Episode 34: Hauntingly Beautiful (feat. Artemis, Four Stones, Saros, Sweet Electra, & more)

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A collection of hauntingly beautiful electronica designed to stop you in your tracks and just listen.

1.  'Supernatural' by Artemis.  From 'Undone.'
2.  'Night is a Place' by Four Stones.  From 'La Vie Chill.'
3.  'Consolation' by Saros.  From 'After Dinner Lounge.'
4.  'Essence of Dreams' by Catherine Duc.  From 'Visions and Dreams.'
5.  'Firefly' by Sweet Electra.  From 'Lying to be Sweet.'

Tracks 1,2,3 from Magnatune.
Track 4 from MusicAlley
Track 5 from IODA Promonet.


Lying to be sweet

Sweet Electra
"Firefly" (mp3)
from "Lying To Be Sweet"

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