Sacred Sensuality and Intimacy Coach, tells us How to be an Orgasmic Woman!
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Episode 40 - Sacred Sensuality and Intimacy Coach, tells us How to be an Orgasmic Woman!

In this lively and love-filled interview, we hear from Sacred Sensuality and Intimacy Casey, how to go beyond the traps of the mind and body to become the Orgasmic Women we know we are and can be We address this tender topic with a whole lot of appreciation and understanding of the (sometimes) frustrating situation some women can be in regarding being “orgasmic.” She shares her own personal story of overcoming fear and shame to be a pioneer for women everywhere to access their divine right to fully experience the bliss and power that come from experiencing many types of orgasm.  We also talk about what issues MEN deal with, as well as, how to bring femininity into the Workplace!  A must-listen for all you Go-Getters who might be struggling with re-connecting with your pleasure and sensuality in and out of the bedroom!



Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. I’m your host, Alissa Kriteman. This show is dedicated to bringing you the most insightful and useful information available today to help you achieve all your relationship, love, intimacy, sexuality, goals, dreams and desires.

Casey: Pleasure, you know, in my experience and many, many women I know who have really opened themselves to a pleasure filled life that amazingly enough, pleasure I have seen absolutely the feeling of magic, and to allow pleasure to infuse your life is to allow magic to infuse your life.

Casey: A lot of men who come to me, there’s really two main issues I would narrow down to the men who come to me for. You would think they would come because they want to learn, most of them want to learn tantra techniques, how to be a better lover and I think that’s kind of what they may start thinking about, but really men come to me and what they are struggling with is the pain of being trapped in their head all the time.

Alissa Kriteman: On the show today I am very happy to welcome Casey, who’s a sacred sensuality and intimacy coach and trainer, who’s going to give us her expert advice on how we can be more in love with ourselves and in love with our lovers. So today, isn’t that hot?

Casey: Yeah.

Alissa Kriteman: I’m so excited to talk to you. So welcome to Just for Women Casey.

Casey: Thank you, thank you for having me. I’m excited.

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah, yeah, this is going to be good fun. So today on the show we’re going to talk to Casey. about the kind of sensuality and intimacy work that she does with women, men and couples. And we’re going to address some issues women in particular have and what are some of the healing approaches Casey offers, and I also want to talk about how the mind plays a pivotal role in our ability to create joy in our lives. So Casey, again, welcome to Just for Women. Thank you so much for taking time out to be with us and women.

Casey: Thank you.

Alissa Kriteman: So, I’m going to tell everybody a little bit about who you are and your background. Casey is a certified tantra instructor, coach and trainer, and she’s a graduate of Mama Gina’s School of Womanly Art and she’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. So not only is she gorgeous and sexy and totally tapped into her heart, mind, body, spirit, she’s also pretty smart.

Casey: That sounds good, thank you.

Alissa Kriteman: And she’s an investment banking analyst. So that’s a very interesting track, Casey tell us a little bit about how you went from an investment banking analyst, very cerebral, to this pioneer for women to being their bodies and focus on pleasure in their life.

Casey: Well, you know, I was very, I had just had a, you know, high school and college was very determined to be the best, and when I was in college I didn’t really know much about exactly what investment banking was, but coming out of the school I went to I did know that it was the most, at least at that point in time, the most prestigious kind of thing to go into after graduation, and I really, at that point in time in my life, that was where my mind was at, and so I did the whole interviewing thing and got into an investment banking firm doing real estate corporate finance, and I just, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I mean, you know, they told you it was a hundred hours plus a week sometimes, and…

Alissa Kriteman: Oh my god.

