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Episode 30 - Healthy Sex with Wendy Strgar

In this very lively and informative interview with Loveologist, Wendy Strgar, we look at some of the issues facing women today in our desire to have more expressed and healthy sex lives. Wendy is a font of knowledge and shares with us her deep wisdom on how to better relate with our lovers, have more intimate sexual experiences, and how to address many health issues facing women today. In this interview Wendy highlights some of the obstacles getting between women and having great sex such as: * Post natal dryness * Allergies to OTC (Over the Counter) lubricants * Challenges with "receiving" * Forgetting about letting our "bodies talk" * Lack of feeling "safe" Listen in to hear her great suggestions to increase the intimacy and communication between us and those we love. Wendy also gives us an overview of her fantastic personal love products (oils, lubricants, candles, perfumes and more) that offer us new, sexy approaches to dating, loving and having sex. As a mother of four and a wife of 25 years, Wendy brings her depth of experience to help us give more Love to ourselves, our lives and the world. Don’t miss this very informative interview and your chance to receive 10% off your purchase of her amazing and delicious Good Clean Love products! My favorites are the Carribean Rose Love Oil (use Anywhere!) and the Almost Naked Passion Candle that melts to use as massage oil - how cool is that?!



“What might be in the way you having incredible sex” with Loveologist and Founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar

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Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. I’m your host Alissa Kriteman. Today on the show we have Wendy Strgar, CEO of Good Clean Love and lovologist. Today we’re going to talk to Wendy about some of the issues that come up when we approach sex and sexuality. For those of you who don’t know Wendy, she has her Master’s in Organizational Development and Training. She has 4 children, ages 9 to 19. She’s been married 25 years. And she’s been working with alternative healing modalities for 25 years as well. Why I wanted Wendy on the show today is because she is such a pioneer in helping women understand how to sustain love, making sex new, fun and exciting whether you’re dating, you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been married for years and years.

Wendy Strgar: Lovology, although my children are always teasing me that that’s, there’s no such thing, is the science and study of love, and I think sustainable love, which I think is the energy that makes everything in the universe work.

Wendy Strgar: There’s receiving love and there’s giving love, and as women most of us are really, really good at giving love and not so good at receiving love, so there’s a lot of work to be done in just learning how to open our hearts.

Wendy Strgar: Here’s the thing, we’re all equally loveable and unloveable at the same moment. What is most loving about us is also the thing that can become most irritating.

Wendy Strgar: Until you’re really willing to be touched, physically touched, and touch another person, you can’t even get into the conversation about real deep intimacy.

Wendy Strgar: Cleopatra, all the greatest lovers in history, used a scent because scent is our most primary sexual organ. You know when you, the things you smell go right from nose into the limbic part of your brain and actually change your brain chemistry.

Alissa Kriteman: Wendy, welcome to the show.

Wendy Strgar: Thank you so much Lisa. I’m really excited to have this conversation with you.

Alissa Kriteman: Great. So first off, tell us what is a lovologist?

Wendy Strgar: Well a lovologist is someone who studies and writes about and thinks about love, and in the same way that there’s volcanologists, people who study volcanoes, or psychologists or sociologists, lovology, although my children are always teasing me that that’s, there’s no such thing, is the science and study of love, and I think sustainable love, which I think is the energy that makes everything in the universe work.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that and I agree. I think it’s really important because one of the  main points of suffering for us as women in our lives is how do we have a relationship that really works, how do we have love be sustainable. So, what are some of the things that you tell women, how they can sustain love in their relationships?

