Doron Wesly, Millward Brown’s “Stats Man” Dishes the Gossip With Suz on “Chardonnay Tawk”
Susan Bratton

Episode 30 - Doron Wesly, Millward Brown’s “Stats Man” Dishes the Gossip With Suz on “Chardonnay Tawk”

Meet Doron, Vice President of Millward Brown's media practice who has helped put the digital media industry on the map by showing the quantitative value of online advertising through his research at both the IAB and MB.  He shares his childhood stories of Haifa and Maastrict, talks about the current state of digital media research and then Susan and Doron pop a bottle of Chardonnay and get down to the gossip. Ching! Ching!

"Chardonnay Talk," much like "Cawfee Tawk," is a wanton Friday afternoon abbondanza of scuttlebutt, scandal and here-say about mutual friends and famous people in the interactive agency, online publishing, and digital marketing world. Who has a hot body? Who should have their own video show? Who has a bi-coastal job and a 2 year old? Who owes Doron lunch? Who is a hottie in Facebook? Who keeps sending Doron hamburgers? Who is holding his groin? Who has a home in Arkansas they can sell you? Why was Suz worried?

Who constantly reinvents herself? Who just got engaged? Who is the super-cool chica with whom we want to have pedicures? For whom, when they fell in love, was it pure agony? Who has the best combination of freckles and dreads? Who is mad at Doron? Who owns a bar? Who still dresses like Allie McBeal? Who has the most beautiful wife in the world? Who is a big mover at AOL now? Who is the best at debating politics? 

Who takes 400 slides to do a 20 minute presentation? Who is the fair-haired beauty? Who was key in driving interactive forward in the early days? Who has been married to their sweetheart for 15 years? Who plays the Ukulele? Who should be doing FedEx commercials? Who is moving abroad? Who is a magician? Who moved to Toronto? Who is a visionary? Who doesn't want to fly on Bill Gates' jet? What color are Martha Stewart's offices?  Who is well-suited to be a CMO? 

Julie Roehm, Molly Parsley, Melinda Gipson, Hugh McGoran, Heidi Lehman, Jason Krebs, Tom Hespos, Adam Gerber, Benjamin Hill, Tim Kopp, Corey Kronengold, Leslie Laredo, Daina Middleton, Dave Morgan, Nick Nyhan, Greg Stuart, John Stichweh, Geoff Ramsey, Joanne Bradford, Wenda Harris Millard, Julian Aldridge, Allison Arden, Michael Barrett, Judit Nagy, Mike Stoeckel, Mary Bermel, Lynn Bolger, Rick Bruner, Sarah Fay, Masha Geller, Crystal Guerin, Jack Haber, Taddy Hall are are in the mix.

If you can resist listening to this episode of DishyMix, smack yourself -- twice -- because you are a BORE!