Episode 31: CC Asia - Cabaca

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Tonights episode features music from the CC Asia project's album Cabaca.  This album features collaborative music for artists aroung the Pacific Rim and is releases under a creative commons licence.  To download this album for free - legally - click on the right.

Sorry for being a little short in length but some of the other songs on this album wouldn't quite fit our theme.  But they are great songs.


1.  'Naluwan House' by Kou Chou Ching & Sonja V.

2.  'Crossing the Pond' by Snoblind & Anji Bee.

3.  'Favor Tweet' by Takeri Ishikawa & Anji Bee.

4.  'Bosom' by Lim Giong.

5.  'Free Music 2' by Cho PD.


All of tonight's music comes from the CC Asia project's Album 'Cabaca.'