Episode 31: How to have a $73,000.00 Month!

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In this enlightening episode you will learn how you can have a $73,000 month and consistently make over $30K per month running your human performance Hypnosis or Coaching Clinic.  Hear Robert Saviola, director of Buffalo Hypnosis, share with listeners his keys to creating and running the most successful Hypnosis clinic in Upstate New York and learn how you can do it too.  Enjoy.


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Robert Harrison: Hi everyone, this is Robert Harrison with Coaching the Life Coach.  Today we’re going to be talking with Robert Saviola of Buffalo Hypnosis and for those of you who don’t know it’s - you live in Buffalo you know who Robert Saviola is.  He hosts several radio shows, he hosts a TV show and he runs, he’s the director of Buffalo Hypnosis and today he’s going to be our guest and the title of the show is ‘How to have a $73,000 month running your professional services practice.’  In his case it’s a hypnosis clinic, in your case it might be a coaching clinic.  For all intensive purposes it’s the same thing.
Robert Saviola: I was not planning on having a $73,000 month.  It was like all the planets just aligned.  I learned how to do what I’m doing years and years ago but the marketing, the mentorship that I receive, I received through a gentleman by the name of Scott McFall and because of him I was able to turn my practice into one of the best practices in the United States of America.
Robert Harrison: Robert thanks for being on the show.
Robert Saviola: Well thank you for having me on the show and I will tell you right off the bat that $73,000 month really is in 12 days of that month.
Robert Harrison: Nice!
Robert Saviola: So that worked out very well.
Robert Harrison:  Yeah I know – so Robert let me just jump right in and ask you, you know for our listeners out there and I want you to bare mind that we got a lot of people that are listening that are in various stages of the game.  Some people are sitting in their one bedroom apartment wondering ‘How do I get this thing going?!’  Some people already have an office but they’re wondering how in the heck can they have a $73,000 month.
Robert Saviola: Well it’s really easy.  As you know I learned how to do what I’m doing years and years ago but the marketing, the mentorship that I received, I received through a gentleman by the name of Scott McFall and because of him I was able to turn my practice into one of the best practices in the United States of America.  Even to the point where my hypnosis school right now is full of clients and students that are coming in to be trained to be hypnotists.
Robert Harrison: Excellent!  And can you tell us a little bit – and let’s start with a little bit, if you don’t mind, about your background.  Robert tell us how you got into the hypnosis industry in the first place?
Robert Saviola: Well my profession I started around 14 years old.  When I was 9 years old I was in a library and somebody left a book on hypnosis on the table and I was always intrigued with the mind so I started reading it.  By the time I was 14 I was treating 40 and 50 year old people just for fun.  Friends of the family, relatives even when I was in the military some of my friends I used to hypnotize and helped them get through different problems but it was only for hobby kind of thing.  Until about 10 years ago.  10 years ago it’s 1998, I’m really in-between things.  I’ve done so many things in my life you know, from being a B-52 gunner, and owning night clubs and driving race horses where you sit behind on a bike.  Well I finally wanted to do something that I didn’t have to work so hard.  So I thought I’d become – I take my hypnosis knowledge and become professional with it and help people that way.  Well you know in the first few years I struggled like everybody else.  I worked in my home.  I pulled in a measly $20-$25,000 a year and was surviving on it but of course barely.  Then in 2004 I actually went to Scott McFall’s mentorship program and from 2004 to now I grossed over $1,000,000 in hypnosis and that – in those four years.
Robert Harrison:  Wow!  How did you meet Scott and how did you get connected with the mentorship program?  How did that happen because there’s a lot of people out there looking for a good mentor and they don’t know how to go about doing it.
