Satyen Raja – What is True Feminine Power?
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Alissa Kriteman

Episode 75 - Satyen Raja – What is True Feminine Power?

Satyen Raja is a force of love you definitely want to tap into! He speaks boldly and passionately to all of us who sometimes struggle with fully embodying our feminine essence and power. In this interview Satyen directs most, if not ALL of his attention and information into the hearts of women to help awaken in us the power we possess to light up our relationships and the world in general!

Satyen asks us to build a special, small but sensual alter dedicated to honoring not only the "divine feminine" in us but also to the "divine masculine" inside the man in our lives or the man we seek to be in relationship with. A true inspiration to engage with Satyen talks about anger in both men and women, why it is there (usually) and how to free it up. He describes for us the three levels of relating - Prison, Parole and Paradise and how to move from one to the next.

He mentions that women grow through PRAISE and men grow through CHALLENGE - that is one to keep in mind when we desire for something to shift in our relating with the opposite sex! Satyen is extremely generous and wants everyone to benefit from his transformational workshops - therefore he is giving Just for Women listeners FREE tickets to his introductory course: Sex, Passion and Enlightenment! Just go to and register using the Code: Just For Women Show

If you are unable to attend one of his workshops - he will give you a discount on any course you want to take. Again just tell them you heard about this offer on Just for Women.

This is an interview - you SERIOUSLY want to listen to and experience Satyen Raja's passion for yourself!



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Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex.  I’m your host, Alissa Kriteman.  This show is dedicated to providing today’s modern women with useful information they need to make empowered, conscious choices.  This month we’re talking all about marriage, what inspires men to want to be married?  How to get emotional when we prepared for marriage?  What makes a great marriage?  And how to revive a marriage that might be dead or totally luckless or lost all excuse?  So, on the show today, we’re going to talk to a very high level speaker, educator, of course leader on how women can be totally in their feminine, take the range of their relationships, have the love and the like that they want to have.  Our guest today is Satyen Raja, he’s the President and Master Facilitator of his company, Warrior Sage.  Satyen, welcome for Just -- welcome to Just For Women.


Satyen Raja: Oh, thanks for being here.  I know I’m a guy but I’ve been in a relationship with my wonderful goddess Suzanne for close to twenty three years now and I’ve learned a lot about how not to make her happy and also from there how to make her ecstatic and be, you know want contributing to her ecstatic happen as in vice versa so I’d love to share what we’ve learned to these twenty three years.


Alissa Kriteman: Let me just tell listeners a little bit more about you and then we’ll jump right in.  I want people to know that Warrior Sage is one of the leading spiritual growth organizations in the world.  And one of the things I want to talk to you about in a little is how your organization is different from other relationship workshops because from what it seems to me it’s quite different, so, I definitely want to hear about that.  You’re also a kung fu master, which I love, and like you said you’ve been married for twenty two, almost twenty three years and you have a son together, yes?


Satyen Raja: We -- we have a daughter and a son, a twelve-year-old daughter and a ten-year-old son.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  Awesome.  So you pretty much can feel and answer any question that we might have about what it was like before, sounds like you went through something in your relationship that actually got you to where you are today in this totally inspired place, so.


Satyen Raja: Well, totally you know, so I’m happy to go there because like any marriage, any relationship has its ups and downs and we, you know we were sailing right along at the beginning, we were high school sweethearts and then you know, a decade had later and we started that you know we had our first child and that’s where things really started shaking while that people think that bringing a kid into the house will vamp up ones relationship and what it does it brings one more person into the household that needs lots of attention and a lot of couples I know suffered at that phase in intimacy and we had to, we love each other to appoint where we said, you know we don’t want to let out relationship deteriorate because I got to tell you many -- few years ago, twelve, thirteen years ago, we were almost near the end of it and we learned some profound principles, profound teachings from our mentors as in as applied in our lives and all I can tell you now for the last twelve years that’s been a constant rise into ecstatic relationship.  On ever level sexual, emotional and most importantly spiritual and I’d love to share about what I mean by that and how to cultivate that and how to live it practically starting today.