Casey: I know, it was so intense. But the reality of it was very different than the theory, the theory sounded very sexy, you know, lots of money and you do two years of this you can probably get into a great MBA program and, you know, which all sounded very, very sexy, but it was always about the next thing, it was always about “ Do this. Give your life over for two years and you’ll get the golden key to the next big success.” And when I got into the job I was absolutely miserable. You know, I think there are a lot of people who, who’ve done it and who I’ve kept in touch with who, you know, have had a much more positive experience than I had at it. But my experience was incredibly intense. You know, I mean I was working just crazy hours, definitely a hundred plus hours a week, and I would sit in the Transamerica Pyramid and look out the window at everybody on the sailboats and running along the, you know, along the bay, and I just, it was really, it was really challenging and I, my body became just very, very against what I was doing. I mean, it was to the point where I was getting sick in the mornings, you know, sick to my stomach before I’d go to work, the anxiety was so intense. And so thankfully, you know, I had actually left the investment banking analysts role, but I still stayed within, within the high finance industry. I worked for a hedge fund in San Francisco, but still I just was not, there was a part of me that was just aching, that wanted more, that knew there must be something more, but I had no concept of what that was. I just knew that my body was very unhappy and that I was very unhappy. So, because of living in San Francisco, I don’t know if you can live in San Francisco and not be exposed to things like Yoga and meditation, it’s just all around, and I had my first introduction to Yoga and meditation and that was very profound for me, it was this, it was a time of incredible discovery, and there was a place of a rich, rich stillness within that I began to have access to, an awareness of, and something within that just started having a life of its own and it just started growing and my desires began to change, I began to want to spend way more time outside and just had a lot of longings to really travel the world and see things and have new experiences and to abandon the track that I had been on which was very scary to abandon. There was a lot of financial insecurity that came with that, and it was a challenging thing to really, really trust these desires and trust the call of my heart to do something else with my life. And what ended up happening, I actually had a really amazing experience one day and I just had an experience of in my, in my little Victorian place in Cole Valley, had this exquisite experience of just I guess you could call it an awakening experience, and after that experience I, everything in my life shifted, and I ended up waiting out ‘til the end of the year to get my bonus and then I was out. I sold everything and I took off on a one way ticket to Bangkok and traveled for four years, and it was an extraordinary time, I studied with many different teachers, different forms of meditation and, you know, a lot of it was very wonderful and fascinating and challenging at times, certain things didn’t fit, certain meditation practices I tried I did not enjoy, and when I discovered exploring being in the body, exploring sensation, exploring pleasure as a form of focus for the mind, as a form of meditation, I was just totally hooked on that, I absolutely loved it.

Alissa Kriteman: Here’s where I want to just pause for a second because you’re really getting into the juicy parts of where your life is now. But I think it’s really important to take a pause, because what you’re saying is you really, it took something for you, and I think a lot of women go through this, they get very fearful of giving up the security to let go of life the way they know it, life the way they’ve built it, to go for the deep calling of their heart. And so, that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to talk to you today because I know that you did that, you came from a very secure, financial, go, go, go, drive, drive, drive environment that was, you know, just ravaging your body, anxiety so high that you were getting stomach aches in the morning, and I know a lot of women who listen to this show can relate to that. And so, I hope that women out there hear your story and hear what you’re saying about having the confidence to be daring enough to follow your dream and know that there’s something more out there and to listen to that internal calling when it happens.

Casey: It’s true. You know, there was a distinct moment that I can remember when I knew that no matter what that somehow it was all going to be okay and that I was safe. It was a moment, I remember I was outside and it was one morning I walked outside, I was in San Francisco at the time and there was just this feeling in the air, and it was like this recognition that there’s just something formless and faceless and ever present that’s holding all of this, and it is so kind.

Alissa Kriteman: So you felt that, you felt that and that was enough for you, you trusted that enough. You also mentioned this awakening. Of course I’m like, did you meet a guy? Was it like amazing sex? Like what were you doing?

Casey: Well actually I was, I was sitting in my bedroom and I was looking at a map of, I was looking at a map of the world in this book, I was packing, I was preparing to move, and I just had this random thought that I had never had before. I was looking at this map and I had this, at that time in my life and previous in my life, I had really been fascinated with London and England and its history and everything, and I had this random thought that I was like, you know, if I had been born there would I be the same person? Huh, who am I? And it was this amazing experience where it was like I completely left, I guess you could say I left my body and there was just this endless light everywhere and all these beautiful colors and this recognition of this infinite joy and recognizing myself as that and as every other being. And I came back into I guess this, you know, like world of form, you know, like the body and all of a sudden I was like, oh my gosh, there’s this body in a bed, in a chair, wow, and, actually my first instinct was that I wanted to go back as quickly as I could to this other way of seeing that was so rich and gorgeous. And that experience was, it was a pivotal moment in my life. You know, prior to that I didn’t really have much of any kind of notion about anything related to consciousness or spiritual seeking or enlightenment or any of these things.

Alissa Kriteman: Interesting, ‘cause usually people have those kind of epiphany’s when they’re on drugs or they do some kind of ceremony, but it sounds like this just came upon you one day.