Wendy Strgar: Okay, so the first thing to know about sustaining love in your relationship is that it’s really challenging. It’s the hardest work that we do in our life is being loving, and so there’s two skills involved. There’s receiving love and there’s giving love. And as women most of us are really, really good at giving love, and not so good at receiving love. So there’s a lot of work to be done in just learning how to open our hearts and actually receive love. That’s really true on a physical level where a lot of women struggle with finding a safe and open space to explore sexuality. That’s a lot about receiving love. You know, there’s a few things that I talk about, routinely about sustaining relationships and getting to that place where you can have a really healthy hardy fire in your relationship, the sexuality part. But in order to do that you have to have, first of all how you think about your relationship is crucial, and so in thinking, what we really need to do is get rid of the myths that love should be easier than it is or that it should make us happy. So, relationships are only there to teach us how to love, and on a good day they make us happy and, and, and some days it feels easy, but if you use that as a barometer for whether it’s working or not, then you might end up leaving a relationship that has so much to teach you about what it is to be you and to be human and to be loving.

Alissa Kriteman: So you’re asking us to re-look at, reexamine the purpose of even being in relationship. I think that’s fantastic, especially for women who are single and looking, out there in the dating scene looking for love.

Wendy Strgar: Exactly. And, you know, I think that we have this sort of Cinderella idea, you know, of what it is to be loved or to love, and, you know, we don’t really, we’re not willing as a culture to look at the work it takes. Here’s the thing, we’re all equally loveable and unloveable at the same moment. What is most loving about us is also the thing that can become the most irritating, and that’s true about our partners too. So, it’s like we have to come to this place where we can find out, how can we hold what really annoys us about somebody and what we love about them in two hands side by side and that is what it is to really maturely love somebody.

Alissa Kriteman: It reminds me of an interview I did recently with Debbie Ford about the Shadow and how, exactly what you’re saying, we are both and who are we to deny the dark parts of ourselves, it’s really actually a part of our growth and healing. So what are some of, what are some questions we can ask ourselves as to the purpose of our relationship? Like how do we reapproach getting into a relationship?

Wendy Strgar: Well I think actually, even before you ask questions, if you’re willing to actually be vigilant about watching your thoughts, and so if you’re in a relationship or you’re dating somebody or you’re thinking about wanting to be in a relationship, are your thoughts mostly positive about those people or mostly negative? ‘Cause here’s the thing, if you’re having dark thoughts and thoughts that you’re not willing to articulate about somebody, it’s not like they don’t know it, you know? So, you know, how we think is very powerful. It creates our lives in a zillion ways and how we think about love in the relationship’s we’re in is foundational. It’s the foundation of what you’re building the rest of it on.

Alissa Kriteman: So would you say that if we noticed we’re about to go on a date, we’re getting ready, but our, we’re consumed with negativity, maybe it’s not even a good time to be out there dating?

Wendy Strgar: Well yeah, I mean because what is it, you know, the thing is is that what you put out in the world is what you’re going to get back. So if you can’t go out and like really be optimistic or at least be open and, and transparent about, you know, it’s okay to be in pain, it’s okay to be suffering or to be lonely. It’s not okay to have that turn in to some other kind of twisted form about what this is about somebody else. I mean, the more we can learn to really bear witness to our own emotions and, and express them and let them move through us, the more that we have room to actually invite in what we want.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that. So say we have positive thoughts, we’re out there, we’re dating, we’re having a good time. What are some of the issues you notice that come up for your clients, women that you work with, when they’re about to approach what they want sexually with their partner that they might not be getting?

Wendy Strgar: Well I think we have to back up for a moment and talk about what it means to feel safe in a sexual relationship, and so I talk about that a lot and I, you know, it’s a interesting catch-22 that women actually need to have an emotional sense of connection to feel safe, and men actually get to an emotional connection by being physically loved. So that puts us in this sort of round robin kind of way, like who gives in first. And so, I think actually being able to store up memories of really positive physical love experiences helps us access that place, but also being in relationships where we feel like somebody, even if they’re not communicating exactly how we want, being in a relationship where you feel safe, which is to say that somebody actually shows up for you and actually is there for you, not just like, “Okay, lets go get dressed up and go out for dinner once in a week”, but, you know, you got a flat tire and you can call somebody or, you know, you’re not feeling well and somebody comes and brings you soup and aspirin, you know, that there’s, that there’s somebody at your back. And so when women feel like there’s somebody at their back, then they feel safe in the way that allows them to open up sexually. So that, I think, is the thing that you really need to be looking for when you’re thinking about having intimate relationships. Do I feel safe with this person? That doesn’t mean that they’re perfect, that doesn’t mean that they communicate everything you want them to say all the time, but it means that they really show up for you and you know it.