Alissa Kriteman: Totally, I do want to ask you one thing though, you know so many people head for divorce since, you know the divorce rate is astronomical.  What was it -- is it, how do you say was it you who said it, was it she who said it, what was the deciding factor that you were like, “No, we’re not getting divorced, we’re going to work this out”?


Satyen Raja: Well, you know we had love in our heart for each other but the passion had waned, the sexual heat, the sexual passion, the feeling of, “oh, she is hot or she is hot” started diminishing because quite frankly I was totally absorbed in my career, my wife was totally absorbed in raising our child at that time, very young, and when we’re absorbed in energies other than ourselves then it leeches and it sucks away the polarity, the pizzazz, the zing that you have.  But we knew somehow inside that we -- that our love, if we just open our hearts, if we -- if we were really focused on our relationship that something would come to us and I was fortunate enough to come across one of my mentors, who is a fellow named David Dada who taught me these principles to my wife and I and the inspiration was sometimes when it sucks that bad, it’s either sucks worse or you do something about it.  And we decided to be so active and rather than spend money on lawyers and splitting everything up, we said let’s take that same energy and put it into something constructive.  So, it was a -- it was, you know, a do or die deal and we chose going deeper rather than going shallower because we knew intrinsically that whatever we don’t deal with now, we’re going to replay those same patterns with any new partner that we attract in our life’s down the road.  So, we’ve been around the block to know that psychos and patterns repeat themselves unless you catch them, deal with them and get excited about what’s transformational in your difficult times and so we, we, we catapult it ourselves, we utilize our negativity and that was the turning point, I want to let anyone that was in that circumstance, you have the opportunity to take a hold of your relationship and turn it from Monday into magnificent and all it takes is understanding simple principles and applying them in your life, you know.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  Thank you for saying that that’s exactly what I wanted to inspire your women with is that there is possibility.  So, what are some of those things, what are some of those key points that we can utilize in our life to actually transform on Monday in relationship into something magnificent?


Satyen Raja: Well, I’m going to speak obviously very specifically to the ladies, to the goddesses, and I call you -- ladies goddesses because I’ve come to discover what humility that there’s a source of power, profound power in each one of you that requires in and pulls out from within me a respect.  So when I use the term goddess, it’s not the so-so new age idea, to me it’s representative of the power that you have.  So the first thing all of you ladies and goddesses, you have to recognize that you were not broken when relationships start to breakdown, it’s not necessarily that you’re unattractive or you’re not gorgeous anymore, you’re getting older or because the tendency for the feminine but if the feminine is moved by relationship and when that possess that string is waning and we don’t know what it is, we tend to personalize and think it something, you know unattractive about ourselves and nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve seen seventy, eighty-year-old women in our trainings, within three days, you know go from, you know feeling bad, negative about their body image, feeling down, feeling unloved even to themselves, turning to, you know sexual feminine radiate wisdom goddesses.  And so the principle is this, you’re not broken, number one.  And number two, the most important thing you have to cultivate listen to this, is to re-ignite the energy of your feminine polarity, your feminine essence.  And I’d love to share what I mean by the feminine essence but that’s the number one thing you have to do, re-vamp your understanding and to open up the layers that are holding back, your true feminine strength and your true feminine strength doesn’t turn men often, make them afraid, your true feminine juiciness, your true feminine sensuality, your true feminine evocative nature has the ability to -- and, I’m going to go little graphic here, the same way you can use your sexual energy to bring a form of male erection to his particular member.


Alissa Kriteman: We like that member.