Robert Saviola: Well you know it’s really simple.  Scott was in a – I was introduced to Scott through friends of mine who were telling me that I just had to do this.  They were making a lot more money than they were used to and they were selling me on Scott actually and you know me being from Buffalo, New York and growing up on the streets I was weary of everything and everybody’s a salesman, so it wasn’t like it was something I wanted to jump into.  But after speaking with Scott a short period of time I understood that this was the way to go and you know it’s easy to get a hold of Scott.  Just you can Google him you know, Scott McFall, you’ll find him but it became so profitable so fast that we actually started putting people out of business that were doing hypnosis in our area and other people we were helping do more business because of our marketing.  You know if you market they don’t just go to you, they go to any hypnotist because you enlightened them that hypnosis is a venue.  So we became now the household name in Western New York as far as hypnosis is concerned to the point that when people want to learn hypnosis they come to my school and I teach them enough to hang out their shingle and it’s  and they’ll be certified not only through the National Guild Hypnosis but through Scott McFall’s program.  So if you want to learn what I know you can either come to me or go directly to Scott, but either way you can learn it and currently doing 73,000 in a month I average 30 something thousand a month, 30-40 something thousand a month.  If I make a penny under 30,000 I feel like I’ve had a bad month and you can do it too and anybody can do this.
Robert Harrison: Excellent!  Excellent!  So tell us what is – what makes the hypnosis school program and I talked a little bit with Tim Shore on another episode about the McFall Hypnosis School, I’m opening one up in San Francisco, but what makes it different, what makes it different and one of the things Tim and I talked about is practical experience – it’s the only school I know of where the actual teachers and instructors and the instruction learning environment is in a running clinic seeing clients, but from your point of view Robert what makes it really different and unique out of all – I’m sure Scott’s not the first guy that you learned or you talked about hypnosis with, what made that different that really in your mind that set off your business.
Robert Saviola: Well it’s simple; Scott is an angel walking the planet.  He actually gives you all the pieces to the puzzle.  Many instructors out there will give you fractions or bits and pieces.  But there’s ego involved with a lot of trainers.  Even to the point that if you did well they would be upset because you may be taking business from them.  Scott doesn’t do anything like that.  Anything that comes to you he will help promote it with you, for you taking nothing in the process.  So when you train with Scott not only is he giving you every single piece of the puzzle but he’ll demonstrate it with people in the class how it works to the point where if your jaw doesn’t hit the floor in the first two hours that you’re there you weren’t listening because the information that people say they receive is before the first break is better than any training they’ve received in their life and I’ll tell you right now in my opinion Scott is the number one hypnosis trainer in the United States of America and I feel that the knowledge that I have because of him dwarfs almost any other trainer that I see out there.
Robert Harrison: I would agree 100% - his depth knowledge and what’s really fascinating about it is his depths of knowledge not just in the therapeutic side of helping people but also in the running of the business – the marketing – it’s so well rounded it is more well rounded of a knowledge base then anyone I’ve ever met in the field. 
Robert Saviola:  It is – and I’ll tell - you know you see commercials all the time for post-traumatic stress disorders – you see soldiers coming back from Iraq with it.  Situation going on with them.  You see physiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and all kinds of hospitals attempting to deal with something that they think is insoluble to beat and the only thing they’ve been able to do is give people drugs for it.  I’ve seen Scott work with people with post-traumatic stress disorder and have them feeling light as rain faster than you can watch a movie.  Faster than you can watch a movie and I will tell you that I’ve learn these techniques because of him and have been able to do it myself so if you’re looking to, if you’re looking to do this kind of thing, looking to do this kind of thing, you’ve got to actually go see optometrist Scott.
Robert Harrison: Excellent!  Now Robert you know I have met a number of people that have trained under Scott and you know all of their businesses have improved dramatically. There’s no question about that, their business have improved dramatically, their skills have improved dramatically, they’re making more money, they’re more successful and Bob you stand out amongst those people quite a bit.  What do you think that you bring to the table that gives you that competitive edge?
Robert Saviola: That gives me competitive edge in what way Robert?  I’m sorry. I-
Robert Harrison: Well you know the thing is you know like I said I met a lot of talented hypnotists, talented businessmen but you definitely stand out as the cream of the crop.  You are one, if I could say, like the top five students that have come out of the McFall school and so what do you think separates you in terms of what gives you that unique advantage – you’re obviously pulling down very good money in the field and you’re one of the kind of one of the leaders of the lieutenants of that group so what do you think that you bring to the table that makes a difference between you and someone else who hasn’t applied all this learning quite as much.
