Episode 36: Take a Pod-cation with The Shanghai Restoration Project, Mythematica, Abigail Washburn, and more....

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Take a vacation through mp3 player.  Here is a collection of music from exciting and exotic places around the world.  Perfect for late night listening.

1.  'Vitam Vas' by Mythematica.  From "Mythematica"

2.  'vOX  (feat. The Virginia Sil'hooettes)' by The Shanghai Restoration Project.  From "Zodiac"

3.  'Night Life in Shanghai  (Shanghai Restoration Project Remix)' by the Shanghai Restoration Project.  From "Explore the Music of China"

4.  'Sala' by Abigail Washburn & The Shanghai Restoration Project.  From "Afterquake"

5.  'Palmares  (feat. Dorothy Lemoult)' by Filastine.  From "Burn It"

6.  'Tamanquero' by Axial.  From "The Rough Guide to Brazilian Lounge"

7.  'De Janeiro a Janeiro' by Graca Cunha.  From "On the Turning"

All Tracks are from IODA Promonet.