adapting them to meet a variety of wants and needs. Prior to, he consulted with industry-leading search platforms as they developed their local search properties, directed ebusiness for a $2BB retail organization, and managed over $10MM of online media funds on behalf of various best-of-class advertising clients. Evo also has a penchant for good literature, co-hosting Dragon Page Cover to Cover, one of the first podcasts ever and is focused on authors of speculative fiction. Additionally, he is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting world, and co-authored Podcasting for Dummies (TM) along with Tee Morris.

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