Robert Saviola:  Well I really think it’s the mere willingness to understand that the man knows what he’s talking about and if you just pay attention and model what he’s doing you can do it too you know.  Some people say not everybody can do this but Scott makes it so you take ego and personality out of it and you’re just following you know a basic structure they say that geniuses have been able to break it down to component parts and model it and that’s all you really need to do.  You know what happens Robert is that many people come in with what they believe is the way something should be done and these people are broke, destitutes, been failing throughout their whole lives but yet they’ve learned a certain way of doing things that they really believe in so they’ll come in and see a man that’s a multi-millionaire and they’ll question – they’ll actually question whether or not he’s doing the right thing when the results are so phenomenal.  The rewards from it are so phenomenal.  The amount of people you can help is off the chart because of Scott I see 50-70 clients a week, we’re only in the office 3 days, I have a full staff of hypnotists now so how many people do you want to help in a week?  50-70 is not bad.
Robert Harrison:
Robert Saviola:  But really comes down to one thing – throw your ego out the door.  You throw your ego out the door and you walk in with an open mind and you too can do these kind of numbers and whether you go to see myself or whether you go to see Scott or you got o see myself that’s all I’ll ask you to do like I start a class tomorrow and I have 5 or 6 people in the class tomorrow that I’m starting and when they first walk in the first thing that I’m going to tell them is that this is a I say, you do program and I promise you if you just follow along with what I’m about to teach you too can be this successful or even greater.  I’m lazy and I’m still doing this.
Robert Harrison:
Let’s take a quick break.  Then we’re going to come back and I’m going to talk a little more about the specifics on how you had a $73,000 month.  So this is Robert Harrison with Coaching a Life Coach.  We’re here today with Robert Saviola of BuffaloHypnosis.com.  Talking about having a 74,000 month and we’ll be right back.
Robert Harrison: This is Robert Harrison with Coaching a Life Coach.  Today we’re talking with Robert Saviola of BuffaloHypnosis.com on how to have a $73,000 month.  Now Robert we talked in the first half of this program about your mentorship with Scott McFall, being a part of the McFall Hypnosis School and how that had really been your secret sauce for success but I really want to get into the nitty gritty of how you pulled off a $73,000 month.  So tell us specifically what was your strategy for that, how did you prepare yourself going into that and how did you make sure that the execution was solid throughout that to make that happen.
Robert Saviola:  Well those are really good questions.  I will tell you I was not planning on having $73,000 month.  It was like all the planets just aligned.  Now what happened here is I took Scott McFall’s marketing method and pretty much and we were just talking actually before this radio show today – Scott and I were talking on the phone and I told him what happened here is I created an illusion in Buffalo that really was real.  It was real but it was an illusion at the same time and what I was to clarify by placing your marketing in the right place at the right day at the right time and feeding it between print, electronic media like TV, radio and putting all these pieces and plus the fact that you have all these satisfied clients walking out your door telling people that hey I went there and it works.  What happens is it’s almost like it’s a rush on a bank the line just wouldn’t stop coming and we could of even had a bigger month.  I mean there were people that I had when the focus hypnosis wasn’t right for them but what happens is if you stay at it long enough and you s tart putting the pieces together as far as marketing is concerned and you make sure you’re there and you’re producing what your results day in and day out it’s inevitable.  You are going to have these kinds of months that are just going to be piling up and I’ll tell you that $73,000 month was preceded with a $40,000 month and after that was a $40,000 month.  So as you can see in a 3 month period it was a total of 100,000.  I’m sorry it was a $150,000.  So you can do this just by putting the pieces of the puzzle together and that’s all it was.  For me to tell you that it was me that I had an ego in there or I somehow wowed him with my personality.  I’d be lying to you.  It’s not that at all.  There is no ego – take your personality out of it – just be sincere.  Be sincere and understand what they’re telling you when they come in to talk with you.  If you can understand and be them and be in their position – you can actually be sincere and say to them what they need to hear to take the step to get the help and by doing that of course there’s going to be a transfer of monetary funds.  Do you want to profit from it but at the same time that energy has to take place.  You must have the transfer of funds.  There’s no value in it if you don’t charge to them so if there’s no value in it there’s no reason to do it so you’re not doing them any justice by giving them a freebie.
Robert Harrison:
Robert – what are the pieces of the puzzle that you put into play?
