Daniel Rose: What Men Want But Aren’t Asking For!
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 86 - Daniel Rose: What Men Want But Aren’t Asking For!

Part 1 of a 2 part series with Daniel Rose, Sex Coach for Men

In this episode we explore the "Five Things Men Want but Won't Ask For." Get ready to get the straight skinny from Daniel who successfully coaches men to have the life and love of their dreams. Now we get the inside scoop!

Tune in as he reveals why More Oral Sex is high on the list of what men want but won't ask for. It's not only that they want more oral sex, there are also 3 major attributes to giving oral sex that you want to know!

Men also want to Be Seduced - who knew? He even tells us how to seduce our men - oh yes! In a very real and down to earth way, Daniel tells us how and why supporting a man in his Sexual Confidence is extremely important.

Don't miss this episode where we also learn about the 3 types of Sexual Energy men appreciate having access to in their woman!