Episode 154: Eben Pagan on the eBook in YOU, Identifying Your Niche and Guru Blueprint Launch

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Today Eben Pagan, the most famous information marketer in the world is launching Guru Blueprint, a culmination of his learning and training from is $29 million business.

Guru Blueprint, is the system from which I’ve been encouraging you to go get the valuable free content he’s given away the last three weeks to help you develop your own eBook.

Eben shares behind the scenes of the launch roll out, a peek into the components of the product and defends himself about advice he offers about which I disagree.
I test my theory of “real” book vs. eBook -- as in credibility vs. money and ask Eben if you can have both. 

Dying to know what he says?

And, if you missed getting any of the freebies,
I’ve listed them all here. 


Who knows when he’ll take the site down, 
so grab ‘em now before they’re gone.’