Robert Saviola:  It was, it was marketing.
Robert Harrison:
Well let’s talk about marketing for a minute then.  Be specific, what actual pieces of marketing, because marketing can cover anything.  I know that you have a radio show, you have TV commercials, you have radio commercials, you have print media that you do what are the specific marketing pieces that really helped to pull in this kind of month?
Robert Saviola:  Well I run a full page ad in a Buffalo paper.  I read, I was running full page ads every couple of weeks, maybe 3 weeks, quarter page ads right after that I was running radio commercials on two different stations.  One was on AM, one was on PM.  I actually had abandoned TV during this whole campaign because it was warm out and not many people were sitting at home watching television I felt.  So I used the paper and I used radio.  Now mind you though this helps, this really helps if you start to build a name for yourself but the very first ad I ever ran for Scott’s program cost me $1,500 and I brought back $12,000.  So I actually ran a second ad and that second ad I brought back another 11,000.  So for $3,000 I pulled in $23,000.  Almost actually it might have been 23 when you take the changes so it was about eight one as far as layout is concerned and that’s all you need to get started.  Now you can put your offers exactly where you want – you can build it the way you want and you can keep rolling with media and now you’re going to have to advertise because as soon as you stop advertising you’ll notice that your business will fall down.  This is a direct market nobody looks for a hypnotist.  It really works.  So if you’re going to put a full page ad in a phonebook that’s a mistake because then that means that somebody has to page through the phonebook to look for a hypnotist and they’re not going to do that.  So I start out with lose weight, quit smoking.  I don’t start out with I’m a hypnotist.  We’ll get into how we’re going to do it later.  Let’s first intrigue you to understand what you’re going to do and that’s why people you know are happy about coming into the office.  Now we have doctors that are referred to us all the time.  In our office we get doctors, lawyers, pro sport athletes, celebrities, politicians – they come from all over just to get into the office because of word of mouth.
Robert Harrison: Excellent.  So as far as – let’s talk about your newspaper strategy for a moment.  You ran a full page ad and you said you ran quarter page ads or half page ads before and after that is there a method to that that you use?
Robert Saviola:  Well for myself I run a full page ad and then the very next week I follow up on a quarter page ad, it’s kind of like running a full page ad twice.  Cause the people that saw it that were going to act on it but didn’t for whatever reason it was see it again and ‘Oh yeah!’ and then they call.
Robert Harrison:
Do you have them run it in the same placement slots or the same day a week later?
Robert Saviola:  The same day but rarely you’ll ever get the same placement slot – spot unless you’re going to pay through the nose.  So I don’t really – I don’t really care if I get the exact same placement slot just as long as it’s in the paper and people-
Robert Harrison: Okay.
Robert Saviola:  -and sometimes it’s better if it’s not in the same spot because someone who just picks a certain area might not have seen it before so they can still see it the second time but then again it’s hit or miss you know you never know what you’re going to get.
Robert Harrison: Yeah and then, and then do you find – so do you do two in a row, you do two in a row like that or do you do more?
Robert Saviola:  I just started doing two in a row you know and like now for instance I’m due to do another one.  But I just don’t know if I want to be that busy coming into July here in Buffalo.
Robert Harrison: That’s a great problem to have Bob.
Robert Harrison: That sounds like a great, wonderful problem to have.  You’re not sure if you want to be that busy.
Robert Saviola:  Well like right now we’re seeing clients from 8am in the morning till 6pm at night.  We’re out of the office by 7 and pretty much there’s a client coming into our office every 15-30 minutes from 8am in the morning till 6pm at night.
Robert Harrison: Yeah
Robert Saviola:  it’s just – it’s round the clock.  We never book on the 45.  It’s on the hour, 15 minutes after, half hour.  So usually every 15 minutes to half hour there’s a client coming to the office and right now I only have three treatment rooms.  We’re running out of treatment rooms.  I have a choice, I can open another day or I can try to build out and make the office bigger.  I plan on building out and making the office bigger.  I like four day weekends.  I don’t know about you guys but I love them
Robert Harrison: I’m with you.  Now why did you choose to do three days a week and what three days a week do you do?
