Art and Healing
Joy of Living Creatively
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 50 - Art and Healing

Today’s episode is part of a series called “Creative Recovery,” based on the book of the same name, published by Shambhala Press, that addictions’ special Susan Raeburn and I have written in which we describe a complete addiction recovery program for creative people. In it we take into account the risks, needs, and demands of the creative life and the creative personality. I hope that you will give Creative Recovery a peek if addiction issues are of concern to you or to somebody you know. Today’s show, the fifth in the series, is called “Art and Healing.”

The episode begins this way:

“Making art can heal. This represents a time-honored understanding of the power of creativity and it explains why the arts have always found a place at the table wherever healing, rehabilitation and recovery are promoted. Traumas victims are encouraged to make art. Patients in mental institutions are encouraged to make art, to such an extent that their efforts have led to a branch of art known as ‘outsider art.’ The field of art therapy sprang up based on the twin ideas that art media can be used for diagnostic purposes and that the use of art media promotes insight and healing. Expressing you thoughts and feelings by drawing, writing, sewing, or in some similar way aids in the recovery process by virtue of the healing properties of making art.”

Tune in to hear more!