David Shaner on the 7 Arts of Change
Susan Bratton

Episode 199 - David Shaner on the 7 Arts of Change

David Shaner took all he learned from being an Olympic downhill skier, a black belt Ki-Akido expert and a change management consultant and created the most innovated, evolved system for bringing everyone in your organization to a higher level of personal growth while simultaneously kicking booty in business fundamentals through times of change (pretty much every single day, right?)

If you want peak performance from your employees, and you understand that personal development and professional development are one and the same, use this 7 step process to leverage the wisdom of Asian culture with the dynamics of global business to effectively lead change.

Learn how to drive change through your organization by letting your employees change from inside out.

Experience peak business performance by setting the stage for every employee to achieve their peak professional capabilities.

Create a culture of success through blameless communication, personal responsibility and by taking the best actions for the highest potential.

If you are a leader or a player in a company that isn't performing at a peak level, David Shaner lays out a system for activating your talent and potential at a profound level.

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