Robert Saviola:  Monday, Tuesday Wednesday – most people are looking to make changes in their life in the beginning of the week.  I find weekends are reserved for parties, weddings and vacations and things like that so you’ll lose a lot of people there and I choose three days a week because if you’re going to spread out and say I’m not going to do that I’m going to work five days a week well what are you going to do in the office that whole time and what’s going to happen when a client comes in and they don’t see another client – another client doesn’t come in for an hour to two hours.  What happens then is they think you’re dead – they think the office doesn’t work so that doesn’t build confidence at all but if you group your clients together – clients see other clients so the more people they see the happier they are the more they believe it works.  I got to tell you when I first bought my Jaguar business went up.  They figured he drives a Jaguar it’s got to work and of course it does but it’s all about image and what you’re presenting and remember I said in the beginning create an illusion.  Even when I started my first radio show – I created an illusion that I was the go to guy to come to for specific topics.  With that we had celebrities calling us all the time wanting to be on the show because they believed it.  So that’s all is a hypnosis induction.  Believe through suggestion, it doesn’t matter where you are.
Robert Harrison: That’s true Robert.  I’ll tell you something.  Since working with Scott you know we’ve seen so many more clients Monday, Wednesday right now.  I’m generally working till 8pm and the clients are coming in one or two an hour and what’s great is that when someone comes in four like a smoking screening – quite often I will have an ex-smoker in here that quit a year ago maybe 3 years ago was in for weight loss or they’re in for confidence or stress reduction and I’ll actually have them – I’ll just put the two of them in the front office there in the waiting room and have them talk for awhile and there’s nothing more powerful than having a prospective new smoker meet a new ex-smoker or a couple that quit smoking together or having a new weight loss client come in and have them meet someone who already loss 50-60lbs – it’s incredible!
Robert Saviola:  It is incredible and it really does help but you’re still going to get people that aren’t going to come in the room no matter what you do.  I mean they have their own things going on in their head and it’s not always going to be for everyone but what you said is a big key – to be able to juggle your people around and place people next to each other so one could help the other.  Really anyone listening to this program that’s thinking well that’s like cheating or maybe you’re tricking them.  No if anything it’s about the outcome – anything that you can do to help the client succeed is what you’re here for anyway.  AS long as they succeed you don’t care how they succeed as long as they lose their weight, as long as they become a non-smoker, as long as they’re stress free or have a high confidence that’s what we’re looking for and I believe in that because the client doesn’t care either they just want the results.
Robert Harrison: That’s true and well and also when you have the volume that we’re talking about using this way of doing hypnosis what’s taught in the McFall School of Hypnosis way of doing things like there isn’t even a – like we just because we have the sheer volume it just happens.  Happy clients just meet happy clients all day long.  It just happens and quite often a new smoker meets an ex-smoker.  I know in our office that’s not even something we really planned but it just kinds of happens that way and it’s great.  SO the next thing I want to ask Robert, if you have some time left because an important part of making a successful media box is by making sure that when that phone starts ringing the next part of the funnel is how to answer the phone in such a way and one of the things again that’s unique about the McFall way of doing things is that we do make people jump through a series of hoops so that the clients that do come in are highly qualified, highly motivated, it’s set up where right and Scott always stresses this – it’s set up right from the beginning from the very beginning and I’m wondering if you could share a bit about that because you’re one of the best that I know doing it.
Robert Saviola:  Well thank you.  Well that’s true and everybody listening here what Robert and I say int his program do not let that be a substitute from actually getting the training from one of us because alittle bit of anything is dangerous.  Bob?
Robert Harrison:  Yeah?