Casey: Yeah. It was, it was in total experience of grace.

Alissa Kriteman: Right. Okay, so you had this experience of grace and you knew, “I have to find out who I am. I have to travel the world”, and when you did you really got deeply into your meditation and started to discover pleasure as a form of focus.

Casey: Yes.

Alissa Kriteman: Tell more about that.

Casey: So I started to, you know, I’ll skip forward a little bit to when I, when I got to studying with Mama Gina.

Alissa Kriteman: Okay. She’s in New York, yeah?

Casey: In New York City, this amazing woman, Regina Thomas Hauer, she’s Mama Gina from Mama Gina’s School of Womanly Arts. This woman has just been such a gift in my life, and she really through her work and her course encourage us to really, you know, stay, stay true to your pleasure and entrusting the wisdom of pleasure. And at that point in my life I actually had a real, I was aware of the fact that I was not an orgasmic woman. It was difficult for me to orgasm. I, you know, I had a wonderful sensual life but it was not a sensual life that resulted in me having a lot of orgasms. And I specifically noticed that in the realm of really touching and pleasuring myself clitorally that I would just get very easily distracted or there’d be a lot of resistance or things that would keep me from following that thread of good feeling.

Alissa Kriteman: Mm, nice, okay.

Casey: Yeah. And I noticed that even just trying to come back, you know, to stay following that good feeling, it felt like a forcing. And so I had previously in the years before discovered the work of Byron Katy, which is this wonderful way of really investigating stressful and painful thoughts and beliefs, and so I started to apply that to my self-pleasuring sessions. Whenever I would pleasure myself I noticed that I would close down or, you know, just no longer be feeling but be caught in my head about something. I would put it down on paper and question it. And it became a wonderful form of meditation that resulted in such an opening to greater levels of pleasure and greater freedom within my mind around places where I had been really contracted.

Alissa Kriteman: What did you notice was at the heart of why you were getting so distracted when you were pleasuring yourself?

Casey: You know, I, the heart of it that I discovered was this really intense underlying belief that I could not do it, that I, there was this thing, there was this pressure to orgasm and this doubt that I could do it. It came up in thoughts like, “I can’t do it. I’m not good enough. I’m going to fail.” It, really like core interesting places where I closed down on trusting myself and really letting myself go. Not just in the realm of pleasure that I noticed, but also in other areas of my life.

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah, I can totally get that because, you know, our sexuality’s the key to the whole of our life, but isn’t it interesting, and I think it could be a personal thing, could be a societal thing, that you’re saying you had this pressure to have an orgasm. I mean, isn’t it amazing that our sexuality, something so beautiful and tender and personal, could have so much heaviness and weight to it, like we have to perform or get it right?

Casey: Oh, it’s so true. So true. It takes joy out of, it really clamps down on the joy of the whole experience of the sensation.

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah, exactly, which is why I want to talk about this stuff because I know many, many women are having similar experiences, you know, all this pressure to have an orgasm and get it right, and so many women are suffering with thinking that they aren’t orgasmic, but what you’re pointing to is, yeah, maybe you are, maybe there’s just some beliefs there that you’re not really aware of that you can actually overcome as well.

Casey: Mm hmm.

Alissa Kriteman: And then open up, you know, “You can do it” kind of experiences to the whole of your life. So talk a little bit about how you getting to the heart of what was in the way of you staying focused during pleasuring yourself and having orgasms that opened up the rest of your life.

Casey: Wow, I remember that period of time in, when I was living in New York and I was having that exploration with myself and with my body and my mind that what opened up was I started writing a lot during that period of time, and I also just had, it was a period of time where I had been kind of hiding I think from people in my life and just not expressing myself as fully and really doubting the wisdom of my words. And what ended up happening was the place where I started feeling a lot more freedom around really speaking my truth, and really trusting what my voice has to say more.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that, I love that. Two major things: dare to explore our own bodies, our own physicality. And to write a lot and start to hear what is in our mind, what are we saying.

Casey: Mm hmm.

Alissa Kriteman: You know, we’ve got to take a little break here. So lets do that, and when we come back I want to talk a little bit more, I want to get into the work that you do with men and women and couples. So, lets take a break and come back. I’m Alissa Kriteman, host of Just for Women: Dating, relationships and Sex. We’re speaking with Casey, sensuality coach, intimacy coach and trainer, and we’ll be right back.

Alissa Kriteman: Okay, cool.

