Tim Ash of SiteTuners on Landing Page Optimization and Cultivation of the Complete Person
Susan Bratton

Episode 86 - Tim Ash of SiteTuners on Landing Page Optimization and Cultivation of the Complete Person

Tim Ash, President and CEO of SiteTuners.com just wrote the book on landing page conversion optimization: "Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions."

Tim breaks down the various kinds of landing pages; talks about usability testing; landing page tuning methods (including A/B, Multivariate and Full Factorial Parametric Testing) and Google's new Website Optimizer.

He answers questions from DishyMix listeners including:

Chance Barnett, Founder & President of Catch Him, Inc.

  • Do you use any thing like a CMS (content management system) to help shorten the process of testing and iterating new pages?
  • What are your favorite examples of success stories of using Social Proof elements on landing pages?
  • Are you seeing many online marketers developing landing pages that are both SEO and PPC optimized?

Craig Peters, Founder, CKP Creative

  • What's the best way to balance the need for selling and the need for education on a landing page?

Sean Cheyney , VP Business Dev at AccuQuote

  • Are most brands ready for multivariate testing or do you recommend A/B testing for most brands?
  • What are the most counter intuitive positive changes that your clients have done on their landing pages?

Mark Michael Lewis, Host of "Money, Mission and Meaning"podcast

  • Is it better to have 1 or 3 general landing pages that appeal to broad spectrum of people, or to have dozens of landing pages each customized to appeal to the niche you think they linked from?
  • Are "sales letter" style pages with a bold red headline, extensive copy, and continual calls to a single action most effective, or is that hype and there are other formats that are more effective?

Michael Lovitch, Co Founder, The Hypnosis Network

  • How many, if any 2.0 elements should be included on product landing pages?

Garrison Cohen, VP of Development, Authentic Man Program

  • What is the most effective way of creating customer conversions on the landing page and does he have any particular tips, tools or suggestions to have each of the following approaches be their most effective?

Free gift.
Showing a short video?
Creating a quiz?
Giving them a survey?
Showing yourself personally through audio or video?

Adam Gilad, Gilad Creative Media

  • How has the "Hi, I'm your friend" mentality of social media affected the twist-the-arm direct sales effectiveness of squeeze pages?

Jim Sterne, Founder and Producer of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits

  • The "local maximum" problem has always bothered me. Figuring out the very best permutation or 5 creative options precludes that off the chart winner that was never considered. What's the Best Practice for throwing in (almost) random ideas to see which ones fly?

Listen to hear some very insightful answers to the issues with which DishyMix listeners are wrestling right now.

Tim, in true DishyMix style, also shares the wisdom of his favorite book, "The Lexus and the Olive Tree," along with the axiom by which he lives his life and how Tai Chi Chaun helps him cultivate his "complete person."

Lots of food for thought as well as great answers about the latest thinking in landing page optimization for maximum conversions.