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Susan Bratton
Crave authority? Visibility? Want to attain a power position? Want to be a leader with your own personal brand? Then model the behavior of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives. Join Susan Bratton, industry connector, cognoscenti and creator of the Talk Show Tips System as she combines her bold approach and playful persona in this dishy mix of a talk show that dives deep into the life lessons of fascinating individuals from the world of digital media, advertising, marketing, social media and Web 2.0. Get pearls of wisdom, smart advice and warnings to heed. Susan gets titans of industry to reveal themselves, not just their business strategy, through personal stories, their biographies, exploits and escapades. She goes beyond executive development to uncover the actions that get results. Find out what life is like as a big cheese, how they got where they are and what they want next in their lives. This show will mentor you so you can leave your own legacy of leadership. Be inspired. Be amazed. Most of all…be entertained. Voted #1 Best Podcast on Social Media by Top Rank Blog. SCROLL DOWN HERE TO LISTEN TO RECENT EPISODES. A Sample of DishyMix Guests: * Marcus Buckingham, The Truth About You * John Zogby, The Way We'll Be * Pete Blackshaw, Tell 3,000 * Alex Bogusky, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky * Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter * Ori Brafman, SWAY * John Battelle, Federated Media * Charlene Li, Groundswell * Joe Pine, Authenticity * Gina Bianchini, Ning * Sarah Fay, Isobar * Julie Roehm * Seth Godin * Wenda Harris Millard * Steve Wozniak * Dov Seidman, HOW * Sir Ken Robinson * David Weinberger, Cluetrain Manifesto * Bob Garfield, AdAge * C.C. Chapman * Mitch Joel


Bob Gilbreath on Marketing with Meaning

In this "Muckety Muck Insights" series live from ad:tech SF, meet Bob Gilbreath of Cincy agency, Bridge Worldwide. Bob just finished a new book, called Marketing With Meaning.  We talk about the power of "meaning making" both in life and in marketing.


Mish Fletcher on Social Marketing for Agencies

I caught up with Mish at ad:tech SF as part of my "Muckety Muck Insights" series. Mish heads marketing for Ogilvy Worldwide and shares her latest social media campaign that both underscores Ogivly's sales-oriented market differentiation with a program that helps them locate key t... Read More


Eric Picard on The Future of Local, Social and Mobile Commerce

Eric Picard is one of the industry's brainiacs - especially when considering the near future of online advertising.He has participated in numerous acquisition and partnership efforts, including several successful acquisitions of companies such as Massive, Screen Tonic, AdECN, aQu... Read More


Kevin Ryan Musings on The Wild, Wooly Web

Kevin Ryan is one of the most wry of our industry's kingpins. Well connected, well intentioned and a well spring of knowledge, I sit down with Kevin at the adtech San Francisco event to see what he's been up to.Always entertaining, this is a fun conversation as part of the "Mucke... Read More


Joel Comm’s 2 Things He Knows That Will Radically Generate More Revenue For You

Joel Comm is a font of content. It issues from him like a cool, clear spring, bubbling up from the center of the earth. Always there, always refreshing.For the last 15 years, Joel has been authoring timely books, producing reality TV and teaching the world the value of Internet m... Read More


David “Hutch” Hutchinson on the Future of TV

Meet Hutch, a senior television executive in LA who has one foot in the web world and one foot in TV syndication.Learn where TV is headed and the opportunities for marketers in this "Muckety Muck Insights" series recorded on location at ad:tech San Francisco.


Brad Wiskirchen of Clickbank on Affiliate Marketing for Info Products and Contributing to Philanthropic Boards

Brad runs an affiliate clearing house service called Clickbank which matches affiliates with product creators. They've paid out over $1.5 billion in commissions so far! Hugely successful, I catch up with Brad to find out what's happening in the affiliate marketing and information... Read More


Alan Moore on Renegotiating Power Relationships in the Globally Networked Society

It was said that Alan Moore sounded like a character from a Guy Ritchie movie at his SXSW keynote. Skyping in from Over, England (a village outside Cambridge), Suz and Alan talk about our collective responsibility to leverage open social systems, global connectivit... Read More


Kurt Abrahamson on Ads as Social Experiences

Kurt Abrahamson is inventing "people powered advertising." The intersection of social graphs and online display ads is rich with opportunity. Find out how leadership brands are integrating Tweets, FB Page comments, Yelp reviews and Foursquare Check Ins into their advertising and ... Read More


David Kirkpatrick on Luck Strokes, Being The World’s Identity Matrix and Facebook’s Achilles Heel

David Kirkpatrick has chronicled Facebook's history in his brand new book out today called, "The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Changing The World." I dogged David for a year about his impending book, keeping in touch with him throughout the process... Read More