Patricia Martin, Author, RenGen and President, LitLamp Communications Group
Susan Bratton

Episode 36 - Patricia Martin, Author, RenGen and President, LitLamp Communications Group

"Now more than ever, selling everything will require that the product or service deliver incredible value. It should be truly useful, beautifully designed, well-constructed, emotionally relevant and convey a sense of altruism. Tall order, I know." -- Patricia Martin, Author "RenGen"

"Meet Patricia Martin, founder and President of LitLamp Communications, a consultancy focused on supporting brands in sponsorship of the arts and philanthropic programs. Patricia has just completed her second book, "RenGen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Mean to Your Business." It is an important book and a must read for marketers and agency professionals. It proffers a few important concepts for marketers. One, that the American culture is on the brink of another renaissance - wow! Patricia gives a parallel of the history leading up to the first Renaissance as compared to what's happening today with the Internet, climate crisis and the indie entertainment movement. Two, that there is a new psychographic cohort that is sophisticated in their expectation around brands who measures value through their preference for authenticity, aesthetics and design, self-determination and self-actualization called VIVIDS. And three, that marketers who are moving from a mass media mentality to a focus on imbuing their brand with or associating their brand with creativity and meaning will win the hearts of the VIVID's, an important and lucrative market segment.

"Hear Patricia tell the story of the Renaissance and how it fits into the map of our culture today. Get a description of the new VIVID profile. Understand the attributes of a "RenGenner." Hear Patricia's profile of a "creative" and find out what separates the "real" creatives from those who will toil without results. Enjoy examples of the 3 kinds of brands that will succeed in the future - "idea," "compassion" and "anxiety" brands such as Barak Obama, Starbucks, Kleenex, Hummer, Hilary Clinton, and FedX. Can you guess which are which? Learn about why "fusion" is now the standard for connecting with consumers and how activities such as "ritual" are important areas to watch. This show will give you a whole new way to think about persona marketing, target segmentation and the brand experience you are creating for your consumers.

"I highly recommend this book - it has further cemented my thinking about my target audience for Personal Life Media. I used to target "cultural creatives." Now I am taking the next step in appreciating my customers and integrating my learning about the RenGen and the VIVID profile. RenGen and Patricia Martin have already impacted my belief structures about this group of people and given me new and innovative ideas to continue to imbue my "indie brand," Personal Life Media with values that will mesh with my target. Thanks, Patricia, for this excellent book.