Robert Saviola:  When you’re answering that phone, first of all there must be a live person answering the phone.  That’s the first thing.  You will lose millions of dollars over the course of a lifetime by allowing a answering machine to get your phone.  The second thing- answering services can be great or a nightmare.  How would you like to spend thousands of dollars on marketing only to have your answering service piss it away because they weren’t paying attention or doing their job properly?  That happens a lot to many people.  Now you as a professional really are not supposed to answer your phone – but in the beginning it’s not such a bad idea and they don’t have to know that they’re speaking to the actual hypnotist.  You can be the answering service as the hypnotist without them knowing.  It is a telephone and they are not looking at you on the phone, at least not yet but you want to answer the phone to the point sincerely and you’re never really seeking their approval.  They only thing you do is get them into the office.  That’s the key. You give no information out on the phone at all.  Any information that you give someone who calls in gives them a reason not to come to your office because they already received what they were looking for.  The information you gave them.  So never direct anybody to your website unless you already have an appointment scheduled and if you’re very proud of your website or you think that will help them get them to be confident about coming in.  Never as a first resort do they go to the website, never do you ever give them information over the phone, all you do is use that telephone to get them into the offices as soon as possible and that’s it.  Don’t discuss anything over the phone.  You’re too busy to do that.  Give a lot of time to discuss over the phone, they don’t need you and you’re seeking their approval so you can’t help them anyway.
Robert Harrison: Great.  Great.  Excellent. Well we are running out of time.  Let’s get some quick closing thoughts.  So just Robert if you were to say here are the top three skills and I know one of them you’re going to say call Scott McFall so you can make that one of them but what are – aside from that actually because we’re going to plug him after the show.  I want to plug your website at the end of the show because it’s important that you guys are on the top of your game.  What do you think though are the top three skills any person out there listening needs to develop in order to be successful in their own business.
Robert Saviola:  Rapport, rapport and can I say it one more time, rapport.  That is the number one – is rapport.
Robert Saviola:  If you have great rapport skills you need to know nothing else.  You need to know no techniques.  You need to know very little.  You can achieve it right there alone but if you want three of course the first is rapport.  I can’t really say that enough.  The second one is being and this really goes with rapport, being and really goes with rapport too but creating a fantastic image.  You got to have a fantastic image and the third one would be your listening skills must be amazing but then again it’s part of rapport because if you’re excellent with rapport you’re listening skills are amazing.  So it really all comes down to being able to connect to another human being in a way that they like you and want to be with you and seek your attention and approval.  You can do that you have it licked.  You want to learn how to do that come see us and we will teach you.  Without holding anything back.
Robert Saviola:  Oh by the way you know Robert.
Robert Harrison:  Yeah?
Robert Saviola:  There’s about one hypnotist for every 100,000 people in the United States of America.  You know lawyers it’s like 1 person, 1 lawyer for every 400-600 people but one hypnotist represents 100,00 people.  One good hypnotist for every quarter million.  So if you don’t think that they need you or there’s not a demand think again.  There is such a demand right now for a good hypnotist and if you’re looking for a great field I recommend it.  I’m doing it.  But go ahead Robert. Sorry.
Robert Harrison: Excellent.  Excellent, so Robert tell us how do people get a hold of you if they want to get enrolled in your school immediately?  How do they get a hold of you to do that?
Robert Saviola:  Well I would either go to my web – I would call the office that’s the first thing.
Robert Harrison:  and what’s the number?
Robert Saviola:  716-874-9050. 716-874-9050. 716-874-9050.  Now that’s 9050.  The other way if you don’t want to make a call, you’re really just a tire kicker, you really want to see something else, then go to my website there’s a whole page on the school right there and it also has the office number that you can reach me, email either way but if you’re very serious, if you’re serious about doing this definitely contact me we’ll hook you up!
Robert Harrison:  Excellent.  Alright well this is Coaching the Life Coach with Robert Harrison and today we’ve been talking with Robert Saviola.  Robert thank you so much for taking time out of your busy, tenant schedule on Friday to share with us how to have a 73
Robert Harrison:  thousand dollar month.  It’s been an absolute pleasure having you on the call.  I personally met Robert Saviola and I just think he is one of the most amazing hypnotists I’ve ever met.  I love your energy, you’re caring, you’re giving and you’re always there for your friends and it’s been a pleasure having you on the show.  I look forward to having you on the show again in the future.
Robert Saviola:  Well thank you very much for those kind words and I feel the same way about you Robert.
Robert Harrison:  Awesome.  Alright everyone remember get on the PersonalLifeMedia.com, get on the blog, post your comments about this show, ask comments, if you want to be on the show as a guest or if you want to get life coaching on this show with myself or perhaps one of my colleagues then let me know on the blog or email me at [email protected]  Take care and I’ll talk to you next week.
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