Satyen Raja: That you have the same ability to give him a hard on in presence.  In a spiritual purpose, it is mission in the world to your partner and so I’d love to share how to evoke that feminine radiant, so you’re not just waking up you know, below the waist, you’re waking up his heart, you’re waking up his mind, you’re waking up his soul, you’re giving him an erection that lets him know “Man, I’m a warrior, I’m a king, I’m a savior, I’ve got a purpose in my life”.  And when you know how to turn on your man not just sexually, but including your sexuality then what happens is he becomes so loyal to you, his masculine comes right to the forefront, he becomes a warrior and that warrior within him in the forefront awakens the juicy goddess within you.  So, I’d love to share with you how to do that OK.


Alissa Kriteman: Yes, you’ve just -- you’ve just covered about ten of the questions I have so, go ahead.


Satyen Raja: Yes OK.  OK, so I’m going to share historically just to give you a bit of a background when -- how the feminine grows through three stages from present to parole to paradise stage of consciousness OK.  The present stage was in the fifties and earlier when you can imagine women were stuck underneath this particular rows of having to be maybe an airline stewardess or a housewife or a nurse, society and men dictated where women with, very few women had a say in their direction in life, their money, what they’re going to achieve, how they’re going to grow in life, they report into the subservient role for a thousand, if not more years.  So that’s the old style of what we call prison, the first stage level of relationship, the stereotype is the Edith Bunker and who do see attract, she attracts the archetype, the over macho, unconscious, not really deeply in his heart male.  We don’t want to go there, we want to go way beyond that and so what happen was in the ‘60s, women started growing beyond the first stage or prison stage of the model, where women starts saying, “Hey, we want to have a say in our direction, we want to just not be a housewife or stuck in particular roles.  If we want to be housewife we want to be that out of choice, out of joy, not out of being defaulted by society to be put into that role, you know what I’m talking about right?


Alissa Kriteman: Yes, totally.


Satyen Raja: So a lot of women started growing, guess what?  They started growing the masculine inside as they counter to the repression of their direction because you see the masculine within us represents direction, going for goals, going for clarity, making plans, stepping up and out of the picture to decide which avenue or courses that’s for my life.  For many years women were subdued in that area so in the sixties women started empowering their masculine inside, and when I say masculine I’m not talking male because masculine and feminine are totally different energies that male in feminine OK -- oh male and female because you could be a male person and have a feminine essence, you could be a female person and have a masculine essence.  It just have happens to be that most women have more of a feminine essence and what that means is that you’re attracted at your deepest core that your highest value is love, your highest value is the flow of love in relationship, the flow of communication, the flow of being understood, being felt, whereas the masculine hierarchy of value is freedom, those who have more of a masculine essence which is more men, then were moved by a tame and a freedom moving beyond the constraints of their, you know whatever holding them down they would get a break free.  So if you look at movies that are more masculine dominated or dominant they’re more having to do with challenges, breaking through into freedom, one man versus the whole army.


Alissa Kriteman: Well, let’s talk it more about this.  Because you’re definitely hitting on something that speaks to the heart of many women who I know listen to my show and that is just what you said about how we’ve grown to develop this over masculinized presence in way of being in the world because we had to or we were taught to you’ve got to make it on your own, you can do it on your own, you don’t need a man, you know and there’s ---