Alissa Kriteman: What would you say, that’s brilliant, that is brilliant, because I think a lot of women are getting into relationships for a lot of other reasons, fear, Prince Charming, you know, there’s a lot of different reasons. And so really stopping to take a look at, “Am I being taken care of?”, just what you said, we give, give, give, you know, can we receive, can we be open enough to receive a man’s love. So what do you say to women who are already in a relationship struggling with feeling that safety?

Wendy Strgar: Well so, and I do talk to women all the time about this and of course I’m, I sell love products and I really believe that physical love is actually the most transformative act we can share with another person. You know, it fuses people so, so tightly that it actually transforms them, the act does. But, you know, clearly what precedes that is, you know, I call it the ‘air’ of a relationship or the communication, and so, if you, you know, communication is the currency of a relationship, and so if you are struggling with feeling connected and feeling safe, then probably you’re struggling with having people not really self-disclose. Either you’re not self-disclosing or your partner’s not self-disclosing. So if all you’re ever talking about is who took out the garbage or, or where, where the, if all you’re ever talking about is who talk out the garbage or, or who’s picking up the kids, then you’re not really getting to the place that where you’re feeding your relationship with who you really are or who your partner is. And so, one really great cure for this is to actually make an agreement to have a physical conversation. So when you can’t find the words for, to, to contact each other, you agree for ten minutes or twenty minutes just to touch each other. Maybe that’s in a massage, maybe that turns into sex, but it doesn’t really matter because until you’re really willing to be touched, physically touched and touch another person, you can’t even get into the conversation about real deep intimacy.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that, I love that. So if you’re dating, come from the perspective where, is this, “Do I feel safe with this person? Is this someone where I can just going out to the movies open my heart and feel able to share?”, and then if you’re already in a relationship, really taking a risk almost to open those lines of communication, and I love it, physical communication, you’re not even, you’re not even talking about words, you’re talking about bodies communicating, because you’ve probably talked a lot about it in the past, and now it’s kind of taking a new track with the body communication.

Wendy Strgar: Well here’s the thing, the body actually has knowledge that we never give it credit for. You know, we know in our bodies when we don’t feel safe right away. You know, I always tell my children actually, “You know when you’re in danger, so act on it”, you know, and our bodies give us all kinds of communication. That’s especially true in love relationships, you know, and what we do is we shut down those cues so that we don’t really realize, I mean, we’re not willing to listen to our bodies, and so having a physical conversation for ten minutes or fifteen minutes once a week at minimum, you know, is what you need to do to sustain relationships.

Alissa Kriteman: I love it. Wendy, we’re going to take a break to support our sponsors and when we come back, we’re going to talk about some of the products that you have and more about some of the issues that women deal with when it comes to their sexuality. This is Alissa Kriteman, your host of Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. I’m with Wendy Strgar, CEO and lovologist with Good Clean Love and we’ll be right back.

Alissa Kriteman: Welcome back to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. I’m your host Alissa Kriteman. Today we’re talking with Wendy Strgar, CEO of Good Clean Love and lovologist. I love that you’re a lovologist, you know, nobody is talking about that, really what is love, the study of love, how we have more love in our lives, so I just love that you come from that place. So now we’re going to talk about some of the products that you have, the amazing products that you have and I want to know about the background, how you got into making the purest most amazing, almost edible, definitely edible, lubricants, candles, ladies wait ‘til you hear about the stuff that Wendy has created.

