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Joy of Living Creatively
Dr. Eric Maisel
Tap into your full human potential by using the creativity-inducing strategies that Eric Maisel teaches to bestselling authors, Grammy Award-winning musicians, Academy Award-winning screenwriters, and thousands of other creative clients and coaches. Experience the pleasure and confidence that comes with living creatively. Tap in to your imagination, resourcefulness and self-direction. Solve problems more quickly, make choices more easily, and use the power of your full potential to become an everyday creative person, creative at everything you do. Every week, through examples, tips and exercises, you energize your personal creative process and shine like a beacon with Dr. Eric Maisel, America’s premier creativity coach and the author 30 books including Ten Zen Seconds, Fearless Creating, Creativity for Life and Coaching the Artist Within.


Your Mind on Brownies

In the ninth and last episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we look at the abundant joys that arise when you actually honor your creative space. Creating is not all woe and difficulty: sometimes creating provides us with the deepest satisfactions available to ... Read More


At Home, Choosing

In the eighth episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we look at how active choosing helps you make the most of your creative time. If you are uncertain about which creative project you are actually working on, if you can't quite decide whether to tackle chapter... Read More


The Space-Time Continuum

In the seventh episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we examine why you want to slow down time so that you can create more deeply. If you spend time in your creative space the same way that you spend time during the rest of your day--in an unquiet, half-mad ru... Read More


Like Taking Your Medicine

In the sixth episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we look at the idea of returning to your creative work periodically during the day. Many creative people, even when they have sufficient time available, only create once a day. What if you were able to return ... Read More


Adding Spaces

In the fifth episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we examine what other creative spaces you want to nurture, in addition to your primary one. It is vital that you have a primary space where you go every day to create. But it also valuable to find additional s... Read More


Honoring Your Space

In the fourth episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we look at the notion that it matters what you do in your creative space and that some activities are more honorable than others. It is fine to do research for your novel–but only if that research is really... Read More


Protecting Your Space

In the third episode of the “honoring your creative space” series, we look at what it takes to protect your creative space from visitors, emails, and other distractions. If you allow foot traffic to flow through your space, if you accept interruptions, if you distract yoursel... Read More


Picking Your Space

In the second episode of the "honoring your creative space" series, we examine the art of picking the right physical space in which to create. Your preferred space may not be the room in your house with the most stunning view but the room where you can actually go deep and get lo... Read More


Your New Impeccability

In the first episode of the "honoring your creative space" series, we learn why you have to rebuild your personality in order to make space for creating. It doesn't matter how fine a studio you outfit or how fast your computer can compute if your personality doesn't match your to... Read More


Blaming Others

In the ninth episode of the “creative obstacles” series, we look at the idea of how easy it is to blame others for our lack of creative output—and why we don’t want to do that. One of the ways that we avoid getting our creative work done is to involve ourselves in the aff... Read More