Satyen Raja: In all, you know all of that is absolutely true and the thing is going from the old school 1950s and earlier, subservient in co-dependent role where you had to be dependent, you had to and -- it’s a historical balancing that over the last forty years that women never had to learn to be on their own, to be strong on their own, I love you but I don’t need you but guess what happens, if you’ve already achieved certain mode of self liberation knowing where you want to go, being able to do your, you know, this -- I got to tell you, most of the women I know can take but way better than most of the men I know in business and almost anything else because the natural energy of the feminine is multi-tasking and managed many things.  But guess what goddesses, when you were over animating masculine energy for a long period of time as a counter to the traditional suppression of your feminine essence and you don’t know any better way than your feminine heart dries out.  Your feminine body becomes achy, you become more stiff, you become more angular and no matter how many goals you were taking on a masculine hierarchy of values such as making more money, achieving more freedom, being more controlled, having more supposedly power in the world, your feminine heart is yearning to be touched, your feminine heart yearns and aches to be loved deeper than its ever been loved.  But, unconsciously you feel that if you open to that vulnerable feminine again, you’ll go backwards and you’ll lose your power, well, I’m here to share with you that for example and now I work called Sex, Passion and Enlightenment in our trainings, we teach women and my incredible staffs and trainers and goddess trainers, they teach women that to be in your true power means to come back to the original feminine, which you’ve never even known.  And this is now talking about the third stage, moving beyond the second stage of independence, the first stage of co-dependents, the last stage, the goddess re-awaken is what we called the paradise stage of the feminine growth.  And that’s where, yes, when you have doing your business work and your work circumstances in your everyday life where you need to cultivate and use your masculine use it to attain goals, to achieve freedom, to make money but when you come home you have to learn immediately to drop the overly masculine soul you’ve carried, replenish your feminine essence like your truth juicy sensual powerhouse of a goddess out, let your exotic heart be liberated and then bring that to the man in your life.  And when you do so man, is he going to be turned on from the inside out.


Alissa Kriteman: Nice, thank you for saying all of that and, and really laying that all out in a new way that I haven’t heard before with the present and parole and paradise and really speaking directly to women who are empowered but maybe have lost a little bit of that feminine flare and then actually how to get it back.  And so, we’re going to take a break and when we get -- come back, we’ll talk a little bit more about that.  And listeners, if you’re wanting some great discounts on things that will enhance your life, please listen to these ads coming up, they helped me bring amazing experts like Satyen Raja to you.  So, I’d appreciate it if you check that out.  This is Alissa Kriteman, I’m with Satyen Raja and we’ll be right back to talk more about how to be the juicy goddess you know you are?


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Alissa Kriteman: We’re back, I’m Alissa Kriteman, we’re speaking with Satyen Raja, who is just an incredible speaker wow, I’m just amazed the energy and the passion that you have about letting women know hey you’re amazing, you’re a goddess, you’re not going to lose your power and here’s how to get your feminine.


Satyen Raja: Right on, well, thank you so much.  I’m -- I am really having a great time enjoying this because I know that there’s going to be a lot of happy men, they’re like me, husbands who are just yearning and wanting that the best of their women, the best of their women to come out.  But guess what, I says guys, we just don’t know how, we’ve been taught that the way to inspire other people is by giving them challenges, we just have the masculine grows.  And we should be doing our best so we give you direction, we tell you how to do things, where about unconscious, we say OK if you just do this ABCD, all your problems will be solve.  And, you know I’m now wise enough knowing through the Sex, Passion and Enlightenment training that I give and I teach and our organization does that the feminine doesn’t grow by challenge, the feminine grows by praise.


Alissa Kriteman: Um-hmm.


Satyen Raja: So, you two goddesses you have to praise each other when you get together.  But I’d love to get in the specific tips of how to re-awaken passion in the stale or a flat relationship and if it’s really good to turn it into great, if it’s great, to turn it into a way to god to the divine because ultimately in my work, you know at Sex, Passion and Enlightenment, our whole focus is your relationship is not just a doorway to pleasure and for having good times and die with peace and comfort.  It’s actually a doorway to the most intimate experiences with the divine and feminine beings lot of ladies are most open have -- had their most intimate spiritual experiences and moments of deep sexual rapture, so, I’d love to share how you can create the background scene and space and practices to start that journey towards Sex, Passion and Enlightenment in your life.


Alissa Kriteman: When you say, when you say the divine and this sort of this -- this almost like god like experience, I just want to kind of bring it down a notch, what -- what exactly are you talking about because I’m just thinking some women might be listening to you and having no idea really what it is you’re saying?


