At the Green Apple
Joy of Living Creatively
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 26 - At the Green Apple

Today’s episode is part of a series called “Lessons from San Francisco.” In this series I’ve chosen essays from my book A Writer’s San Francisco that I’m betting will help you deepen your connection to your creative life and motivate you to create every day. Today’s show, the eighth in the series, is called “At the Green Apple.”

The episode begins this way:

“One winter evening I find myself in the green room of the beautiful new theater on the campus of the North Carolina School of the Arts, waiting to give a creativity chat to a crowd of a few hundred Carolinians. I’d given this chat many times before, varying the title to suit the audience but presenting essentially the same material, and can now deliver it on a dime, starting up the instant you say “Go!” and ending directly on the hour. In fact, when I delivered this chat to a group of Indiana arts administrators, what impressed the conference chair the most, more than the chat’s content, was the fact that I ended so promptly—perhaps a little left-handed praise, wouldn’t you say?”

Tune in to hear more!