Episode 145: James Andrews, BeEverywhere.tv on Monetizing Passionistas, Hashtag Streams and In-Flight DJing

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James Andrews is a social influence marketing master who has spawned hit after hit for brands from Delta to Macy's to Jane Fonda.

On this episode, DishyMix fans including Peter Fasano of Mass-Logic, Karna Crawford of Engauge, Dusty Wright of Culture Catch, Jody Turner of Culture of Future, Rick Calvert of BlogWorld Expo and Aaron Strout of Powered lob in hardball questions covering:

  • How to get the youth culture to pay for music.
  • Who are the key influencers in our society today?
  • What kind of content is valuable to a community that a brand can provide?
  • What's happening in the PR world with the confluence of social influence?
  • What can we do as managers to ensure diversity?
  • How to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for social media marketing.
  • What the TV device manufacturers are building so we can have Social TV.
  • How to live stream a DJ set from flight level 35.
  • How to hold your own when you accidentally piss someone off online.
  • One key strategy for work/life balance.

James imparts gems steeped in experience. And he's just a super great guy you will enjoy getting to know. Tune in and discover this busy, amazing man.