Caseyr: Great. How was that, I mean it’s like you ask me this question, I just kept like just talking, you know?

Alissa Kriteman: No it’s awesome, you know why? Because you were speaking to the heart of what so many women are going through and you do it in such a soft and eloquent way that it really penetrates, you know, you’re not, you’re not just coming from your mind, you like, I could see your whole body, your whole being talk about what it’s like to not be able to stay focused while you’re pleasuring yourself. No one’s talking about that. I mean, and if they are it’s, you just bring it really down, you know what I’m saying?

Casey: Oh, thank you. If there’s one key piece in this, and I’m realizing I don’t, I want to be really careful not to get confused, is that there’s, I have a thought that some women may hear this and think that I’m saying that if you want to orgasm do these things, and it’s actually counterproductive, it’s like this is what I’m really wanting to express here is that exploring your pleasure and letting go of the need to orgasm and exploring your pleasure for what comes up in the moment is, is the thing.

Alissa Kriteman: You know, when we come back, yeah, when we come back from the break say that right away, say, “You know, I just want to make sure that pleasure for pleasures sake, not pleasure to achieve a goal”….


Casey: Great.

Alissa Kriteman: kind of thing.

Casey: That’s great.

Alissa Kriteman: Alright, so lets do that.

Casey: Okay, perfect.

Alissa Kriteman: Welcome back. I’m Alissa Kriteman, your host of Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. We’re speaking with Casey, sensuality and intimacy coach, (unintelligible) her journey from investment banker to woman focused on helping people access their pleasure. And before the break we were talking about how some of the things we can do to have more pleasure in our lives. And Casey I know you wanted to say something about that, so…

Casey: Yes, one thing during the break that I thought about that I want to make a key distinction here is that, you know, this, this exploration that I took in my, undertook in my life and that I also guide some of my clients through, this exploration of exploring pleasure and investigating the mind when the mind were to pull away from pleasure, or restrict or close around it, is not to get an orgasm, is not to become orgasmic, it is for, it is exploration for explorations sake, and the joy about exploration and the opening of  whatever that may bring. So that’s a key thing that I want to make a distinction around, that it’s not a goal-oriented thing.

Alissa Kriteman: Got it. So really just expanding our pleasure for pleasures sake and getting out of the, you know, having an orgasm, coming, and I think our society does a lot to put that pressure on us, which is why so many women I think have issues, “Oh, am I orgasmic?”, and they’re orgasmic and don’t even realize that they are because the whole pleasure piece of it has been missing. So talk to us about some of the work that you do with your women clients. What’s going on there?

Casey: I have, you know, there’s a genre of women clients who come to me who are like, “I can’t orgasm. I want to please my partner. I want to be orgasmic. What’s wrong with me?” And so we take that as an access point to really, as making it an opportunity to get in and really give some just loving attention to the body and to the mind around pleasure in their life and how to relax into more pleasure, not just the body but also the mind. And, yeah.

Alissa Kriteman: Lets talk about that. How, lets talk about the mind and its role in being an obstacle or a vehicle for accessing more pleasure.

Casey: Oh, the sweet mind. It just can get so confused sometimes. So, totally, and the pleasure and just opening to the joy and pleasure that is here can be, there’s just a lot that’s been built up within the world that we live in that is designed to protect against that very thing. And what I’ve come to see, you know, one of the things that I, is so common with women who come to me and that absolutely was a challenge for me, was this place where there’s a lack of trust. For instance, that, you know, if I give into, you know, a morning of pleasure, I’m going to just be all juicy and, you know, time goes out the window, I’m not going to get anything done and my business is going to suffer and I’m going to starve and then I’m going to die, you know. It’s like, oh my gosh, to give in to pleasure is like, you know, there’s this concept that is out there that rules women deeply, that, and men I know as well, that pleasure is a dangerous thing. The luxury that you can only have when you’ve made it.

Alissa Kriteman: Interesting, so it’s a danger, it’s a distraction, it’s something to avoid lest we not get anything done. And you’re saying quite the opposite, that pleasure is actually a vehicle to getting more things done, or?

Casey: Pleasure, you know, in my experience and many, many women I know who have really opened themselves to a pleasure-filled life, that amazingly enough pleasure I have seen absolutely is the feeling of magic. And to allow pleasure to infuse your life is to allow magic your life. And it’s, I’ve just, you know, it’s extraordinary how things open up, opportunities come, there’s a sense of ease and flow that permeates in doing in all areas of life, and that there is an opening, it’s like there’s also a sense of, you know, I recognize that pleasure is also the, it’s the feeling quality of abundance.

