Meredith Medland, Founder, 3Outcomes Talks Hapkido, Visualization and Living Green
Susan Bratton

Episode 4 - Meredith Medland, Founder, 3Outcomes Talks Hapkido, Visualization and Living Green

Podcaster, digital marketing maven and accountability consultant Meredith Medland talks to Susan about how listeners can increase their goal achievement by following the 3Outcomes system. Used in conferences, off-sites and group strategy meetings, Meredith facilitates a simple process that brings teams together around a common set of goals while simultaneously creating individual accountability. She describes the application at the recent eMetrics Summit where Jim Sterne, the Founder of the event, made sure every attendee knew why there were there and what they wanted to get out of the event. How many people just show up to shows with no plan? Having 3Outcomes integrated into the programming gave permission to attendees to ask each other for things they wanted and for places where they needed support. The camaraderie was rich and the event more fulfilling. Meredith, who got a relative Master's Degree in transformational work, took everything she applied and put it into her process for accountability and goal-setting for corporate America. He beautiful blend of humanity and achievement strike the right balance for today's workplace. Then Meredith, who does a weekly podcast on Personal Life Media called "Living Green: Effortless Ecology for Everyday People," talked about how she integrates her focus on sustainable living and ecology with her personal spiritual work of Hapkido (she's on her way to a black belt) and her 3Outcomes consultancy. The three harmonize beautifully and this interview gives heart to those who aren't currently finding meaning in their work. Meredith's career beautifully fuses her passions and sets an example of someone who is living her life fully.