The Bohemian International Highway
Joy of Living Creatively
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 20 - The Bohemian International Highway

Today’s episode is part of a series called “Lessons from San Francisco.” In this series I’ve chosen essays from my book A Writer’s San Francisco that I’m betting will help you deepen your connection to your creative life and motivate you to create every day. Today’s show, the second in the series, is called “The Bohemian International Highway” and makes the case that certain places pull at our collective artist consciousness and demand that we visit them—and, if we can—live in them for at least a little while.

The episode begins this way:

“San Francisco and Paris are sister cities.  They are not connected by architecture, class structure, or climate.  They are not connected by their shellfish preferences (in San Francisco it is crab, in Paris it is mussels), their history (wild west provincial versus urbane royal), or their museums (San Francisco has no Louvre, D’Orsay, or even Pompidou).  The way they are connected are as two of the world’s very few bohemian meccas.  Each is an important, well-marked stop on the bohemian international highway.”

Tune in to hear more!