Episode 45: New Music for a New Year (feat. Jane Silence & more...)

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Sorry I've missed so many weeks between episodes, but the holidays were very busy in my 'real life.'  Here are some new artists to set your 2010 midnight off well.

1.  ‘Too Lonely’ by Jane Silence.  From “The Ladylovely EP.”

2.  ‘Ache’ by Jane Silence.  From “The Ladylovely EP.”

3.  ‘Travelling Light’ by Adam Fielding.  From “Distant Activity.”

4.  ‘Two Dots’ by Lusine.  From “A Certain Distance.”

5.  ‘Got to Get Ready (Gus Till & Youth Remix)’ by Brother Culture.  From “Chillpresso 1 – Dari Bali.”


Tracks 1 and 2 played with special permission of the artist.

Track 3 from Magnatune.com

Tracks 4 and 5 from IODA Promonet.