Wendy Strgar: So, I got into this because necessity is the mother of invention. And so, I was married for twenty-some years or seventeen, I had four kids, I nursed forever, and so I have dryness all the time. And I would go to my doctor and I would talk about this and they would always give me products with petrochemicals in them. And so, I tried, I don’t know, a hundred, two hundred different products, and here’s the thing, all those products are made with the same base ingredients, and so if you’re allergic to petrochemicals, which is easy to do because it’s break fluid, antifreeze, oven cleaner, this is the basis of, this is the chemical basis that most people make products with for sex.

Alissa Kriteman: Wait, wait, you got to tell us what, like I hear petrochemical, I have no idea what that mean.

Wendy Strgar: Okay, so propeline glycole, polyethimine glycole are some of the main ingredients that you see in most lubricants. Everything from KY Jelly to Glide, Astro Glide, all that sort of OTC stuff that you find in the drug store.

Alissa Kriteman: OTC, over the counter?

Wendy Strgar: Yeah. So, so I would try all those products and they would actually make me so sick I would end up having to soak myself in the tub for an hour, two hours after having sex because they were so irritating. Most of those products are also preserved with methaline propoparabens, which are cancerous actually. They’re illegal in many countries and the Breast Cancer Foundation has an arm of their organization called The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that’s been trying to get those products, the Parabens out of health care products for years. So, I feel really proud actually of the ingredient base, and as I said, I started searching for this because I was looking for products for myself, and, you know, how did it happen? I don’t know, I found one bottle of love oil in a random location at one point, was having really amazing sex and I didn’t even realize that it was the love oil that was doing it ‘til of course it was gone. And I’m like, “Oh my god, what was that?” Searching, searching for the bottle, trying to get another bottle, took me like a year to come up with where this woman was, and eventually I just learned about how to make aromatherapy love oils. And so, love oils are really great because they change your brain chemistry while you kiss. Cleopatra, all the greatest lovers in history, used a scent because scent is our most primary sexual organ. You know, when you, the things you smell go right from your nose into the limbic part of your brain and actually change your brain chemistry, like, just the way music has notes, scent has layers and it comes in, and what’s really cool about essential oils is, like rose oil for instance is made, one pound of rose oil is made from 50 thousand pounds of roses. So it’s the very, very essence of the plant, and it’s got all these different vibrational qualities and it smells different, when you don’t fix scents like perfumes, they smell different on everybody that wears them. So you create this completely unique scent bridge between you and your partner that only smells that way between you and your partner, and it smells different all over your body so you’re kind of in this scent orgy the whole time you’re kissing.

Alissa Kriteman: I love it. I want to go back for a second though. You said something very important before you got into scents, which I know is really important with aromatherapy and how it does affect us, which is why perfume, I mean it’s such a huge industry, and we can talk more about that in a second. But you mentioned, and I think this is really important to touch, you were looking for a product because you had an issue of dryness and it was making it worse, and this is what I want women to hear because I think women are having dryness and pain when they have sex, they don’t know why and they don’t know that these products that they’re using might be actually causing it. So we need to be careful and, you know, you have a ton of information on your website, and we can talk more about that, but I think it’s important for women to be aware that if they are having dryness, if they are having pain that it might not necessarily be that there’s something wrong with them, that they don’t like sex, lets talk about that.

