How To Stop Aging & Heal Anything with Markus Rothkranz and Robert Harrison
Coaching the Life Coach
Robert Harrison

Episode 38 - How To Stop Aging & Heal Anything with Markus Rothkranz and Robert Harrison

Learn from a true Renaissance man who is living proof that you can stop and reverse aging and heal anything. Markus Rothkranz was dying at age 27 and is healthier and more youthful now at 47 than he was in his teens. In this episode Robert Harrison and Markus Rothkranz candidly discuss true health and what really works – naturally...and it’s not just physical.

You will learn cutting edge information that is just being discovered about what you can do right now today to reverse the aging process and never get sick again. It’s simple, it’s totally natural, and it works. You will also find out why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a joke.

One look at Markus Rothkranz and you know this guy is the real deal and knows what he is talking about. Join the revolution and see what a few small changes in your life can completely alter your destiny.

This interview will change your life and inspire you to go beyond the ‘standard’ into a whole new reality. Markus has been called the ‘Pied Piper’ of the Raw Food Movement – but this isn’t just about the power of raw food, hypnosis, or nlp. This is about NATURAL transformation. Check it out.


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