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Alissa Kriteman
Are you ready to find out what you can do to have the deep, beautifully fulfilling love you want in your life? Are you ready to find out how to live the outrageously fun and full life and you know you were meant to be living? Have you been searching for more intimacy in your relationships but are at a loss as to how to create it? Well, tune in and listen as host Alissa Kriteman of ABC’s "How to Get the Guy" and author of "Alissa’s Four Cornerstones for Living Your Dreams" explores these topics with today’s top love, sex and relationship experts! From ancient Buddhist teachings to modern day sexilogical bodyworkers, listeners can boldly adventure into the myriad of alternatives and choices now available to women. On each show, Alissa offers keen insight from her vast background as an author, coach, and workshop leader. Open yourself to provocative, cutting edge, experimental ideas on loving yourself more, healing relationships, understanding men, attracting what you desire, the new art of seduction and the evolution of love that will radically shift the way you date and relate. Brought to you by Personal Life Media, Inc.


“Focus on the Good Stuff: Your Man wants to feel his Importance in your life” with Mike Robbins

In this lively interview with best selling author, speaker and coach Mike Robbins, we discuss the Power of Appreciation and Mike’s book, Focus on the Good Stuff. Mike shares with us his ideas and ways to deal with issues that we as women face such as: ~ Accepting ourselves as w... Read More


“BE the Love you Want to Attract” with Renee Piane

Renee Piane is a dynamic, smart and straight-talking dating and relationship expert who has dedicated her life to helping single people "be the love they want to attract into their lives." In this enlivening interview Renee tells us what men (the vast majority) secretly wish wome... Read More


“Living an Empowered Life” with NY Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Expert Relationship Coach, Debbie Ford

In this insightful interview with New York Times best selling author and internationally acclaimed workshop leader, Debbie Ford, we delve into what it takes to live an alive, vibrant, empowered life. Sharing with us powerful concepts from her book The Best Year of Your Life, Debb... Read More


“5 ways to be a More Empowered, Stress-Free Woman!” with Louise Lowry

This interview is a very useful resource for taking control of being stressed out Right Now. We cover a wide variety of "easy to do" methods that you can use in the workplace or at home with no problem. Louise actually walks me through a breathing exercise so you can see how easy... Read More


“The Modern Woman’s Guide to Stress Relief” with Louise Lowry

In this interview we discuss what stress is and how to know if we are approaching dangerous levels. We learn how women are naturally geared to release stress but when the increased pressures of family, work, finances, etc. build up, we must know how to release that pressure and w... Read More


“How to have Love Last Over Time” with Intimacy Expert and Workshop leader Chip August

Chip August is one of the premiere educators on Love, Sexuality and Intimacy in America. In this interview we cover a lot of great information about: How to have love last over time, New ideas about sex, How to relate better with men, and Understanding orgasm. A detailed descript... Read More


“What a Man Wants, What a Man Needs” with Dr. Amir Sabongui

In this very fun interview with a sexy, French Canadian doctor, we learn some of the basic and not-so-basic desires of men. What is revealed in this interview with the very playful and profound Dr. Amir Sabongui, is what most men will never tell us because they are unaware of it ... Read More


“Falling In Love vs. Opening To Love – Staying Awake after the First Hot Date” with Francesca Gentille

In this interview Alissa talks with relationship expert and fellow Personal Life Media host (Sex: Tantra and Kama Sutra), Francesca Gentille about the differences between knowing whether you are Falling In Love or Opening to Love. There is actually a profound distinction! Frances... Read More


“The Power In Facing your Shadow” with NY Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Expert Relationship Coach, Debbie Ford

In this exciting interview with New York Times best selling author and internationally acclaimed workshop leader, Debbie Ford, we get a taste of what it is like to identify aspects of our "Shadow," parts of ourselves that we don’t like or accept. Debbie does a mini-coaching ses... Read More


“Challenges and Solutions for Today’s Modern, Dynamic Women” with Dr. Herb Goldberg

In this interview we discuss some great concepts that can not only dramatically help women understand themselves better, but also help women understand men in whole new ways. We cover interesting topics such as: 1) Intention vs. Impact (impact is the REALITY...) 2) How women can ... Read More