Wendy Strgar: Yes, so actually that’s a really, really important issue to talk about and it’s because dryness and lack of lubrication affects 35 to 40 percent of all women. So that’s one out of three women you know. Almost like all of your friends are having this problem. And you think it’s only you because nobody talks about it. And so, you know, there’s all kinds of reasons that happens, right? I mean when you’re nursing that happens, you know, you’re, you’re hormones are changing and that creates that. You know, if you’ve had a lot of children and, then you have a whole different biology from that. If you take certain medications, certain antidepressants create that, you know, different stages in life, menopause, pre-menopause you can suffer from that, and so here there’s, another thing, besides the pain factor and the dryness is that when we’re young and we have really a lot of lubrication and that’s just a spontaneous thing that comes up for us, that’s actually the body’s message to our brain, “Oh yeah, I’m aroused. Oh yeah, sex, that’s a good idea.” If you never get that message, it doesn’t mean your body doesn’t like actually still want it, it just means that the messenger is missing. So here’s the really cool thing, if you put a really good clean lubricant on, that is like waking up the messenger. And then suddenly you’re like, “Oh, lubrication, arousal, what a good idea. Yeah, I could have sex.” Sometimes all it does is take a little bit of lubricant on your genitals and suddenly you’re feeling aroused. It’s amazing. It’s a miracle.

Alissa Kriteman: Awesome. I love it. So now lets talk about why your products are so amazing, and I have to agree. I’ve tried them, I love them, and I’ve been sort of seeking out more healthy products just because that’s who I am anyway, which is why I wanted to talk to you because I know, I won’t say particular, over the counter, right, that’s all you need to say, over the counter, yeah, they’re too sticky, they smell bad, they don’t taste very good, so talk to me about your products and why we should use them.

Wendy Strgar: Okay so, a lot, as I was saying before, a lot of the product industry, the sexual product industry is just really suffering from a lack of imagination frankly. And so, they keep using the same ingredients over and over again, you know most of those products are made in two or three factories that make them for all these different labels, so, you know, they keep coming up with the same idea and people keep buying the same stuff, it’s crazy. But, so I actually applied myself to a whole new recipe and we make our lubricants with, we infuse flowers and herbs, so for instance our Cinnamon Vanilla Lube is made with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans, and we make a big pot of tea out of that, and then we take that tea water, and of course we do this in the lab where they do all this challenge testing and all that,  and we infuse that tea water into our primary ingredients, which is Agar, Xanthan Gum, which is a naturally occurring gum and Aloe Vera, and Agar is seaweed right, so you get the glide from the seaweed, you get the glide from the Xanthan gum, and you have a little bit of Aloe Vera, which is very soothing. And we have a food grade preservative system, no parabens in it, and it feels like, I mean, to me it feels like when I was 20 years old. I put that on and it’s cool and lush and eviscise, like the way sort of the mucus and sort of the height of your cycle is, and I’m like, “Wow, lets go.”

Alissa Kriteman: I love it, I love it. And it’s not going to make you sick, there’s no…

Wendy Strgar: No, it’s edible, it’s edible and the, you know, we have scents like Lavender Rose, which is made with lavender flowers and rose petals. The Cinnamon Vanilla I mentioned. We’re working on a mint now so, the cool thing about mint is that it does this hot cold thing, so be looking for that, and we…

Alissa Kriteman: Fresh breath too.

Wendy Strgar: It’s very nice if somebody has a bad breath issue. And…

Alissa Kriteman: Wait, now these are the personal lubricants because…

Wendy Strgar: Yeah…

Alissa Kriteman: yeah, I wanted to be, so these….

Wendy Strgar: personal lubricants, and then we have Almost Naked, which is the most popular because that’s just naked, it just smells like you. Slight lemon vanilla, but it’s very, you know, nobody’s allergic to it, nobody has bad reactions, and so if you’ve had bad reactions using lubricants then I would urge you to try something that’s natural, and there just aren’t that many good options available. And what you were talking about, you know we think so much about what we put in our hair, what kind of makeup we’re using and we really just so rarely like it doesn’t occur to us, what are we putting in our vaginas, which is the most sensitive tissue in your whole body.

Alissa Kriteman: Exactly. And we can talk for an hour about why we don’t do that, I’m not going to do that…

Wendy Strgar: Yeah.

Alissa Kriteman: ‘cause we all know it. I want to continue to talk about what we can do now and here are some solutions so, these personal lubricants are completely amazing. Love oils, what do we use them for as opposed to the personal lubricant?