Alissa Kriteman: I’m just thinking of a woman listening to the show who’s like the CEO of a major corporation who’s doing her workout and thinking, “How the heck am I going to bring pleasure into the workplace?”

Casey: Oh my gosh, I just got off a coaching call with that woman.

Alissa Kriteman: Perfect, what do you have to say?

Casey: What do I have to say? You know, one is okay, go and on a daily basis spend two minutes, drop into your belly, your lower belly and…

Alissa Kriteman: So here she is in the office…

Casey: Here she is…

Alissa Kriteman: she shuts off her phone…

Casey: Mm hmm.

Alissa Kriteman: tells her assistant, “Don’t bother me please. Thank you for two minutes.”

Casey: Two minutes, two to five minutes, and spends that time dropping into her lower belly, dropping into her yoni, and…

Alissa Kriteman: Wait, what’s a yoni?

Casey: Oh, a yoni, okay, a yoni is a pussy. A yoni, I love the word yoni because yoni in sanscript means female sacred sexual space, and I just think it’s a beautiful, yoni…

Alissa Kriteman: Yoni, vagina…

Casey: Yoni, vulva, pussy, beautiful, I just, yoni is my personal pick and what I love to call my yoni.

Alissa Kriteman: I like yoni.

Casey: Yoni, yoni’s sweet, and, you know, there’s also a little bit of a delicious, deliciousness about that word too, yoni. So anyways, back to what I was saying. The woman who, the CEO, she spends just a couple minutes just to drop down, feel her lower belly, feel her yoni, let her breath and her awareness come down and rest and caress that place from the inside, and ask herself, what body do you desire today, what is nurturing and pleasurable for you?

Alissa Kriteman: What did you say, what body?

Casey: What, asking your body, “Body, what do you desire today that is nurturing and pleasurable for you?”

Alissa Kriteman: Mm, I like that.

Casey: Yeah, and see what comes up. For this woman that I was on the call with today, she was just like, “Oh my gosh, I want a massage so bad”, so she had two pieces of pleasure homework and one was to schedule herself a massage just as soon as we got off the phone for sometime this week. And the other thing was just to take, she’s a super busy, I mean just terrified at times of letting, letting it be seen by the people at her office that she would take time for pleasure ‘cause it’s so important to be seen as the high powered effective doer, you know?

Alissa Kriteman: Mm hmm.

Casey: She doesn’t want to be seen as a slacker, and that’s part of I think where the mind goes about if you, you know, have more pleasure in your life you’re a slacker. And so part of her homework was to sit down with her assistant and mark out at least a fifteen minute chunk in her calendar every afternoon, that is specifically designed for her to do nothing but what feels good.

Alissa Kriteman: That is so true and that is such a big thing that we as, you know, as women have to deal with is being masculine in the workplace, and exactly what you said, that pleasure is seen as slacking off, and it’s really going to take us as empowered pioneering women to change that mindset, that you can actually have pleasure in your life and be powerful.

Casey: Absolutely. And actually understanding how absolutely profoundly powerful pleasure is.

Alissa Kriteman: Alright, tell us in a minute how you work with men, what are men going through? What are the kinds of issues that men bring to you?

Casey: A lot of men who come to me, there’s really two main issues, I would  narrow it down to that men come to me for. You would think they come because they want to, most of them want to learn tantra techniques, how to be a better lover and I think that’s kind of what they may start thinking about, but really men come to me and what they are struggling with is the pain of being trapped in their head all the time and not being in their body and the incredible stress and the constant “Go, go, go, go, go”, and what I offer them, you know, I offer, I do phone coaching and in-person sessions, and in my phone coaching sessions I really get with men in exploring, I do guided adventures into the body and exploring sensation in the body, and they, it’s a, they just, you know, my clients, they love it. It is an opportunity for the, the mind, the mind doesn’t have to stop, you know, it has something to do and explore, and what it is is it’s exploring sensations and the pleasure of whatever the sensations is in the body, and that’s what they’re looking for is a way to have more relaxation in our life. And they are not, some of the men who come to me are men who are, they just don’t like doing the possona or they don’t like doing like strict like seeded meditation practices, they’ve been really turned off from that because it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t feel like in a sense I guess for some of them, they’re looking for something that they can be more committed to and that feels like a pleasure to come to. And so what I offer is a way of, for them to access this relaxation by the pleasure of exploring and being in the body.