Satyen Raja: Well, you know an example is sometimes in our deepest intimate moments where they’re with a conscious profound partner, what happens is and what can happen is the sense of you two as two lovers, two people can dissolve so deeply that there’s only a sense of one profound erotic exotic heart-connected love that’s being lives through you and your partner although you can’t tell the difference.  And a sense of heart blooming that shall profound in a sense being smothering, you know that song, “Killing Me Softly With His Love”, that old song?


Alissa Kriteman: La-la-la, la-la-la-la-la.


Satyen Raja: That’s right.  So, we have the capacity to rubbish each other sexually and spiritually and sensually so deeply that we forget our, our [xx], we forget our strife, we forget the differences and we merged at a level, which our body is shuttering in wonders.  So that’s what I mean by erotic profound consciousness or, or divine love and sexual spiritual relationships are a portal to that profound place that is the -- really beyond words they have to feel and I’m going to give you some basics on how to start creating the -- the soil, the fertilize soil for those type of relationships whether you’re single or in a relationship OK?


Alissa Kriteman: Awesome.


Satyen Raja: OK, number one, every goddess out there listen to this, I’m going to give you some simple fun juicy advise and directions here.  Number one, create an alter, a sacred alter in your room, in your bedroom or somewhere where you can be privately for few minutes everyday and on that alter put things that inspire you to -- to be of woman that could be things from nature, it could be pictures, it could be sense of the sacred, they could be scarves or flowers or would ever moves your heart and they can continuously change, you can build on it weekly.  After building that small little intimate alter to the feminine within you, you also only give one little piece of rock or stone or stick or picture of your husband, something that makes you feel that your -- that the masculine in the universe, in your own personal life is also sacred.  And here’s the key now you’re ready?  Here’s the fun part.  You pick a juicy song or two, just a piece of music that inspires you that obliges you and in your own privacy, you could do a sensual song in the morning, a dance, a sacred dance to the great spirit, to the great masculine essence, to the great feminine essence within yourself and you do in erotic exotic dance that brings you to your edge, which makes you little shy, which makes you blush to yourself and whatever that level is to you for some people, it’s just turning out a piece of music dance into yourself and but as you’re dancing you’re not just dancing with your eyes close, you’re having a feeling that you’re offering your bodily juicy feminine fleshiness as a devotion to the masculine, as a devotion to your lover so, to have a lover in your life you’re making it a juicy devotion to him.  If you’re a single woman -- sending your body dance as a prier to that future man that you’ll attract in your life, you’re saying oh divine masculine, I want nothing less than the highest impeccable man and you do a dance with that highest impeccable man, the man that’s going to meet the depth of your hearts longing.  Those of you already have a partner in your life, what you do is you find within your man a virtue that you could truly offer your bodily devotion to in dance and so, you put a little picture of him and you give him more than you could ever give him, let’s say you’re shy to do it, you know personally at the beginning, so you do it in the sacred space of your sacred dance goddess space, you make a beautiful when you do a sacred dance with your body, you touched yourself and sends a waves, you discover yourself and sends you in erotic and exotic waves but rather than just self pleasure, you open your body and you give your pleasure ceremoniously to the divine masculine impeccability in the lover you already have or the lover you’ll attract to you and you do it in a fun, shy, juicy way and you do it everyday for seven days, just one song, promise me to do that and I’m -- I promise you your body will start to wave with motions of pleasure, you’ll start to feel a new, you’ll start to feel heaviness move away from your body, you’ll start to feel the freshness come back and a joy and an appreciation of being feminine.  Just by doing that every single day for just a few days in a row, guess what, your partners if you have one, got to notice you, you can go my goodness you -- he stuck in to know what happen and don’t tell him, just exude more of the grace that comes out of your dance meditation hall.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  I’m really get that that -- here’s what’s great about talking to you as a man that the way that you’re talking about this I’m really clear and I know that my listeners are really clear, I am hoping that you are totally inspired by the fundament and we just don’t hear that a lot, we don’t hear what the impact is for us in re-connecting to this, the movement that the feminine has and ---


Satyen Raja: They will ---


Alissa Kriteman: --- the importance of being in our body, do you know what I am saying?