Wendy Strgar: Right, I always talk about love oils and lubricants as a step one, step two thing. So, love oils are actually an arousal mechanism, they’re a natural aphrodisiac. And so they actually, as I was saying earlier, you go right from your nose into the limbic part of your brain, which is where memory, sexuality and emotion are usually sleeping. So you wake that part of your brain up by smell, and, as I was saying, it’s ancient, I didn’t invent that, you know, I just bottled it. And they’re great for kissing, so anywhere you kiss somebody, it completely changes the experience of oral sex. I used to not even be good at oral sex, and now I am like crazy good at it, you know, and that’s because you, your brain is sort of like, your brain chemistry’s kind of changing and you, you know, you allow this fantasy thing to come in, which, you know, actually Einstein said, you know, “The imagination is more important than knowledge”, and he should know, right?

Alissa Kriteman: Yeah.

Wendy Strgar: He’s a genius. But here’s the thing, if you can’t imagine, if you can’t allow fantasy to move through you, then you’re like cutting off the, sort of the, where the drive comes from, and so scent really helps to open that up. So we use love oils, you know, just as a rub. Here’s the thing, any body part that’s oiled is sexier than that same body part dry. So, so we use it just as an all over rub, and meanwhile the scent is changing and changing you and changing him and different all over, or her, whoever you’re with, and as I said, you know, any kind of oral pleasure is better with love oil. And then, when you’re really ready for the real act, which is sort of the, the gift that we’re given, the lubrication is perfect for penetration. Now I do know people who use it for other things too, hand jobs or, you know, oral sex or whatever, I really prefer the love oils in all of those places, but, you know, what I would say for tip, versus the lubricant, for tip if you do want to use the lubricant in those ways, have a little bit of water handy because it does, it can get like, lose its glide. You know, penetration actually is a great thing because you have all this internal moisture that you might not even be aware of or your partner brings this moisture, and so the lubricants work just by themselves, you know. But if you’re using it with hands and other things that tend to dry, all you do is drop a few drops of water on and, you know, you’re going again.

Alissa Kriteman: Here’s what I love about the love oil, what you’re saying, kind of built in to the love oil, is going slower.

Wendy Strgar: Yeah.

Alissa Kriteman: It may be having a massage and using the love oil not only for kissing but massaging and it, it’s…

Wendy Strgar: It’s tipping all different parts of the body. It’s very exciting. Actually, here’s the thing, when you change the love oil scent, you change the love. So you try Indian Spice first or you go to Caribbean…

Alissa Kriteman: So you can be like a belly dancer, or a….

Wendy Strgar: Yeah, you know, it actually is changing your brain differently so you get fired up for different kinds of sex and, you know, the longer you wait for the culminating act, the better it is…

Alissa Kriteman: Exactly.

Wendy Strgar: every time. So, you know, extending love is good. You know, we also have these candles that Lisa was talking about earlier, and the candles are actually like a hot oil rub, they’re in the same scents as the love oils, but you burn them and then you can just, they burn at a 103 degrees, so they’re totally safe, fire hazard, be careful of curtains and all that stuff, children, you know, but you can dip your hand in or pour the hot oil right on you and it is just luxurious.

Alissa Kriteman: I love it, and I have to give my own testimonial here because I bring that little candle, it’s in a tin container so you can travel with it, and so there you have your candlelight and massage oil in the same little container. I mean, it’s really brilliant. And so, just, before we wrap up, tell me quickly about pleasure butters and perfumes. I know we could talk all day about the perfume and synthetic versus natural…

Wendy Strgar: Yeah, so perfumes usually are fixed, and they’re usually made with fake fragrance, and we only make perfumes with pink lotus, rose and jasmine pure essential oils. So they don’t last as long, but they smell different on everybody. They’re very exotic, they’re sweet. The pleasure butters are a different form of love oil. They’re made with organic coconut and so what’s fun about those is they melt on you at night. And so they also melt on you if you live in Arizona and you don’t put them in the refrigerator. So, hard product to ship, but people love them so we keep making them.