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah, I totally get that because so many men are up in their heads. We as women are more in our bodies because, you know, we have breasts and yoni’s and we bleed and we’re so connected to our bodies, whereas guys not so much, and so I could see that being really important work. How do you deal with, do you deal with big issues that come up for your clients such as sexual abuse, sexual trauma, how does that get handled or approached in your work?

Casey: That’s a really great question. I’m not, I don’t have, I’m not a therapist, so when things come up depending on the scope, often times it has come up, and it’s one of those things where there’s an opportunity to have whatever the body has been holding and to breathe, give it presence, give it awareness, allow that sensation in the body to express that energy and to give space for that, in a nurturing space. If it’s something that is, you know, a serious traumatic event in someone’s life that I feel is out of the scope of what, what I offer, then I do have someone that I refer people to…

Alissa Kriteman: Okay, good.

Casey: specializes in that, so that person is absolutely taken care of and, you know, I really, really check in, you know, is this something that is within the realm and capability of what I have or is this something that needs a deeper look from an expert in this area.

Alissa Kriteman: Tell me, this is kind of an edgy question, there’s a lot of confusion around tantra, sensuality, intimacy, coaching things of that nature, how is your work different from say a sensual body worker?

Casey: In some ways I would say not so different. I mean, it’s not so different. I think it depends on the sensual body worker. There’s body worker who absolutely guide people in really getting more deeply in their body and falling in love with their body. Some sensual body workers that I know have incorporated more traditional tantric approaches to their work. Some are more, I guess, clinical. There’s a whole wide spectrum, so I would say it’s kind of hard to compare ‘cause I’ve, in my experience I’ve seen people really add their own flavors to what they’re doing.

Alissa Kriteman: I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t know, and maybe this is just a part of the culture here in San Francisco where women will call themselves, you know, sensual body workers, but really, they’re helping men and women access parts of their repressed pieces, but I don’t know that they necessarily have the container that you’re holding, and I just want to try to dispel and encourage women to seek out help and assistance and support in these areas, even though it might be a little confronting. And so what are some of the, what are some of the techniques that you would do in a session?

Casey: For my women clients in terms of either phone coaching or in person it’s a combination of really identifying, exploring and identifying places that may be really constricted around sensation, which may be pleasure or whatever, but specifically sensation, not to give it to any other kind of label, and that, then I guide them either through breath or through vocal expression or through identifying, okay, there’s a closure here, what’s going on in the mind, and investigating what’s happening there. And in that way, I really work with women both through the body and through the mind to really become way more intimate with their bodies, to understand.

Alissa Kriteman: I think that’s the difference, is that you actually work with the mind as well.

Casey: Mm hmm, yeah.

Alissa Kriteman: Because we are so in our minds so much of the time but really tapping the wisdom of the body and moving through whatever might be stuck. Sounds pretty amazing. We have to wrap up here, but what is something you want to leave our listeners with?

Casey: An invitation to stop for a moment and recognize what an exquisite gift it is to have a body and to have a mind. And in that, in this moment, to really take the opportunity to step into a place of wonder about that. My experience at this place of wonder is such a portal to the incredible love and appreciation and healing, and that is, that is what I would love to leave people today with.

Alissa Kriteman: I’m inspired.

Casey: I love this, thank you.

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah, I feel like I want to go hang out with myself in a nice quiet place right now.

Casey: Alright.

Casey: Yes I do, for people who are interested in, you know, working within the realm of sensuality, working with the body and working with the mind the way that I do, as well as crafting a business that is very, feels very true and healthy and safe for both themselves and their clients, I do trainings for people with that desire.

Alissa Kriteman: Awesome. Thank you so much for being on Just for Women today and for being a pioneer in this sacred, sacred amazing healing work that you’re doing with men and women and couples. So necessary.

Casey: Thank you Alissa.

Alissa Kriteman: And listeners, just a little reminder, please email me with any comments, ideas that you have for the show, I’m completely open and available. My email is alissa, a-l-i-s-s-a And for text and transcripts of the show and other shows on the Personal Life Media Network, just go to the website, So, Casey again, thank you so much, and I’m your host, Alissa Kriteman, always expanding your awareness and choices here on Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. Tune in next time.