Satyen Raja: Yes, we’ll go to war for you, we love you.  You give us hard on from the inside out on every level of being.  We love you and what we -- what we love is when you love your own bodies.  When you love your own bodies I don’t care if you’re 250 pounds and, and you know juicy and large and plum, what you have to start looking at is in the mirror when you do your sacred dance you offer your fleshy fullness for our enjoyment and when you start enjoying your fleshy fullness in whatever form that the divine has graced you and then you start going yes, I have this, I love this and but the difference between self talk, a positive self talk, which is a second stage parole stage of person go to practice and what I am alluding to, which is the third stage or what I called sacred -- paradise practice.  If your body, your heart, your love, you know at your deepest core goddesses that you’re not just here for yourself, you are here as a sacrifice for the sake of all beings, because the feminine in you is most moved by loving service to others.  So, why not serve the world in the privacy of your own sacred meditation, which we should be a dancing form of meditation not a sitting boring, sit on your butt and count your breath that’s not how the -- the feminine is deeply meant to meditate it, it’s foolish, you have to appreciate that your fleshiness, your juiciness, your waves, your curves, you have an ocean within your being of love and delight, you want to dance that out as if you spring it like a water hose in all directions, do that everyday and you’ll feel great about yourself, your partners will feel great about yourself.  And if you’re a single women, I want you stop calling yourself single, I want you to start saying to yourself I am an available goddess, I’m an available being not a single being because the word single reinforces your separation.  But when you put out to the universe that I am an available goddess than a vibration goes out and instead of your weak little needy side that wants to be seen, let yourself be seen and you’ll attract a man who is happy to claim you and claim your deepest heart and rubbish you all the  way to god.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  Wow!  I have to come back down to earth here.  May I, thank you so much we have to take another short break but what a pleasure it is to talk to you, I am just floored and how inspired you are and what you’re saying with such ease and power and passion directly into the hearts of women.  Deep breath, OK.  So, let’s just take a little break here and listeners again, feel free to send me an email at [email protected], none of this is important now.  Or leave me a message at 206-350-5333.  Always interested in your feedback and when we come back I’m actually going to read a question that I have from one of my listeners who emailed then Satyen then I would love for you to answer, so let’s take a short break, we’ll be right back.  I’m Alissa Kriteman with Satyen Raja and wow!  That’s all I can say, we’ll be right back.


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Alissa Kriteman: We’re back, I’m Alissa Kriteman, we’re talking to Satyen Raja and we’re pretty much out of time here Satyen but I just want to quick leak at your take on an email a listener wrote in and I’m going to abbreviated here basically what she’s saying is that she has an enormous sex drive, she’s thirty three years old, she’s got a higher sex drive than most of the men that she needs and relates with.  And some men have told her, her sex drive is intimidating and she’s looking for guidance and information on how to approach that her -- her desires and drive without triggering a man’s -- what she calls an internal need to perform, thus making them pretty huge amount of pressure on themselves?