Alissa Kriteman: That doesn’t happen in San Francisco.

Wendy Strgar: But here the thing I want to mention also is that we have a really nice variety of vibrators, really high-end pleasure objects on our site. And we could have another conversation about this at some other point, but, you know, pleasure objects or vibrators are actually really a nice enhancer to, you know, you can play with them as a couple, you know, and there’s all, I mean there’s such a wide range now, but just be really attentive again to ingredients because there’s a ton that are made just super cheap in China, that off gas fallalates and, you know, really nasty chemicals, so just, you know, you get what you pay for in everything.

Alissa Kriteman: Wait, hold on, hold on, these vibrators that emit gases. Really?

Wendy Strgar: Yeah, yeah, and actually there’s a big article on Tree Hugger that you can look up online about that or just, you know, write, type in off gassing vibrators and you’ll find some interesting frightening information actually. I have a piece that I have up on Hitched magazine about that. So be careful, but if you’re, if that’s something you’re curious about, come and look on our site and just see the range that’s available because that’s a nice add-on too, it’s a fun thing to do. We’re also looking for like bamboo lingerie now and silk sheets and different ways to do green sustainable love because that is what it’s all about.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that, yeah, we could talk a lot about how we are energetic beings and how what we put in and on our body really makes a difference. You mentioned very briefly about the vibrational impact on that, and maybe we will have to have you back to talk more about that because we’re just quickly touching on the bottom line here. But really, why I wanted you on the show is because the show Just For Women is all about empowering women to empower themselves and we have to take the first step in having love be in our relationships and love be in our lives and loving ourselves enough that we are having the kind of sex that we want, and we have the men in our lives that we want that treat us well and that we are steering, we’re not waiting around, we are going after what we want for our sexual pleasure, and so Wendy thank you so much for the work that you’ve done to help women move along, men and women, in this way, and tell us more about how we can find you.

Wendy Strgar: So you can go to our website, We’ve got a very exciting new design coming out in the next couple weeks, so I’m really thrilled about that. And you can always call us at our office at 541-344-4483. You can find us in some stores depending on where you live. Wholefoods, some regions have Wholefoods carries our product, so, yeah, we’re trying to be available to women everywhere.

Alissa Kriteman: And I just want to say that Good Clean Love is one of the sponsors of our show and Personal Life Media and the network, and so I just encourage women to use these products because we really take the time to find sponsors that are completely aligned with who we are and our vision for the network.

Wendy Strgar: And I just want to say one last thing is that I have a really wonderful discussion called Making Love Sustainable, so you can find it at, and that’s a place where we can, we talk about all these issues all them time. So if you ever want to come and look at that, that’d be great.

Alissa Kriteman: I love that.

Wendy Strgar: So we’re featuring with this show today a Passionate Night’s gift set and you get a ten percent discount if you use the code that’s mentioned at the end of the show, women, when you go on the site and you log on and you just type in that code and you’ll get ten percent off. That and any other products you want to try.

Alissa Kriteman: Awesome. So would they go to and the special code is ‘women’?

Wendy Strgar: They would go to

Alissa Kriteman: Got it, okay. Ladies, go, and the special code for the Passionate Nights package is ‘women’, and you will be supporting yourself, you’ll be supporting me and Just For Women, and you’ll be supporting Wendy and her amazing Good Clean Love company. These are definitely products you want to have in your bedroom, in your life forever. Thank you for tuning in to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. I’m your host Alissa Kriteman. We’ve been talking with Wendy Strgar, founder and CEO of, and don’t forget you can get ten percent off your purchase if you go to and type in your code ‘women’. Thanks again for tuning in. I look forward to bringing you much more exciting information from today’s top experts right here on Just For Women. See you next time.

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