Satyen Raja: Well, you know this goddess, you know she’s asking a very profound question because when the goddesses’ energy is released, every women believe it or not will be way more sexual or has the ability to be way more profoundly energetically sexual than most men.  This is a misnomer that guys tend to be more turn on.  When goddesses are lit up to who they truly are this sexual energy becomes not only a force to rejuvenation, how rejuvenation, you let go of all types of, you know, some to the diseases start to move away because the flow happens in their body again, their power sexually is incredible.  So, one of the things I recommend and sounds like a blatant plug but, you know I would recommend she come out to one of our Sex, Passion and Enlightenment intensive because there’s men there who are yearning to meet women in power, not women are trying to be overly masculized or women who had excessively use their masculine energy and are yearning to find a new way, we’ve got incredible, you know available men who are integral, who are learning to be warriors virtually, mentally, they’re learning and they’re yearning to take their biggest gifts to the world, what this woman needs to find is not a simple match, she needs to raise her standards in life and say I am going to attract only a man to me and except in my intimate communion with me, only a man who meets the depth of my heart’s yearning, so she has to learn to be discerning and say I will only give eye contact to warriors who show a level of presence and impeccability that is tangibly felt because a man who is practicing what I’m sharing about and if there’s any men listening or women who would like to bring their men to one of our trainings, let them know that they’re going to awaken within them, this warrior, this tantric master, they’re going to also awakening them a vulnerability which let them know without any form of external performance that they are an integral solid man because women are looking for presence that is imperturbable in the face of her feminine energy and moods and weather and the feminine let me tell you, you know it’s all types of weather.  So, the bottom line is this, raise your standards, only accept in your intimate circles men who meet the bar who are willing to meet you with a presence and impeccability, a level of warriorship, which shows that I have a big integral heart, when you -- when you find that type of men and attract them to you rather than playing small thinking that if I play small, I get more men, forget it, go for less men but go for the men who are really amazing warrior sages.  When you do your heart will be met and when you tell the universe I accept nothing less, guess what, your prince who was really the divine, really your true self showing up a masculine form will come up and sweep you off your feet.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  That’s amazing, I -- I was talking to someone recently who’s a therapist, you know because this whole month is about marriage and getting prepared for marriage and man, you’re just taking a lid off of all of that about what marriage can even be what -- what attracting another lover could even be and so ---


Satyen Raja: Well, you know it’s -- it’s all over -- everyone has a potential and as I said there’s a present stage, we don’t want to go back but the parole stage can also be boring, so yes you got good communication, yes you are both fair and equal when you share bank accounts and duties and all that.  But my goodness!  Is that the most creative that we can achieve?  No, there’s a whole other paradise level and what I’m sharing at Sex, Passion and Enlightenment in our trainings, it’s really about awakening to our next level of evolution, which we all yearn but we just kind of take some courageous steps towards it, which really means reconnecting with our sacred feminine as men reconnecting with our sacred masculine, learning how to play the game of polarity and all polarity means keeping the spark alive and if there’s one partner or two partners, which are not strongly polarize one’s not being strongly feminine, one’s not being strongly masculine, how can you have an art of attraction?  So, in our trainings in Sex, Passion and Enlightenment, it’s about re-activating that spark, so you can have it for a lifetime, you can die winking at each other horny.


Alissa Kriteman: Yes.  Can you tell me something, what -- I would love to hear from you what impact anger has on men because you know you’re talking very much about inspiring the masculine with our feminine and I know a lot of women who email me, grapple with this kind of anger that comes up or frustration or ---


Satyen Raja: OK, I ---


Alissa Kriteman: --- or something of that nature.  So how, how do woman handle that?


Satyen Raja: OK, what happens is us, men get angry when we feel the constraints of life.  That’s the reason why all men with a masculine essence get angry, they feel there’s more burdens on their life than they can handle, OK.  That’s the reason for masculine anger, feminine anger occurs when the flow of love is disrupted when there is a stifling or stagnation in the flow of love communication, so we get angered by different means OK.  The way to help a man’s anger, very simple, find within him and here’s a secret that’s inspiring the masculine in a very tangible way.  Look in his eyes, look in his so when he comes back from work when he’s going off to work, just before you, you know you go away from each other for whatever you’re up to do in the day and see within him the weary warrior, within the heart of every masculine being is a sense of a weary warrior and when you can offer devotional love and you say hey my weary warrior, go off to your work today, when you come back and have the sense that when he comes back that you’re going to nourish the weary warrior through touch, through words, through tenderness, through love, through your sensuality, through your sexuality, so it’s an offering you give him to his deepest core and when you can find and offer and touch and rejuvenate this weary warrior then his anger starts to dissipate and cool him.  You are the force of a fountain, you are the force of a cooling waterfall, cool the front surface of his body when he’s angry, so feel like your hands are rubbing down his face, his throat, his heart, his chest, rub down where the front surface of his body like a cooling waterfall and embrace him, let him know your devotion to his purpose, your devotion to his mission.  And another reason why men get angry or have to settle tension all the time or apathy is because they don’t know their deepest purpose or they have lost their deepest purpose if got caught up in superficialities of life.  You have the ability to inspire him into his depth, let him know you maybe lost and you know especially when there’s more difficult financial times or something, let him know, I’m behind you, I love you, I am in devotion to your deepest purpose, we’re going to make it through.  You know that Peter Gabriel song, it’s called “Don’t Give Up”.


Alissa Kriteman: Um-hmm.


Satyen Raja: I’d recommend every goddess do a dance for her partner “Don’t Give Up” in this day and age so that he feels the devotional love coming to his sacred partner and if you are available woman then play that song,  “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel, but give it to all the men out there who are suffering to the sense of challenges or not knowing how they’re going to make it through or not knowing, you know how to deal with the obstructions in their life.  When you offer that through your body, for your heart you’re being the sacred awakens in you and more wisdom will flow through you and Sex, Passion and Enlightenment will be the beginning of your journey to -- to wholeness and beyond.


Alissa Kriteman: Wow!  You are amazing.  It is a true blessing to have you on the show, I have never been so captivated and just -- so, right there with you in so much of what you’re saying, you really -- you speak to the heart of what’s going on in our world in a way that I haven’t heard in a long time and what I want to thank you for is that your modeling behavior that we need and you know, there are so many more questions I have, so I’m going to have to have you back.


Satyen Raja: That would be my pleasure to be back.


Alissa Kriteman: Yes, yes, so, so just thank you for that and being this model of what -- what sexuality and relationship can be, the people have no ideas, even possible, thank you for -- for a living god in your life and.


Satyen Raja: Thank you, well you know I’d like to give a gift to all the listeners here and if you go to my website, we have tickets for our free, for one of our introductory workshops at my Warrior Sage Organization delivers all over.  So, the tickets are $79.00 but I want to make sure that everyone listening gets them absolutely as my compliments, so all you have to do is go to  Our contact information is on there, our phone number, our email, let them know that you’re on the show that you heard the show and we’ll make sure that you get activated, we’ll send you free tickets to Sex, Passion and Enlightenment, our introductory workshop.  And for those of you who can’t come to the introductory workshop, just call a 1-800 number and let them know you heard the show and we’ll make sure that we give you an incredible discount offer for a three-day intensives.  And that’s my gift to you because I know the ladies here who are listening are really moved and want to bring really sacred relationship, sacred sexuality into their lives whether they’re available goddesses or already in a relationship.  This is really for you if you’ve been moved by this so please take action, call -- go to a website, get our number and find out how you can be part of this incredible work.


Alissa Kriteman: Satyen, thank you and that website is and the code would be Just For Women Show.  So, go ahead ladies and get over there, thank you so much for the gift.


Satyen Raja: Oh you know, and -- yes, there’s also one more thing, there’s also a -- if you register for our newsletter, every women and everyone listening will get a seven-week E-course that I’ve put together on the Fundamentals of Sex, Passion and Enlightenment so that’s totally free, wherever you are in the world listening, make sure you register for the newsletter and you’ll get an E-course delivered directly to you, so you can start Sex, Passion and Enlightenment in your life right now.


Alissa Kriteman: Now, I feel like we’re well on our way just so this interview alone.


Satyen Raja: Thank you, thank you so much.


Alissa Kriteman: Thank you so much Satyen I appreciate it that brings us to the end of the show.  Thank you everyone for listening for text and transcripts of the show -- another shows in the Personal Life Media Network, just go to  And also you can get instant notification now when my next goes live, just go to, don’t miss out on that.  I’m your host Alissa Kriteman, always expanding your choices here on Just For Women.  Tune in next week for more juicy news you can use.


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